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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Torefas, Dec 11, 2013.

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  1. Torefas

    Torefas Padavan

    Hi all, just like the title, I'm going to share some information you might not know or already know. Here it is:

    1. Using client - Without full screen while using game client you can stretch your client maximized to each side. It will give you view advantage. Your view will be much longer than using full screen. Very useful in PvP where you can see enemy shoot from afar.

    2. Subscribe to GPN - GPN (Gaming Private Network) is a network replace your internet network when you play game. With this you will receive and send data to server very much faster. Very useful for people who live far from server. I try only the free trial and it reduce my ping 100ms.

    3. Keyboard setup - With some program you can readjust your keyboard setting like swapping 7 key to space for easy handling.

    That's all for now. If you guys have another tips to improve gameplay feel free to share.
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  2. dragons

    dragons Active Author

    Where was the download page for Win Client?
  3. Torefas

    Torefas Padavan

  4. -=Lewis=-

    -=Lewis=- Forum Pro

    GPN (Gaming Private Network) , i think this is a good tip, thanks .
    but is there any disadvantages using GPN?
  5. Torefas

    Torefas Padavan

    No, except that you have to pay after 1 month free trial. It's just same like you play without GPN but with faster connection.
  6. jthames

    jthames Advanced

    That was decent of you Torefas, and I learned something new.
  7. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    Thanks for the ideas. I'm going to have to look into the keyboard setup suggestion when I have time. I currently play with about 2 skills fewer than other people because I can't reach certain keys well. xD
  8. Kasherinae

    Kasherinae Junior Expert

    How do you check your ping against a server? I am on Agathon.
  9. Torefas

    Torefas Padavan

    Click run... > type "cmd" > type "ping"
  10. Deefje

    Deefje Advanced

    Sadly I started my game with a facebook account and can't use the client. Though I very much would like to. Anybody in this thread know if there's a way to convert your account to a normal one?

    Also thanks for the other tips Tor.
  11. Callisto

    Callisto Forum Pro

    With FB you are allowed to "disconnect" it, all you need to do is use the password recovery function.
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  12. Deefje

    Deefje Advanced

    @Callisto Thanks for the advice. :) I'll get that settled then.
  13. Amend

    Amend Junior Expert

    How do i go about arranging hot keys? Ive really been wanting to rearrange the set up for easier use
  14. Deefje

    Deefje Advanced

    @Amend it's impossible ingame.

    But you can use something like Autohotkey, google it. It's a bit tedious to get into but once you get it, it's useful for a lot of different things/applications.

    Google it, I'm not sure if I'd be allowed to link it.

    Thusfar I only used it to link the tab to my Mouse4 button.
  15. Amend

    Amend Junior Expert

    Thank you @Deefje , ill check it out :)
  16. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    AutoHotkey is good. I use it and can recommend it wholeheartedly. It probably takes anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to set up, depending on how much you want to change and your previous programming experience (it's not hard to program at all, but may take some reading to get started). The help file is good for teaching yourself to write commands. One big thing I should mention that you'll probably want to do is to program a "Suspend" key. This will allow you to type normally in chat if you change any of your letter keys to numbers, etc. Good luck.

    [Edit - Also, if using AutoHotkey, remember that it's been stated that switching one key for another is fine but multiple-keystoke scripting is prohibited. It's considered a similar type of infraction as "botting" by the "powers that be" ;) ]
  17. Amend

    Amend Junior Expert

    I didnt think of the suspend button! thank you @Multi-Sev i almost gave up with it last night, i wasn't able to type normally and it got very frustrating...
  18. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    N.P. You'll probably still forget to press it sometimes, and you'll send a message that looks like this- hewynawiessivas7in - but the control benefits are worth an occasional puzzled "lol?" from your guild or group :D Until/unless the game gets programmable commands, this is the best option.
  19. dragons

    dragons Active Author

    Or you can add a if statement in your script that will look like that, in pseudo:
    if enter_key_pressed:
    chatting = True

    if chatting == True:
    all_hotkeys = original_keys

    if chatting == True and enter_key_pressed:
    all_hotkeys = desired_hotkeys

    Basicaly if you press Enter, your keys will change to the original ones, you wont have shortcut keys anymore. Once Enter is pressed for the second time, means you are finished with chatting and need that hotkeys back.
    I'm sure something like this can be implemented, I wrote this after 10 seconds of thoughts.
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  20. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    I am not a very experienced programmer, but I think I can adapt this idea to AutoHotkey language. It is worth a try, when I have time to look into it. Thanks for this, +1 :)
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