Some 'Quality of Life' improvements and ideas.

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by End, Dec 12, 2013.

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  1. End

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    I made a big wall of text and one *hard profanity filter* mouse gesture *hard profanity filter* it all!
    Im... disappointed, it was(in my opinion) a very good wall of text too, so im going straight to the point.

    What id like to see:
    *Talents, when i hover over a talent, id like to see how much Knowledge or Honor i have to acquire before i reach it.

    *Fair PVP: Separate arenas/arena instances for players who are:
    Free = Have never spent any real money in-game, nor coupons.
    Casual = Have spent real money in-game, doesnt matter how much(or if there arent that many Free players, then separate arena instances for people who have spent less or more than X amount)
    Premium = Self-explanatory i hope.

    Usually, those who have spent Andermant on health potions, damage boosts, essences, legendary armor, pets, mostly win.

    *Skill updates, some skills dont show how much damage/resistances they do/give.
    Namely: Singularity, Dragon Hide, Banner of War(slow amount), Wolf Pack, Watchman, Lightning Strike(fraction damage), Mind Control(the creatures default damage).

    *Items that in some form or way modify skills or what they do, can be cosmetic.

    *Creature updates, randomized creatures, mismatched/missing body parts, skills for creatures, randomized elemental damage etc.

    *Other ways to buy Small HP Elixirs/Crystals of Truth besides Andermant.

    *Or a way to collect and/or store the Health Orbs creatures drop on death, like mini-HP potions.

    NOTE: These are the opinions of a solo player who hasnt spent any real money on any games since i was 12, i also dont have any in-game nor IRL friends to play with(language barriers, even in English servers noone talks alot), thats why its also hard for me to get event rewards.
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