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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Oessian, Sep 10, 2021.

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  1. bilybob

    bilybob Forum Apprentice

    The one that has yet to be introduced or taken the time to reply here. That team?:confused:
  2. RantNRave

    RantNRave Forum Apprentice

    I'll believe in the talent when forward progression starts. So far its just been a good faith post 4 weeks ago asking for feedback.

    the last teams game updates were 4-7 weeks time frames between update releases.
    (week 5 now, so lets wait and see...)

    I feel like a linear path of small changes and/or communication on what is in progress would probably fare better than silence though.
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    SHADOW-CHW Forum Greenhorn

    (This answer was translated using google translator, I apologize for any mistakes)

    Hello, Player from Beta here.
    Welcome first of all, it's great to see the necessary changes being made behind the game, anyway.

    As I mentioned before, I started playing in the beta of the game and quit the game in 2015, during the R155 update because
    I didn't like the changes that were made at that time (especially to the mastery / wisdom / pvp tree).
    I am currently level 55 (or 56). By "going back to the game" (in quotes because I play every few months for a few days).
    So, I think the base game is fine, so I'll focus on the things that I think deserve a change.
    The current masteries system is difficult to understand, when, and even more so when you know that you must go to level
    100 to "complete" it and have decent masteries. I liked the mastery system that the game had initially much more, it was
    simple and without so many tangles.
    The levels of the dungeons I noticed that they were removed and they no longer exist Cruel, Lethal, Infernal 1, 2, 3, etc
    (thank goodness), maybe there can be an adjustment too.

    That brings me to the equipment, when I entered the game a few weeks ago, I had no idea how to improve the equipment,
    since the blacksmith did not allow me and there was no sign to guide me, the colors of the unique equipment (for example)
    that I had are now blue (I don't like that, now how do I know what is unique and what is not?).
    The gem system (OMG), I can't believe how DIFFICULT it is now to combine gems. I think they should totally eliminate
    requiring a scroll (I think it's called) in order to get the formula for a particular gem. Before I just went to the
    jeweler and combined my gems there without any trouble (that would be nice to have back).
    The workbench is extremely difficult to understand, especially its interface, it is not intuitive at all.
    That brings me to another point. There are TOO MANY tools on the bench, GEM POWDERS TO COMBINE GEMS? (***),
    put that back to how it was before, please.
    The essences continue to work the same, on that side there is no problem.
    The DROP rate of the items / andermant (especially the second one), maybe you could make an adjustment.

    The truth, and to be honest, I do not play enough currently (I do not play at all better said) to highlight the
    rest of the points that exist (because yes, they exist, and many).
    But there is something that I know, that I, and many other people want back, and that is the old Drakensang Online,
    where the level cap was 40 and the game had no weird mechanics and things like that, it was a dream MMORPG
    (what I played ALL day back then). I highly recommend that you look back in time, what the game had and what it didn't have,
    I guarantee that if you created a Drakensang Online Classic (just like World of Warcraft did) many, many people will return
    to the game, including me, where the cap level was 40-45. They could do that (Or at least remove levels, 100 levels is too
    much, and more when you have a lot of characters). And just put new content like events, mounts, maps, without making abrupt
    changes to the game, because that was the problem from the beginning, the amount of BIG changes that they made all at once,
    made that people could not process all that and leave of the game. That would be all at least for now, I wish you good luck,
    and I hope you manage to renew what was once one of the best mmorpg.

    I am going to quote an answer that I read on this very forum.

    "this game was easier and simple once .... so make it again simple and easy"
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  4. CH1976

    CH1976 Forum Apprentice

    With the new team they are finishing killing the game. Last month only one event in the month. Now, the witch event only lasted a little over a day, more scents and wolf ... Nothing that makes a player want to sit down and play ... There are hardly any players online lately ... Either they do something quick, or this new team is going to be worse than the old one.
  5. Hiro73

    Hiro73 Forum Expert

    The game is too easy, there is nothing more to be done. There is nothing and to engage the end game characters we need Bloodshed 3. Where is the pve and pvp end game?
  6. nvmind

    nvmind Forum Inhabitant

    Where is the "sell all" button for the inventory window, we are asking since years now ? And with this number or gems and runes, a "grind all" button should be there as well.

