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  1. Dampfxaoc

    Dampfxaoc Advanced

    To the whole BP/DSO Team, and also dear Luke, who tries to explain us that there are players who are BLESSED by ITS Majesty Random, and there are players, who are CURSED by "[EDIT]" Random. You must understand, that FUNDAMENTAL / BASIC / the MOST IMPORTANT stuff un the game such as +5 gem, ingredients gem or 2h weapon from the event MUST be obtainable NOT by RANDOM, but by achievements!! The possession of such FUNDAMENTAL items leads to enormous gap between players!! Can you imagine me with +5 gem, and someone who didn't get it... after DTU event? Can you imagine how far i gonna be in gem upgrade than that person? Can you imagine how much blood passages, essences and time spare a person who got 1/2/3 ingredients gems? How you generally come to the idea, that such significant stuff must be given randomized? Achievement or CRAFT!! Who plays / spends his time / invests money - deserves to get stuff they want not by random! You Peter - today is your day, and you get 2h within 5 runs, and you Michael - you are piece of [EDIT] and you will not get significant stuff, because.... just because Random doesn't want this. Introduce back achievements! Achievements push us to CREATE parties with the same goal, push us to SEARCH and JOIN parties where players playing together! PUSH us to reach stuff we need playing together, and the main word is TO REACH IT. Wasn't it one of the main calls in the game as everyone started to farm solo? Random leads to players' frustration, as those who deserve it - doesn't get what they are working for, and those who got it once - will not be happier after getting it 2-3 or 7 times. Imagine you and me making same job.... from 0 to 100%... i get my money for that, and you.... well not, because of random. FAIRNESS!
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  2. mestamer67

    mestamer67 Padavan

    Grave silence and nothing is done. It seems to be talking to the walls. But is it possible that there is no one behind to come up with something to eliminate boredom?
    Are you kidding us by chance or do you think that we are all kids to be fooled at will? I gave you an idea and reset this EDIT event.
  3. jeffzrx

    jeffzrx Active Author

    drops from cubes should be at the lvl of the map they are farmed
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  4. vincfang888

    vincfang888 Forum Greenhorn

    I got the 10thevent 2h weapon in my first 4bosses fight on pw mecri difficulty with solo.Maybe you can try soloing.
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  5. oOKellueHazeOo

    oOKellueHazeOo Padavan

    Hello and welcome
    1. The grinding is unreal and it's really not fun or engaging in any way.
    2. The stats are just too inflated, Why are we hitting mobs for 10+ mil again? This is not diablo
    3. Most sets are virtually useless (from what i know and seen) Parallel world sets should be the semi best sets with good %% values on skills and good set bonuses, not 4% damage on a skill you dont use, Event sets are useless too... even the world sets have no value :/
    4. PVP is a 1 hit fest and it's no fun + everyone moves at max speed and most skills are still useless.
    5. Events arent really that interesting besides from draken
    6. Level 100, we never needed one hundred levels, we never even needed 55... Maybe level 50 but more skills are added, more content, more sets etc..
    7. Test server not actually being a test server for normal dso people, keep the test server locked until a new update needs testing and then give everyone GOOD characters to test out the new updates and then when the testing period is over you can close the test server again.
    8. Take away the grindy aspect of the game, A tower with a certain amount of floors which get progressively harder , World bosses which drop really good loot for all characters dependent on the damage they do, Even hunts (marked monsters) where you can accept a hunt in a certain area and that monster will appear in that area which actually poses a challenge, A timed mode for map clearences (better than bloodchests) where there are also objectives to do to earn better rewards for that map and lets say you can get 3 stars for a clearence with 2 objectives and a good time in 1 map and for collecting a certain amount of stars you get rewards for it and eventually clearing a continent earns you massive rewards and for completing the whole of dracania with 3 stars you get a title/costume/mount/stat bonuses/gems/a universal weapon glow (a weapon glow applicable to all weapons)..
    9. There was a huge lack of communication and we were mostly in the dark about anything
  6. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Agreed with this 100%.

    Every unique should be craftable, so that it isn't sheer luck that determines a character strenght.

    The q7 set was broken( onlt for three classes out of four) but at least everybody could get it and buy/craft it.

