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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Oessian, Sep 10, 2021.

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  1. Gnappox

    Gnappox Forum Greenhorn

    Since playing DSO I have always had the premium, I have 15 active days left and I am sure I will not renew it anymore. Having made this clarification, the reason: ENOUGH gems, runes, jewels you have generated total confusion due to the absurd amount and variety of upgrades STOP farm exasperated, obsessive, boring (grinding) ENOUGH accounts that drop everything and more and others that never drop anything, just because you have selected and chosen to entice others. ENOUGH with events seen, revisited, repetitive, changed always for the worse. ENOUGH with a nonexistent drop that is not at all satisfying ENOUGH decorations, bright spheres or hazy fumes ENOUGH all these recipes of various boosts ENOUGH with perfectly useless sets or items placed there just to show off, knowing that no one will ever use them ENOUGH with non-existent pvp out of any context and logic That the game is in crisis due to the scandalous management of Jesse & C. had already been understood for some time, but you have really hit rock bottom since you proposed the "event" (I don't remember the name) to bring 3 accounts to lvl 100 although the prizes have allowed to enhance the main character, but it makes sense in a game to redo the same quests 3 times, the same path, drop the usual items, how many hours did you spend (wasted) and then, once finished, go back to using ( enhanced I admit) the main character, perhaps to show the property something that is far from reality, couldn't you find alternative ways to development? 100 levels are NOT needed, 50 are enough ......... 50 well structured, with a satisfying and engaging game mechanics, with a fair and varied drop, with few gems, runes, jewels with fewer recipes, few items but valid depending on the type of game you want to adopt In short, I would like the DSO with which I started and was the companion of good moments of leisure of many years ago.
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  2. Arr

    Arr Forum Expert

    rework interface, fix orthographic errors, improve animations and models, remove white essences (increase players damage instead), remove copper and silver, remove low tier gems, merge resistances, fix lag bugs, make groups private/public (public anyone can join freely), fix pvp

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  3. EriduSerpent

    EriduSerpent Forum Apprentice

    Totally agree on what you have said, so far no one has said a word back to us.
    Seems that we the players are a mere after thought to them.
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  4. Maxus238

    Maxus238 Forum Greenhorn

    I really appreciate, that there has been a dev team change. What I appreciate even more is that you are asking the community for their feedback and I love that you chose the forums for that! Thank you.

    First I'd like to say that it feels like you don't know who your players are. Do some research on that, because what I've gathered since I started playing is that the game is mostly played by older (45+) men and women (They usually have the most powerful characters). Young people too, but not so much. I can be wrong about it, but it also might be a valuable recourse for the team to look into. And cater the game to that demographic.

    The players should also realize, that no game (that doesn't reset - leagues in PoE - don't introduce that please) can be played forever. They expect you - the DEVs to keep adding new things for them to consume at an insane pace all the time, which is simply not possible. And the past solutions for that, I think, were supposed to be the incredibly grindy mechanics. I'd like to say, that that logic is flawed and can be repaired by the game not taking so long to complete - the players won't build such a strong bond with their characters.

    Also what's the goal of playing this game? When is it complete? Think about that.

    Levelling and griding

    I will start with levelling - it's just too slow. I'd recommend halving the amount of xp needed to reach level 100, since that's where I think the game really starts (at least in my opinion). An idea worth exploring is that maybe the quests should be enough to progress through the levelling phase or at least always get us almost to the end.
    The grind is the same thing - just half all the needed ingredients (in all aspects of crafting), because that way you will allow weaker players to catch up to the strong ones = more fun on both sides.
    I think that you won't keep players playing if you make it increasingly more boring to progress - high level gems. Yes, make it hard to get perfect things, but don't make it nearly impossible - if you wish to have a good irl experience (life), that is. That's also a big thing - DSO is a huge commitment - new players maybe know that and don't like it, so they won't even try it.


    I'm unsure, if it was someone here of elsewhere, who said, that the game's engine - Nebula is incredibly old and that it is a problem. You might want to focus all your energy towards it in the near future, since it will most likely open a bunch of new doors to you. Then it might be finally possible to implement a new chat system - that'd be more flexible and responsive AND without glitches - for example: you have group chat open, then you change maps and suddenly you have local chat open, you don't realize and possibly say something that noone else was supposed to know! The engine change might also allow you to make the UI way prettier than how it's now.

