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  1. SpeakerStark

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    Some suggestions :

    1st Titles above names :
    Example 'm trying to make a group to chat and M2 but not of very quick to see who wants to go or not M2 if the player has a title you want to go would be easier ( An editable at any time by the player title. ! - he could be learned in the tree of knowledge ! )

    2nd Battle of clan :
    The members of this clan would not need mode ( PvP ) to battle . but with only between clan declared war ! and create a siege castles unlimited players.

    3rd Flag clan :
    At first when I walked in I saw the crown Drakensang Premium thought it was a flag or emblem of clan , the flag would help identify the clan .

    4 Just a suggestion for improvement in the events :
    I think we should have one more option equal battles where the player can register and enter into a group automatically.

    5 New Class support :
    HP to heal and buff it gives is legal in any mmorpg .

    6th Trade between players :
    This could even be a market within the game. Why have items that is hard to drop and has a good value to sell in NPC and melts much less then could sell to other players for a type of virtual store where you can buy all the server and not being a direct trade with specific player . a direct trade would benefit many players.

    7 More Slots at bar :
    It sucks ta changing skill bar all the time - should be open to ( 1 - 0 ) .


    What would the title and flag Guild
    sorry! google translate
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