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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by GuerreroJaguar, Oct 12, 2021 at 6:35 PM.

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  1. GuerreroJaguar

    GuerreroJaguar Forum Greenhorn

    Someone else have a problem to screen start and the load de maps in the game?
    Serve: Tegan
    Thank You
  2. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Forum Veteran

    Yes. It is taking forever to even be able to get to the log in page. My download speed rocks so whatever patch they put in today clearly has a few issues.
  3. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Forum Master

    I play Tegan as well,, and yes I have had your problems. Have got the error 37 many times. What gets me is Bigpoint knows something is wrong. They even give instructions with the error to contact support. But they don't fix it.
  4. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Forum Veteran

    So I normally play via the browser on Agathon (not Tegan but same server hardware location). It takes about 15 minutes to load the main page where it says Log In. It then takes anywhere from 10-20 minutes to load the page where one can enter a login name and password.

    After clicking that, it takes 5-10 minutes to load the page that says Play Now.

    That page just sits there, black screen, hour later, still a black screen. A few times that page has loaded enough to see the "Support" and "Forums" link (how I got here). And once, it loaded enough that I saw one of my characters but clicking the button to launch the game, it returned a "Connection Timed Out" message.

    I have deleted all of my temporary files. I have cleared the cache on my browser several times in multiple ways. No change.

    So I thought, "Ok, let's try it via the client!". Go back to a different browser (not IE) and try to launch the page. Wait... wait... wait... Eventually I get one to load enough that I can download the client.

    I launch the client and I get it to partially load the game. I can even log in but I only see the upper left quadrant and have no way to scroll to the "Play Now" part of the page.

    I did email Support. They replied that there was a problem with the webpage but they were told it was resolved. It doesn't seem to be from my end.

    Anyone have any ideas on what else I can do to get this game to load? This is day two of mucking about with it (even during work time).

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