    However this new weapon not only can't be crafted, it can only be obtained through lack, the way to get it are limited( except of course if you pay) and the drop rate is outrageously low.
    And i heard horror stories of people spending 300k ag(!!!!!) hopelessy trying to get it and i suspect this nonsense was introduced on purpose to fleece people out of their cash.
    If you haven't dropped it in the 41 free tries you get per event, you ain't gonna drop it, so please, don't waste your cash with this, it's practically gambling( but the jesters had to removed because they were gambling, amirite? it definitely wasn't because they gave plenty of useful resources to the players for little).

    And now i speak to those who complained about buyable uniques because muh newbies are going to become op by buying a weapon or set after farming for a bit( complete nonsense): what do you have to say about this mess?
    Do you realize that this weapon has practically given to a few chosen people 100k damage for doing nothing, through sheer luck( and this different can't be upping rubies and runes and jewels, so in other words there are the chosen ones who got powerful through luck and others won't ever be able to achieve their power even if they spent all of their time either doing still water bay 5 chests or teleporting with bosses in the parallel worlds)?
    Can you imagine a newbie is carried into that final map and then drops the weapon and is instantly better than most of the other newbies or even mid level players?
    You complained about buyable uniques, but a newbie would have never achieved this level of power and also, a newbie would have had to farm materi fragments( which in painful would have taken a while) and then would have also needed to craft a leggendary with full gold lines and later full platinum lines, which was a challenge( and also a luck based system).

    For the feedback, i 100% agree with Trakilaki.
    He's, as usual, spot on.
    His solution will actually make this game enjoyable.
  7. Самма

    Самма Advanced

    132 kills of 4 bosses, both solo and in groups , and groups with different composition, and changed the complexity of the arena and went there from different locations , and even after these dances with a tambourine , weapons fell to two warriors with me for all the murders, the rest, including me-0 .
  8. JohnWick

    JohnWick Advanced

    What I don't like and / or would change about DSO:

    1) Not being able to farm alone. This should be an option, if I want to go alone because I go alone, there are tasks that are better done alone, either because you go faster or because you feel like it.

    2) Being obliged to go in a group for everything. If my friends are not connected, I am forced to search for a group in the corresponding chat channel in which you have the following options:
    a) nobody pays attention to you.
    b) they lie to you with their stats and then there is not enough damage to kill the boss.
    c) you lie about your stats and you risk being blocked, insulted, spread your nickname and no one else groups you

    3) Ridiculous dropping rates, I am not going to enter a map 1,000,000 times to get something no matter how op it is, you can put it where the sun never shines, I entered to have fun with my friends, not to be you slave.

    4) Daily missions that are worthless, too many clicks until you find the one you want and a reward that is sad, very sad. It is a waste of time and effort that I could use (and use) in better things, 30 wisdom as a reward for a daily is garbage, I get more killing a monster.

    5) Repetitive events in which the rewards are worthless because the only ones that give are not worth even to clean your anus. The only thing that I liked and did not miss was the full moon, easy, fast, good rewards, although having to farm tickets for the 2nd map affected the gonads a lot.

    6) That everyone is obliged to wear the same equipment. You can't build anything different because everything else sucks like a grown-up piano. We return to the same, before it was the set of Q7 Herald, now it is the superweapon of the anniversary event. It's like having to wait a year for the dredge event to arrive to have the pieces of the set that you need to finish your character, masters go, don't screw me, 1 year !!! Are we all fools or what ???

    7) Before you could get things easier. You could go or they could take you to Q7 and in a few entries you achieved your goal, your so precious base set to be able to create your final character in the game, be able to go to high difficulties, do events, go with your friends anywhere without being a drag that weighs down and penalizes your friends, in short, having a decent character, now you need 1,000,000 tickets, before you only needed to enter many times to get a set of better statistics (or gather huge amounts of matter and buy it from the npc that came out when you killed the final boss), but damn, at least you had one to go pulling, which is not so hard to think a bit. Then the kernels and the recipes came out, ostias, even better. Then they unified the nuclei, go ahead! even better, I farm where I want and / or it is better for me to gather the nuclei and make whatever I need.

