Spy Swatter Quest

Discussion in 'Quests' started by jelbeat, Aug 3, 2020.

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  1. jelbeat

    jelbeat Advanced

    I wanted to do this quest for my dailies, but it give some strange messages.

    Got all the parts.

    Unable to find a matching recipe (it's a repeateble, have done this one before)
    Not reached the required level (i am lvl 55)

    Got all the required parts in the workbench, can't go further afer that o_O
  2. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Commissioner

    I confirmed with three different accounts, a Lvl55 SM on Grimmag, a Lvl49 RA on Grimmag, and a Lvl43 (so still in that Myrdosch are of the world map) RA on the test server: None could build a spy swatter. The quest is marked as repeatable for all of them, I can take it, retrieve the items, but cannot construct the spy swatter.

    So, no luck finishing that quest after the first time you successfully completed it.

    On the other hand, crafting quest items is expensive now, in the several gold coin range, so you'd be spending much of the gold coins you'd earn from a daily crafting quest if this spy swatter repeatable actually worked.

    Instead, craft low-level gems if you can, or enter a scaling dungeon on Painful, look for consumable crafting ingredients, and craft a useful potion. Potion crafting is more expensive than gem crafting, but less than what you earn from the daily quest, so you'll at least be in the black still, and have a potion to boot.

    I recommend Rootrock Cavern for a quick scaling dungeon run if you want to complete it and kill the sentinel for the extra goodies at the end. You'll usually find both anacampseros for HP potion crafting and noble magnolia for HP tonic crafting (though it takes 13 noble magnolia plus a golden sickle to create that tonic; and golden sickle's are harder to come by as you chiefly get them from killing bosses [not sentinels, but actual bosses, like Gorga, Medusa, Asar, etc. on Painful+ difficulty).
  3. jelbeat

    jelbeat Advanced

    Thnxx for testing this and glad u encountered the same problems (so it's not just me).
    Still think this is a bug of some kind, why else make this repeatable?

    I usually do the gems thing but wanted to do something different.
  4. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    The workbench is bugged when doing few RE quests (it is only working the first time).
    This bug has been reported this time last year ... or maybe 2 years ago. As you can see they are diligently working on a fix.
  5. jelbeat

    jelbeat Advanced

    This particular one has fallen from their to-do list and is lost and will never be found again :cool:

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