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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Haroxy, Dec 1, 2018.

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  1. Haroxy

    Haroxy Forum Greenhorn

    Good night everyone, i have been playing DSO for quite some time, recently i got my mage to lvl 52, that's where the quests ended to me, so... i can't level up solo on paralell worlds, my equipments are pretty decent, even got a cat. III Dragan Helmet, Bloodmoon staff with 2 more pieces of the set, but i simply can't, since i started doing grimmag i spended all my potions etc. just to end a 30min long run dying two times just to get 150 frags ans some itens to melt/sell.

    So i know what u r going to say "git gud noob, learn how to play ur class", yeah maybe that's right, but i personally don't think that's the case, so the question i want to ask is:

    Is it worth spending time leveling a DK or a SM do to solo content? cuz i noticed that these classes are really easier to play solo. Thnx for the replies
  2. silverseas

    silverseas Forum Commissioner

    If your question had been whether or not SWs can solo content - the answer is yes, depending on your setup. What you're describing for equipment is far from decent, however, especially in comparison to what is possible at endgame. Crafting, in addition to sets, is what helps make or break a character.

    DKs do have the advantage of being the tankiest class with the best healing and SMs have the highest damage output out of all the classes. SW survivability depends on kiting, stunning/slowing, and using your taunts wisely, because until you're OP, you can't withstand a lot of damage, and you can't kill fast.
  3. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    Interestingly enough, most newbie players actually do not know how to play their class. They think they do, but they don't.
    And when we try to give some inputs, they get offended and do not listen.

    I will give you few simple tips, but You can find more elaborate guides, tips if you search the forums.

    1. Your main attack should be Frozen Sphere.
    2. Use magic missile as a means of gaining mana so You can use Frozen Sphere
    3. Use guardian as a tank but remember not to use it when you are in a group and has a tank.
    4. Use Singularity to reduce cooldown of your skills
    5. Use Frost wind to freeze groups of creatures
    6. Frost Nova and Teleport are great escape skills and use them for that
    7. Singularity + Destruction combo on groups of mobs and use 5 point talent on Destruction to repeat it over
    8. Use Wisdom to gain more mana points that will help you to use Frozen Sphere more often.

    After getting familiar with your skills, You need to also improve your gear. That You will have to do little by little.
    A great place to farm for melts is Loxley Caverns and Desert painful modes. They are easier than PW painful modes, but yield better gear and melts and also sometimes uniques which gives you good melts.

    Start collecting materi fragments and when you have 112k buy your weapon of choice from T6. That should get you going with the Painful mode much easier.

    For Your second question: Do not worry. Mages can solo all the content and when you have all the best equipment, You can solo Infernal III all bosses.

    Also, if it takes You 30 minutes to do a run, then You are not yet ready for that mode. In my opinion, only when You can kill a boss in less than two minutes using green essences and without worrying about dying, then you are ready for next mode with using blues for the boss.
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  4. Haroxy

    Haroxy Forum Greenhorn

    Thank you for the reply, speaking of the tips:
    1: Agree, i leveled as fireball but now i'm using frozen sphere
    2: Always done that
    3: Always done that too
    4: Since i have 103 mana (talk bout this later) and i'm still leveling i think there's other skills that are better options for me to invest my points
    5: Sure
    6: Sure
    7: Before the change on the Destruction talents i was using this combo, since "Reduce cost by 50" was removed i can't fit anymore Destruction in my playstyle
    8: As a wisdom level 22 i don't have that much points to spend on mana, i'm focusing more on HP, Attack Speed and Damage, is it worth to get that +20 mana sacrificing some damage?

    i think your response was perfect, really appreciate it, guess ill try to level on those maps you mentioned.

    --- MERGED ---

    I think you forgot the part that i said "recently i got my mage to lvl 52", but thanks for your reply
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  5. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    4. Not really. I believe the debuff that Singularity do to break armor by 85% greatly helps when you want to kill many creatures and mini-bosses. Think of it this way, under the singularity You will be killing them almost twice as fast. In addition to that when You stay under singularity, Your skills will cool down much faster and you can use your skills again quickly. I consider this skill as an essential skill.

    7. Yes, if you only have 100 mana, it would be a pain to use Destruction. But, wait till you get about 120 mana and see the difference it makes.

    8. No. When you have low Wisdom, focus all your wisdom points on damage. Damage is the key specially at early game.

    Here is how to get more damage:

    From Wisdom:

    1. First invest on Two-handed weapon - Weapon damage - get 50% weapon damage
    2. Look at attack speed break point chart and invest ONLY enough points on Two-handed weapon - Ambidextrous agility to increase your attack point to reach the maximum attack speed break point that you can reach. Having your attack speed in-between two attack speed break points does not really give you a benefit.
    3. Attack - Rising Power : max this out to 50 to get 75% damage
    4. Attack - Decisive strike: max this out to now 30 to get 24% critical hit rate and 24% critical damage
    From Equipment:

    1. You need Dragan Bellicose set. If you don't have it, unfortunately you will have to wait for next Dragan event.
    2. Get Q7 or Q4 2-handed staff depending on your preference and play style
    3. Amulet of the Kraken for that critical rate increase and of course resistance is a bonus
    4. Try for Witch Seeker set - but this is extremely hard to get. So, you may want to look at getting bear belt, khalys pads and sigris torso instead.
    From Crafting:

    1. First, craft two rings and an amulet with 2x golden lines of Critical Damage. By having these 3 (2 rings + amulet) with 2 lines each will increase your critical damage to 100% more
    2. Next try to make a staff with 3x Increased Damage on this item golden lines. Target should be 210% or more increased damage on this item.