    8) The skills, this brings a tail, a lot of tail .....
    a) Who has been the smart one who has thought that a class that hits from a distance needs a skill to hit melee, so the hell do I want shit from flamethrowers, I'm a dwarf, I put towers, I shoot from a distance, I use my surprise dwarf to ward off the friends, I have my oil puddle to slow down the enemies, I jump when they surround me, but a flamethrower ??? Seriously, make you look at it, I see that your bulb runs out of batteries. Give me back my damage and stop flaming, if you want to smoke buy a bic lighter that is only worth € 1 and stop being nonsense.
    b) specializations, poison, fire, ice and lightning. Another intelligent one designed this, if you put 4 different ones, make them profitable to use the 4, not that you use the fire one or if you are from the north then you use the ice one (depending on how you build your character, we go ...) and the other 2 .. .. what are they worth? I'll tell you: they are worth nothing! go [EDIT] man, you hesitate with us with 4 options and only 1 is viable, don't [EDIT] me male .....
    c) reduce the number of towers I can use at the same time. take chestnut .... you stick years, but real years, like 6 or 7 in my case, getting used to your dwarf. way to play, how to equip it, get everything to be able to go where I want and with whoever I want (usually I went with the people of my clan, but hell, there has also been life outside my clan and I had friends who were not from my clan), help the new ones to get what they needed, in short, the things that made it worthwhile to enter the game, and now, because it comes out of the holy balls, you tell me no, that I can no longer put 2 tactical towers, nor teslas, because you do not feel like it, (my mother catches you with the shoe in her hand and takes away the nonsense in a plis)

    9) Reduced gaps in the skill bar. Let's see lights, you put more skills in the tree (even if they are shit, which they are) and reduce the gaps to use them, is it me or nobody else sees that it goes against reason ...

    10) Giving accounts to "so-called" youtubers to advertise DSO. So, with two eggs! a guy, who doesn't even know that this exists, you give him a final game SUPER MEGA OP account to advertise for you, then he uses it for everything, he destroys people in pvp, he laughs at others because he has everything and you don't , etc etc etc ... Let's think a bit, wouldn't it be better to promote the youtubers that already advertise the game to somehow "pay" someone else to do it? because come on, to me or you put it in my language or you know where it fits :) I'm not going to watch videos in English, or in German, or in Chinese or in pickled cocks uncle, I'm Spanish, I speak Spanish and I read Spanish, I was doing enough with having to use a [EDIT] translator to read the updates (when you wanted to put them in), the monthly events (idem) or the guides (that when you posted them in the forum it was late and badly done)

    11) Remove the forums in our language. Let's see, what if you want to reduce costs, etc etc etc ... But what costs are you going to reduce, soul of a pitcher, if those who worked there did it (for free ???) for the love of art, you only had to pay the domain name of the forum and its maintenance so as not to suffer an attack and that your users and passwords are stolen, I will reassure you about these attacks, all, I repeat ALL, those of us who have suffered, suffer and will suffer the dictatorships (because they change according to the mods come and go) whether or not you are a friend of the mod on duty WE HAVE 2 ACCOUNTS, one to play and another with an email created at to suffer here in your forum, you / our great forum that every day is emptier (just like you / our game). We had valuable information, guides in our language, a community willing to help with everything, promotion of the game wiki where you could find the most curious / difficult things to obtain within the game, etc etc etc ... well, we had something incunabula there and you go and not only close it but you do not migrate everything to the section [EDIT] that you leave us within your SUPER MEGA OP forum in English but you delete everything. You take away all our effort of years in one fell swoop because it has given you an air or something in your head, otherwise it is not explained .....

    Another option that I give you (free man, free !!! I'm generous today) if you don't want to pay for a domain and someone to watch it for attacks, there is something called they let you create your forum there !!!!! it is incredible, you would save on everything !!!! Wow!!! amazing!!! bp would save a full !!! free domain, free mods, how cool huh ??? (All this in an ironic way eh? Readers are not going to think that I am on the side of this little people)