    About pvp, add a capture the flag mode where the char level or the items, gems, etc.. doesn't matter. Where everyone is equal and the only difference between players is the class and player's skills. And don't make it one shoot kill. So may players don't play pvp now, or just do the daily because are not strong enough. I would play pvp everyday, but I'm not even close to that level of gems and runes and probably I won't be for months to come. Plus that I would like to play pvp with all 4 classes, but I can barely farm with my main char, the other 3 will never be pvp level. The pvp matches in this game are very nice when are balanced.
    Keep the current pvp modes, where item stats and gems matter, for the vanitous, keep leaderboards and give them prizes. But why not giving us also one pvp mode where we can all play from equal to equal, for fun, not for showing off what big farmers we are ?
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  7. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Padavan

    Nerfed Gem drops they seem to be very poor even from 5 Blood Chests in last 12 hours ?
  8. Melkor

    Melkor Forum Greenhorn

    Well today was hotfix for bugs and ghost festival, but bug what last for 6 weeks and I mean PvP... there is available to play only 3v3 deadmatch and duels, nothing else! 6 weeks, no response, no ansfer from support even admins doesnt know anything. SAD
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  9. EriduSerpent

    EriduSerpent Forum Apprentice


    So when are you going to start working on the game, give us some information.
    I will come back as and when you sort this out.
    Basically I am boycotting the game, I am not prepared to throw more money
    down the toilet. I am sure others are doing the same.
    You post a question then do nothing for may be the NEW DSO team,
    but you are acting like those before you.
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  10. rolandxr7

    rolandxr7 Someday Author

    There are if they say what problems they have solved, that I have spoken with many players and they have not solved anything, as they always sell smoke and they do not fall ashamed ...
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  11. DocWhisky

    DocWhisky Forum Connoisseur

    How about the ability to "login" to forums from the actual game.... click the link and BAM!!!!!!!! you are in the forums AND logged in!!!
    This having to open another page and login again is crap....This is tech from 20 friggin years ago!!!! The first forums we had we could go straight to from within the game... but these forums are junk!!! have been every since you moved. Yes, I am THAT old of a player that I remember the OLD FORUMS!!!!!!
  12. EriduSerpent

    EriduSerpent Forum Apprentice

    Well if they don't I may well ask for ALL of my money back
  13. novecento

    novecento Forum Expert

    Where is our bonus code ?! The old team was greedy, but when they left, they gave good codes. I already forgot what a bonus code is. New team are you here? We are already tired of your inaction.

    Moderators, tell these greedy people that the people are demanding a bonus code.
  14. RagePowered

    RagePowered Forum Greenhorn

    By people, you mean yourself? I'd prefer if they made significant improvement on the game than gave away free stuff.
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  15. novecento

    novecento Forum Expert

    I asked for your wishes and comments? If you do not like it, do not read, do not quote, pass by. You can leave your comment whatever you want, I don't mind. And yes ... do not use the bonus code when it is available.
  16. Владимир

    Владимир Forum Apprentice

    Attention developers! It is very important. Shadows of the Past 11/12!
    Correct the quest or remove this crap from the game. The quest doesn't work. I cannot complete the quest and cannot enter the Parallel World. Correct or remove part 11/12.
  17. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Forum Great Master

    srly? u great idea how improve the game are bonus codes? nc
    this is FORUM so? if u dont want to be commented so...dont write ath here? ^:-
    another one
    1 there was milion x questions and answers what to do with this
    2 u don't need this to play
    3 it's small bug = go bugstory topic
    4 u dont need this quest to go to the cardhun(maybe it was changed, last time i do this on rise event)
  18. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Chill dude, they got this. The quest has only been broken for like 7-8 months ... it usually takes 2-3 years to fix complex issues like this one ;)
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  19. novecento

    novecento Forum Expert

    I forgot to ask you what to write to me. Have you tried reading 11 pages of what the players want? Read my post carefully - I want the actions of the developers, they are not, I do not see them.
  20. vincfang888

    vincfang888 Forum Greenhorn

    The shadows portal in the Tegan Sanctuary

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