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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Shokoladka^^, Oct 26, 2018.

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  1. Shokoladka^^

    Shokoladka^^ Forum Apprentice

    Here is one ''old'' player, maybe from the beggining of this game. And sadly im writing not to tell you something good, but for things, that disappointed me.
    Let's start from the forums. They deleted so many forums, which mean what? That, they do not respect other languages. That mean they do not respect their players.
    I will continue with the biggest problem in my opinion.. That there is nothing new from maybe 1 year? Since August - no new patch? And today what? Exactly the same mini-event like the first one. Why? Are they so, so busy to make something new, something diferent?
    I would like to see some other views on this tread, so please if you agree or disagree, feel free to comment.
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  2. Veteran666

    Veteran666 Junior Expert

    I am an old player myself and i understand very well how you feel,DSO is a very different game now and a difficult one for new players.Once you reach end game you can do qs/events which is boring after a long time repeating the same things.Anyway i am not ready to give up yet and with R 213 just around the corner lets hope that something new will finally come for all of us.Keep playing!;)
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  3. FierceHunter.

    FierceHunter. Someday Author

    Send this in the weekly report!
    Happy Halloween with the most boring event ever! 2 mini events - exactly the same progress, prizes, map - pathethic. Players are bored, do something make it the best expirience ever, what is this? Very dissapointing at this point ladies and gentlemants.
    Last release was august o_O
    Last enjoyable event was maybe during the summer.
    Fingers crossed folks, let's make dso great again :D

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