    If you have noticed, I speak in the past tense, because since January 1 I have not entered the game, I let lose 3 months of premium because the update seemed like a great [EDIT], years wasted, years of effort, sweat and tears, many tears of truth, of joy and sadness, joy when I finally got something with perfect stats or the pet I wanted or the costume, yes man, the costume, a [EDIT] costume made me cry with joy when I finally got it, I also remember (with tears in my eyes as I type) the day I got the black wolf mount, yes [EDIT] I finally got it, it's mine, I stuck with that mount for more than a month, in fact it's still my favorite To this day and that is what I am most proud of, I know that there are people who came out the first time and that it took me hours and hours and hours until I got it, a [EDIT] mount! but I have no words to describe what I felt that moment. I also remember friends, the ones I had, the ones I have and the ones who left (for some reasons or others, although it was almost always because of some update shit that you took out), some of them were very painful for me, because although I did not I knew in person they were someone with whom I spent many hours every day, I came to appreciate them as the friends I see all or almost every day, it is not that I do not continue in contact with them, but it is not the same anymore, it is like If I lost a part of me, of my soul, of the fiber that makes you a person and little by little you lose interest in the game. As I said I have endured 6 or 7 years if I remember correctly, but this came to an end with dark legacy, I will not start from 0 again with the large amount of mmo's that there are today, before you were 2 or 3, now are there, how many, 1000, 2000, 3000 ???? to start from 0 here, in the same old [EDIT] I start in another and look for new friends, and hopefully, very lucky, or maybe not so much seeing the current state of this game, I meet my old friends again, I get back friendships, talks and laughter that is what makes it worthwhile to enter to play every day for a few hours, feel appreciated, loved and make me want to spend my time and pay that company for it, in short, recover love for a game.

    Anyway, I know that I leave things in the inkwell, but I want to see Nicolas Cage in 60 seconds and the hottie Angelina Jolie with dreadlocks (by God, how did that woman make me like a donkey !!!) and I'm tired of RETURNING TO TELL YOU THE SAME [EDIT] that DSO has and that should be rethought and / or changed. so ale maño as they say in my land, even more to see and throw in the shade, we already know what dries in the sun .....
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  9. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Padavan

    I couldn't agree with you more...
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  10. Dragenstein

    Dragenstein Padavan

    When I played in 2013 until about 2017, I had friends. I also had so much fun being in guilds that spoke other languages. I was able to practice german and spanish. I learned some romanian and portuguese. All those people were gone after Lor'Tac. It is still painful to think about. Groups are REQUIRED to play this game and they are very difficult to get into. DKs can't get in groups at all. Even if I get in a group, no one talks anymore. And forget about getting in a guild, there aren't any. MMOs are supposed to encourage teamwork and this game is the opposite. I am not even logging in now.
  11. cogix

    cogix Padavan

    I wrote all my consideration in the email that I received on July 31st from DSO asking me why I stopped to play, but I can write those things here too. I have been an active player since 2013 and active payer (premium and deluxe) since I believe that somehow developers and tech staff should get paid for their work...

    - there were many guilds and many players were you could be in group and either chat or play. (I said there were because recently.. no comment)
    - long time ago there were few sets and people were playing together to get those drops. those sets were good too (for that time)
    - the story of the game was interesting, people were enjoying different maps and events
    - people were having fun playing PVP

    AND THEN... (the negative)
    then something changed (new people in DSO team) and bad choices were made (according me) so the game became less interesting, events were repetitive, the story of the game boring (just level up fast, probably skipping all the normal maps)
    The PVP disappeared
    The game became more "grinding" game, pay to finish events and not even the premium/deluxe had real benefits in those events.
    Talking about premium/deluxe, the only advantage became to have one more page in the inventory.

    Other bad choices made were for example to have a twitch with a limited time bonus code. Guess what, when those "genius" were having those twitches half of the world were either sleeping or at work and could never use the bonus code... I there are servers in other location in the world, maybe it is because people live in other part of the world too...

    Still in topic of "news" from the DSO team, I lost the count of how many times the roadmap has been changed (new maps, new levels, new pvp, new bosses... ) ... what I saw was more bugs, more crashes, more bots and cheaters.

    One other thing I never understood about this game is why cheaters were never really punished. I could count 3-4 times in all those years when I said "oh finally DSO is doing something"... but then again many other times DSO was hoping the rest of the players would "forget"

    Another thing that I did not like is the fact that there are too many essences / gems.
    Many players and I have requested many times to have for example a bag for essences, but nothing.
    DSO added some more (boring) events and each one of them required 4-5 different essences... same with gems...

    I asked also why there was no trade/auction with other players (many other games have it)... and never been implemented
    I asked why all those mounts if they really have no bonus for the player... they are just collection

    So, too many things that upset me and that's why I stopped and now I dedicate my time (and money) to other games.