    1. Get your critical hit rate gems on to weapon adornment. Spend whatever Andermant you have on these
    2. Get your damage gems upgraded too. But remember critical hit gems are more important as they provide more value to your damage specially at early levels.
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  6. DocwhiskyTS

    DocwhiskyTS Forum Apprentice

    Not sure how your realm frags are, but if you have enough then farming the highest lvl of Varholm you can without using resources (ess, other than green)
    The Desert map is good as well, can run til full inventory then sell/melt..
    As for doing PW maps … Take your time... go slow, pull a few mobs at a time and kill them, then pull a few more... Yes its a slow way, but if you are dead set at playing solo, and dead set at running PW, then this is the best way

    The very best option is to find a guild, or a few friends and play together.

    What server do you play on?

    Thanks, Doc.
  7. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Count Count

    @cdeepal Let me improve your brief advice... especially that lots of bandwagon is following it.

    Without sets, this is true.
    If you have to charge mana for FS, you're doing it wrong. FS 3p. talent should keep your mana fed up until the last few mobs are alive... Then you use magic missile, but to heal yourself (not really a good healing skill, but since you have nothing more it could do when you get used to it... as long as you're not fighting a boss/other players) with the 5p. talent after the battle.
    Correct, I'd throw in keeping the guardian for when you need it and try using other crowd control skills first (FW, FS, ice missile), unless you are sure that the champion/horde will be dead before the guardian dies/wears out.
    I'd say that you can put off the cooldown effect, since without the q7 set SW doesn't rely on high-cooldown skills, so it isn't critical. However, I'd say that 2p. and 3p. on singularity is obligatory and you have to learn to operate it properly as soon as possible.
    If you find yourself out of mana very often (you should have virtually infinite mana when using FS, but eg. missed Destruction or some meteors/LS's/fireballs are going to cut through your mana almost instantly), you could use FW to regen mana, too. Consider using the 5p. talent if your connection is stable enough for it to work (there is a bug reported somewhere in the forum, I'm starting to suspect how that could work). 3p. talent is a must when you are using this skill as crowd control.
    Since when is FN an escape skill? It has a stun break on 3p. talent, true, but it should be a last resort skill when mobs come near you and you still haven't got your teleport ready/aren't strong enough to kill them before they manage to attack.
    5p. talent for repeating?... 5p. talent is x1.5 damage multiplier.
    Now you have "reduced by 100" or even more if you hit enough mobs. Since this has quite a good area, it is not unreal. Just start off with Destruction when you have full mana, and finish the rest with FS.
    And you don't need singu for destruction (unless you're attacking a champion, that is).
    More mana points for LS... ok. But for FS? Why? Hit five mobs, and it hasn't consumed any mana. Hit more that five, and you're regenerating mana depending on the amount of the mob overflow.
    Correct. And I'd add desert normal if you can't do painful.
    Wrong. Don't buy anything until right before the update (if the prices turn out to go up again) or until after the update if they stay like they are now in TS (most probable). This way you will need way less fragments for the same item.
    Good advice here, too. On the other hand... Yes, mages can possibly solo everything, just like any other class. However, this doesn't change the fact they are a hard class to play, since low hp coupled with dmg almost the same as others (unbelievable it is still like that) forces you to flee a lot, unless you take the mobs down by one-two hits.
    Or bloodrune. Or you could use 1h, if you feel like up to the challange - devs are making the life of 1h players as hard as they could in PvE.
    *bandwagon alert*
    As a whole make a lot more sense, but still, you are not neutral enough. Torso could be sigris' (if you are using/planning to use sigris' weapon decoration too) or grimmag's (for any other decoration). Pauldrons can be khalys' or witch seeker's (requires luck), or dragan's if you have a source of block strength. For 2h player, game is forcing the dragan's helmet currently, but you could use dark armor, witch seeker's (if you choose to use the set 3/4) or khalys' (not very strong but quite unusual and interesting build) as well. Personally, I'm using dragan's and waiting for a new good helmet (maybe mortis' set?) to come in the future. Belt could be witch seeker's, bearach's or blood rune (if you are using the blood rune staff).
    M'Edusa's amulet of course makes sense, and I'd throw in at least one Mortis' ring, if you manage to farm it out (just pay attention to it in some future).

    And I'd say: don't craft at all. Gather gold and wait for after the update.

    A few words of wisdom regarding all the uniques: Just a random unique item, or even full eq of random unique items, doesn't make you strong. You need firstly a correct combination of unique items that will synergise together (you have to have your own idea how will this work, if you read about a build somewhere and attempt to copy it, but you don't understand it, you are going to fail in the end (either with building or using the build). Secondly, you need the uniques to be at a decent tier. Thirdly, you need good bonuses to be transferred onto them from crafted legendary items using the pristine core crafting. Fourthly, and that would be the last step, buying low-tier items for golden base stats and using augment core crafting to tier it up later and soul core crafting to transfer your crafted golden lines in enchantments from the old high-tier item.

    Anyways, don't focus on crafting now and just farm items, and, what's more important, glyphes: the glyph farming will be way harder after the update.
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