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  1. The DSO team has read through all of the player feedback, suggestions and concerns regarding current and future class talents and skills. The following were chosen both for their inherent awesomeness and to help rectify perceived class imbalances. We know you'll be as impressed with the new talents and skills as we are.

    Steam Mech
    Rationale behind new SM talent and skills:
    SM class is largely the “forgotten child”. The sort of kid that, while loved for it's “specialness”, always just happens to be picked last for any really fun stuff. We feel for you, little steamer. So we've come up with some stuff that'll really make you stand out from the crowd.
    Talent: Steam Punking
    You can now change the appearance of select summonings
    Skill 1: Mr Big
    You can now make make your Dwarf-In-The-Box more menacing than ever before by increasing its size by a whopping 5.75% ! Note1
    Skill 2: A Box of Rainbows
    You can now change the colour of the box that your Dwarf-In-The-Box emerges from! You can select from Gold, Purple and Fuchsia (we're not really sure what colour "fuchsia" is, but it sounds nice. We'll Google it later). Note2

    Spell Weaver
    Rationale behind new SW talent and skills:
    It has been quite rightly observed by many players that SWs are the only class not to have healing skills. DKs have got Mighty Wild Swing, Rangers have got Wolves and Dwarfs can let off Steam to gain HP. SWs have got nothing. Well... except the ability to spam the map with freezes and death and blow up every critter in sight should they ever die. But that's not the point! So...
    Talent: Astral Healing
    SWs gain the ability to cast mighty healing spells!
    Skill 1: Group Hug
    You can now heal other group members by up to 5HP! Note3
    Skill 2: Help They Enemy
    You can now heal an enemy player (PvP) or NPC (PvE) by up to 20% of their HPs to make your fighting experience even more epic! Note4

    Dragon Knight
    Rationale behind new DK talent and skills:
    Every class can summon a companion (albeit a cold iron one in the case of Dwarfs) except for DKs. So...
    Talent: Avian Avenger
    You can now summon a fast flying seagull which will swiftly close the gap with your opponent and squawk loudly at it (bypassing the game's volume control) for 2 seconds!
    Skill 1: Serial Squawker
    Your seagull will now squawk loudly at your opponent for an ear-splitting 5 seconds! Note5
    Skill 2: Bombardment
    Your seagull will now drop a half-eaten small fish in the general direction of your enemy! Note6

    Rationale behind new Ranger talents and skills:
    Rangers have been able to summon awesome wild critters (wolves and tree-thingies) with the expectation that they will always do their exact bidding 100% of the time. Totally unrealistic in the real world, right? Time to fix that...
    Talent: Wild Wolf Pack (applies to Wood Wrath too)
    Your wolf pack or wood wrath will now has a 90% chance to break free of your chains of bondage and randomly attack all NPCs and players (including your own group) in sight!
    Skill 1: Fierce Fangs
    Your wolf pack/wood wrath can now give a menacing bite causing the armour and resistance of NPCs and players (incl. own group) to be broken by 50% for 30 seconds (10% for enemy NPCs and enemy players). Note7
    Skill 2: Dutch Elm Disease
    Your wood wrath/wolf pack now has a 25% chance of transmitting Dutch Elm Disease to anyone they bite. This will cause them to slow by 50% for 10 seconds (20% for 2 seconds for enemy NPCs and players) and turn them a funny shade of khaki for 60 seconds!

    Note1: This skill cannot be used while in PvP
    Note2: More colour options may be added after the Lvl 50 expansion if there is sufficient spare server capacity. Proposed extra colours include Teal, Beige and Pineapple!
    Note3: Skill cannot be used in PvP or when fighting End Bosses. Skill does not heal the caster – only other group members
    Note4: Skill user will have a 30 sec cool-down added to all their skills – including primary hit skills (Magic Missile, Ice Missile, Chain Lightning)
    Note5: because of the extreme nature of this skill, and the fact that three of the testers had to be admitted to a psychiatric clinic for a week after hearing the extended squawking three times in a row, this skill will have a 5 min cool-down and users will have to sign a waiver form absolving Big Point from all responsibility should they or their opponent need psych care after the battle.
    Note6: This skill was really designed with smell-o-net in mind, but that technology hasn't been developed yet. Users may request their opponents mailing address and send them a small half-eaten fish as a compromise in the meantime.
    Note7: Mini bosses and bosses are immune to this skill

    While the above talents and skills have been extensively tested by the team and are pretty much set in place, your feedback regarding how awesome you think this is, is of course welcome. You can leave your feedback here.

    Best regards,
    CM Greg & Admins on behalf of the Drakensang Online Team

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