    I just want to send good luck and good bye to players I met those years
  12. Dilholigan

    Dilholigan Forum Apprentice


    From player that is playing since beta, i can tell that this stage of the game is worse then ever.
    Apart from the laggy servers, slow loading, rubberbanding and bad game engine, there are few things that keep the game in this stage:

    No PvP - Strong players do not have what to do, since the pvp mode now is unplayable and not fun
    No Challenges - Again strong players have nothing to do, since there is no boss that dies for more then 10 secs
    there should be mode, or new map with more specific and harder things u can do, deffend, or attack, with special conditions, quests to do, and in the end if u achieve earn special rewards
    - With no challenges or PvP to play old players quit the game since there is nothing else to do
    New players - The game is very hard for new players who doesnt have strong friend to carry them everywhere, its basically unplayable
    Discord - Most of the Mods are not likeable to the player base, and we can see some of them helping their friends, or not punishing for their action, this stops many players to continue playing the game - favoritism.

    Those are the basics which IMO need change ASAP if you want the game to celebrate 11th year.

    P.S. If you plan no events and next month, u can just close the game or players will.
  13. Enaggelion

    Enaggelion Forum Apprentice

    •I like the current Dark Legacy version better than the old version because it’s more playable to me. E.g. no more random enchantment or the need to match the right type of gem before I can craft them. No more so many infernal fragments and the entry costs are reduced. It’s so much easier to collect useful unique gears.

    •This is my suggestions and feedback to improve the game:
    •(i) Can you please modify the guild tab page and allow people to accept guild invitations from there instead of from ‘order icons’? There are just too many things that go into the order icon list. The guild page is empty when you are not in a guild. Also, can you add a guild list so that people can send invitations to be accepted as they choose? Moreover, allow players to leave messages to their friends or guildies because most players share different time zones.
    •(ii) The cubes from premium or deluxe need to include runes to cater for the updated version – the current outcome seems to cater for the old version.
    •(iii) There isn’t enough space for event items, gears, enchantments, gems, runes, jewels collections and many more. Can you allow another tab or two? Also, the essence needs to be combined into one or two types of essence that caters for all events because it’s getting ridiculous with so many kinds of essences and it’s easy to be confused which is used for which map. The essence stack cap needs to be 10 million or higher so it doesn’t fill up our inventory space. The gem and rune collections should go into the collection bag, instead of the inventory, with infinite space.
    •(iv) Is it possible to change premium or deluxe to real time because 70% or more of my premium time I am not playing because I have work, sleep and eat. Most people don’t even use 50% of that time – so why are we paying for that time for nothing? By changing it to real time, this would encourage people to buy premium because it’s 100% worth it since what they have invested in will be used!
    •(v) Please don’t run so many events simultaneously. It’s stressful to manage them and you are assuming people can play 24/7 to finish them all. Please consider game fatigue and people cannot keep up in the consecutive months. There’s got to be a break time. The intensity of these events consumes so many player’s time where besides getting consistent fatigue, players will eventually leave the game due to addiction or intensive screening or negligence of health or family in the long run. So look after your players or wear them out quickly?
    • (vi) Can you make a map or most of the maps where it is an open entry, like the non-dungeon maps? That is, people don’t need to be in a specific group to play? Like, as soon as we enter the map, whoever is there, we play together. There is too much segregation in this game. E.g. There is a Cuban group who only takes Spanish speaking people – and if you are weak, the leader just kicks you out. This has happened to my alternate toon. If you want to encourage group play and global acceptance then this is the better option. I think maps can handle so many people to avoid lags, so limit each room to 5 or so, but allow people to enter it freely without invitation so people learn to accept whoever is in the group and play together. I have experienced this from other games, like DeadFrontier and it works really well. People just pop into the map and you are with a group already. These global maps can also be scaled to different levels of difficulty.
    •(vii) Can we set up an automatic system to convert gems and runes into dust? The system allows us to avoid certain levels of gems or runes to remain in our inventory. The process of collecting and then dusting gems are tedious and time consuming. It’s not hard to set that up from a program’s point of view. Please consider this to make our game more easier to manage. E.g. I can set my inventory to convert level 1 to 10 gems into dust on collection – the higher levels stay in my inventory.
    •(vii) It would be great if you could allow us to transfer base values too – it’s just a waste of player’s time to grind the same map over and over again to find high base values, depending on luck. The other option is to allow crafting but reduce the base range so it’s more certain for the effort players put in. Allow weaker players to have a chance to get good gears. At the moment, strong players carry weaker players to get these gears. The logic of the game is the stronger you become, the better gears or gems you get but the fact is if you are strong enough to clear those tough maps then you don’t really need it – it’s just making you slightly more stronger. Please think of a better progression of the game where it’s feasible for early 100 characters to move forward without needing to be carried by others. The current design of the game is too dependent on having to be carried.
    •(viii) In the current game, the strength of a toon is dependent predominantly on the gems and then runes and jewels – basically, if we have maxed level of gems, runes and jewels, we can use any gears and the toon is still OP. The current design is linear. E.g. Balor’s rings, Hero’s cloak, memory boot, etc – all the classes and most players just farm for these gears and they are set. With maxed gems – you are OP already! Is there a way to allow more variations? This is what end game players are doing in all events or normal farming – just finding the quickest way to collect gem dusts – and once they are all maxed then there is nothing else to do. The game placed too many credits to end game players and this is not balanced with low and mid range players – as such players depend on end game players to be carried because they can’t get those high end stuff – this is the current life game cycle – is there a way to break away from this?
    •(ix) Please implement a universal interpreter. It’s a global world and it’s hard to converse with players.
    •I highly suggest as some had already done so that you play through the game without help and see for yourself the issues. Also, feel the frustration of not being able to play in a group, especially when you are weak or that you speak another language. The main issue is the grindiness of the game will either wear you out or make you give up playing – but test it out for yourself! There are so many suggestions from many players – it’s a hard road to please everyone – so good luck ;)
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  14. LyLyh

    LyLyh Forum Apprentice

    For all these years, I couldn't figure out why the game was made so that we have four classes, but we can't play with all of them?
    The main reason is that the development of the characters is slow, our progress is constantly ruined, thinking that this way the
    game becomes more interesting, but you are wrong! It would be interesting to be able to use all four classes! Now the game is
    full of people using bots for a farm or arena. The only thing that has kept me here over the years is the arena, but right now
    there is complete chaos, madness and nonsense! You could also think of something that would make sense for the guilds - some wars
    between the guilds in which the presence of the members would make sense! this would motivate the members themselves, because
    now it is completely scary, and in most cases burdensome, to be in a guild! I have already written once that I do not see any
    significant difference between the classes. There are no obvious advantages of certain classes that are obvious over others.
    Now only steam mechanics are again preferred because of the much damage and regeneration. What about the rest? It took several
    months for previous geniuses to realize that there is no way a magician can play without any regeneration in all these
    difficulties, because my class is like a worm! Several months of frustration, in which I do not know how I stayed and did not
    leave again! I had stopped playing for a whole year after a year of trying to craft a weapon with four maximum damage lines! I
    came back to see the changes, but I feel the same boredom and anger again! For reference - the last event!
    Don't you think I would live 24/7 online here to go to the event and get a 0 drop on a weapon? And how many years will it take
    me to take it - 2,3, 5 ?!Everything else has already been told to you! I read a lot of reviews. It took you so many years to make
    sense of the need for jewelry, and so many interesting options can be added, including for an arena! What is the meaning otherwise?
    We farm to make our heroes strong, to farm more and to be strong for farm ?? Bring back the previous look of the arena, where skills
    mattered, not the stones we have!
    Good luck and I hope you don't ruin the game, which is no longer worth it ...
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  15. Shazam

    Shazam Forum Greenhorn

    why doesn't this game have any kind of marketing.I have never seen a single ad for this game.Does a marketing department even exist ?
  16. danielcarol3

    danielcarol3 Forum Apprentice

    Greetings, new teams of developers, we hope they are new and not old by putting this forum forced by the boss to know what the hell is happening with the game because in the end the company finances its product for it and we the clients, in short,
    Things that I like
    -Game graphics
    -The few system requirements it consumes
    Things I don't like (and for many players except those who use bot)
    - daily missions (they are daily and most players prefer to keep them simple and accurate)
    - the gameplay (we require greater difficulty not in the sense of increasing the amount of life and number of monsters but in terms of attack patterns or actions considered part of the human being as complete block, use of a certain ability in case of identifying the effectiveness in the sense of dealing more damage to the enemy or increasing one's resistance during combat, but reducing other resistance)
    - main and secondary missions (boring and not an incentive to do them, and some require somewhat absurd amounts)
    - the skills (most are respawn and few are used when attacking or farming also some are useless)
    - Rewards system (reduce the chance at least and base it on another reward system not for achievements obtained from the character but on the effort to defeat a certain boss, mini boss, chest or random monster, etc. topic mostly covered in the recommendations personal)
    - optimize the game (sometimes there is too much lag, server crashes, errors, bugs, we go for the typical, etc.)
    - events (very repetitive missions and mechanics)
    - farm (totally sick thing that has gotten worse with the passage of time)
    - craft all unique targets
    - The absurd amount of numbers is more similar to an Asian game, the only thing missing is to put the official automatic thus eliminating a part of those who use bots and encourage players to return to the game xd
    - the amount of absurd gems spanning 3 inventory pages
    - the lack of inventory with the expansion is little inventory
    - the lack of content and uninteresting it is (some)
    - the P2P that has increased (for cases where it was paid and the probability of getting the items increased)

    sorry if there are spelling mistakes this is not my native language
    Greetings to all and have a good time
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  17. danielcarol3

    danielcarol3 Forum Apprentice

    Here I separate the personal recommendations into 3 sections and totally in favor of destroying them to improve them
    (for those who like randomness they probably don't like it, but my intention is to focus it in other areas)
    Events: add a different story or missions to repeating events, i.e. new moon, full moon, desert of essences, Sargon, etc. but these changes are alternative or by chance being in a different way in each event
    Reward system for equipment / items / wisdom / game coins: I do not consider changing the rewards for achievements but on skills and personal or group effort in eliminating the boss, every time you eliminate the boss it gives you one or more of the equipment, but you can not get it again because I consider a fixed base in favor and not being "random" so as not to repeat in my opinion it should take several minutes to defeat the boss but this helps reduce the stress and anger of the player for not obtain what you were looking for due to the ambiguous probability of the item itself, if the objective is fixed, you have it yes or yes and stop achieving it based on the probability dictated by a code.
    Another alternative to achievements is to add NPCs that sell certain items based on the player's achievements.
    For missions, a way to encourage them to do them not by experience but by reducing costs in a certain NPC store, improving statistics permanently or temporarily in a certain situation, unique equipment from the Q's in the main story, improvements of the team or exchange the experience for another currency of the game including the andermant of some missions.
    Difficulty levels: reduce from 7 to 2 levels to simplify things being the focus of attention to the difficulty of the monsters personally I consider between the normal and parallel difficulty "names can change" but the difficulty is based on the amounts of skills and attacks that the monsters can perform along with another difference between the two difficulties is that in normal the patterns of attacks or behavior is predictable and in parallel it is random or alternate being little predictable for the players in addition to the typical increase in damage, life and resistance but not as illogical as it currently is, that is, these characteristics do not overflow, another way to increase the difficulty is the number of times you can resurrect on a certain map and no longer be almost infinite.
    Farm: reducing the farm to a single quality grade simplifies things a lot, the quantity would be based on the difficulty of the dungeon being more complex to get them due to the difficulty that bosses, mini bosses and monsters put you to achieve the objective.
    Wisdom: it is possible to gain it through meditation that you are almost doing nothing if you are in a city or with interaction with certain elements of certain areas, such as libraries
    Inventory: one way is simple and simple that is obvious to many, but they can make a section within the character tab in section 1 and 2 up to x, working in the same way with the goblin NPC, another is to add a new NPC fulfilling that function, but unlike the existing NPC, the available squares are similar or superior to that of the character.
    Gems: reduce the gems in 3 levels obtaining them depending on the level that you enter the dungeon in normal you would get the one of the 1 level and in parallel 2 level then for the third it is the combination of 3 gems of the same type, it is optional to eliminate the gems and simplify them to the 5 old categories (damage, health, armor, resistance, critical) or continue with the same amount but with greater relevance due to the combat system of bosses that increase resistance based on the elemental damage done by the players and favoring the increased need to increase inventory size
    One way to let them eliminate you in one fell swoop as is the current PVP is to have a team with fixed values for all players (for each class, not a value for all classes, this value is individual for each class), in addition to remove the point system it has and reestablish it as it used to be, it is to passively or actively favor certain skills an advantage
    The line-up system could be matched by players who have the same title with a difference between + or - an honor title, not by the player's cv or honor points in such a way that the old players are faced with experienced players and the newbies among them, it is important that this rule must be followed to be more attractive to novice players because they will not face players who already have 50 experience levels raised (if you can beat one of these based on of full ability but that was before the Dark Legacy is currently much more complicated)
    F2P OR P2P
    Depending on the reward system of the game, it can be categorized into these two environments, a good part of the players are F2P, some of them recurring to buy certain services, but here the business model would change due to the difficulty or special NPC'S that they sell. certain items in certain areas or unlocking doing some missions being the only way to get gems and unique or common items that are outside or during events, and no longer favor the players who buy with the increase they buy, which I understand in the end It is a service if you want it, you take it or if not, then no, the problem is that it sounds like an urban legend of the game and that is that they reduced the probability of getting certain items if you did not buy and they increased you if you paid something not officially mentioned in the game which in my opinion is not far from reality in the end they are codes that can be "modified" or set as adding an additional service but again To affect the players in this way does not seem so good to me, in short, from this the new business model would move, by the way this is something personal due to the lack of consumer data so that they see what is more profitable and opt for it.
    An advantage they can offer is a new membership rank that increases the inventory space, not just one page but several or a special NPC that fulfills this function.
    In this section my mind has not been enlightened and I am sorry if there are spelling errors this is not my native language
    Greetings to all and have a good time
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  18. nvmind

    nvmind Forum Inhabitant

    The hotkey bar needs at least one more skill slot, if not two. Why so many skills available if the hotkey bar is so limited ?
  19. Odvasfa

    Odvasfa Forum Greenhorn

    Hello New Team!
    The most outrageous and important remark for me: Jewel of Rage!!! And new jewels.
    Jewel of rage is a basic item for bulid your caracter. I go so many rings in Parallel World in Merciless (3000+ rings) and nothing.
    The jewelry should be fixed rewards from the events. This also applies to new jewelry.
    It also doesn't matter who has luckily dropped the jewel that throws extra stones at the bosses.
    These should also be fixed rewards at the end of events so that they are available to anyone.
    I would join you in speaking before me! Please return the 7-button layout!
    The rewards of daily tasks should be reworked. The blue and green crates are jokes. More hellwalkers, give more jewelry. And we don’t have to scroll for minutes, but ask for a simpler and clearer daily mission window.
    Dragon Warrior: Now you need two abilities to achieve 100% shield breaking. Of these, only one is as territorial and the other (iron forehead) is not at all. The animation time of the abilities is also too long (compared to the other castes) and the range of the spatial shield break is also too short.
    My idea is that it would be enough for a dragon fighter to have a shield break that is spatial and doesn’t have a long animation.
    Another idea. As far as I know, none of the castes use element-based stones. (fire resistance gemstone etc.) It could be taken out.
    Another rune holding place would come in handy.
    Rework New Moon event. It's old and useless, hard to do and ignored by everyone. Add a new set.
    I loved the parallel world ranking event. He could come back because glasses could only be obtained from there.
    Knowledge talents. In addition to the second chance, there is an extra introduction that also gives damage to the characters.
    I look forward to the DSO of the future. Good luck New Team!
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  20. Falcone

    Falcone Someday Author

    The game has become boring, too much to farm, too many gems and jewels required to grow the character, and some are really useless. The real fun of the game is the DROP but here it is only luck of the account also always random and poor, because farm hours, days and not see rewarded the commitment ENOUGH ENOUGH please. I've been playing for about 8 years and I have to say that the management and development of the game since CM Jesse took over has really gotten worse. I would like the DSO from 5/6 years ago where playing was a pleasure NOT a job like it is now. I am seriously thinking of abandoning the game forever if things do NOT change radically, in fact at the moment I have suspended for 4/5 months to play it, starting another game that is much more relaxing and satisfying and with less random, certainly I will not renew even the premium. ... this for a wrong policy "for fun you have replaced the word WORK". If I am participating in this survey it is only for the years when DSO was DSO with its strengths and weaknesses. Today only DEFECTS. Sorry english I used google translate

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