    Graphics and overall look

    I don't know, if it was the thing that made me start playing DSO or if it just made me stay (maybe both). The gaphics were fantastic (not from today's point of view), but they were light, mild yet scary sometimes and blurry in a way. It looked like today's asian RPGs (like Black Desert Online, for example) without all the annoying clutter. Yet the past DEVs foud a way how to add the clutter without the smooth textures, so we ended up with Dragan - not his model specifically, but rather the whole castle and terrain.
    In my opinion Myrodsch was the last expansion that looked nice. Some parts of Lor'tac aren't terrible but it's nothing to write home about. Qaziah is mundane (which is ok, since it's desert land), but still - why make a visually boring expansion? Don't even get me started on Dark Legacy - most of it is recycled content (that looks kind of good). But the new (unrecycled) parts look terrible. However, the path leading to Mortis (and he himself) and his lair is superb!

    The CE also (for a weird, partly justified reason) redesigned most of the items - mainly runes and equipment. I understand that you needed them to be green, blue, purple and orange to show the rarity, but I bet that the people in your team could have done a better job at it. The equipment already had this system and colours (which were fine) - why redesign it? The part that really bugs me, though, are uniques. They were SO PRETTY before CE - there was no need to make them ugly. Ok, they were a bit too bulky but couldn't you just make the golden line a tad slimmer, if that was what bothered you?

    Simply, bring back old PRETTY Drakensang (just in the graphics department).


    Also, you might want to monetize some aspects of DSO (without making it more pay-to-win) - give us new loading screens to buy (with real money) or stuff like that.


    Engage with us more! Not necessarily these weirly prepared livestreams, where you can almost feel how wonky it is. Support you creators more. And by creators I don't mean people who post a weird video with and even weirder AND LOUDER intro to boast about their "perfect" stats. Creators are people like Velveteen duck, Hamuluk, etc. I'm sure that there are more, but I just don't know about them or they do it in foreign languages - Shearly or Amperion. For those you might want to translate their content.

    For example - DSO wiki died - maybe try to revive it. Ask Velveteen duck, if she'd help or maybe make her DSO database the new wiki. I'd say that people would definetly appreciate it.

    Or you can be selfish and make your own "DSO wiki" ingame - that would be weird, so please don't do it ingame.

    Let us peek behind the curtain a bit - maybe have a weekly "what's going on" magazine, where you'd show us what you're working on in the moment, so that we don't feel forgotten (when we obviously aren't).

    I'm sure there is more stuff I could write, but I'm also sure, that it's already been said somewhere above.
    And again, thank you.

    PS: maybe post bonus codes on the forums as well even though it is for attracting people to FB and Discord?
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  5. Самма

    Самма Advanced

    I understand that in a short time, the new development team cannot understand what is needed and what is not immediately fixed in the game, at the request of players . But you can take the first step and show that the requests of the community are heard , and remove the limit on the sale of entrances to 4 bosses at the DSO anniversary promotion for gold and crystals, this will give everyone a chance to try to get new weapons and somehow level the odds between lucky and unlucky players . I think that no one will be against this correction, but there will be gratitude that we are heard and understood .
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  6. Opalsion

    Opalsion Junior Expert

    Welcome new DSO Team! I'm going to keep it neat and short. The first two things that come in mind are:

    1) Daily Challenges
    2) Shiny/Rune Dust crafting system

    They both take a tremendous amount of time and something must be done to ease stuff up.

    1) Since the game's content has been growing, more options for daily quests have been added. Whilst this is very nice, it takes so much time to find a specific daily challenge. One that fits someone's current playstyle. It can take literally minutes to find a daily on Parallel Merciless bosses for example. Something must been done, a lot people don't even bother doing the daily anymore because of this.

    2) Well, pretty much gems are all we've been farming everyday to extract shiny dust and upgrade higher level gems. The problem comes when we have to insert 3 full of gems inventory pages in the workbench, but we have only the option to craft them one by one.I believe a melting system similar to glyph extracts would be much more efficient.
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  7. shield70

    shield70 Forum Greenhorn


    i think one classic server ( lvl40-45)will bring you money (this what do you want) and for us (old players) some fun , for who don’t want to play on this classic server, server merge will be perfect ,
  8. oOKellueHazeOo

    oOKellueHazeOo Regular

    i agree, a level 40/45 server would be amazing for all those who arent enjoying the current game, the old game was simple and had many sets which were useful + pvp was extremely good as well
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  9. Raichu007

    Raichu007 Someday Author

    To be fair, while I myself like the idea, most of our love towards that era is simply rooted in nostalgia. If we actually received such a server, most people would just log on to check it out for a bit, but then return to the new game. The old game has an extreme lack of features that we now take for granted.
  10. Mentrofilis

    Mentrofilis Forum Greenhorn

    the game is good as it is. i enjoy it a lot. It is not perfectly balanced at the moment, but hey, atleast im not on the [EDIT] part of balance for once. I would like to see a group talent or a rune or something that boosts the drops of infernal passage, at current rate i can barely farm 1000 a day it is very slow i farm whole day for 1k and waste it in no time on the next day. That new 2 hander is too op and too hard to get i managed to drop 17 of them but wasted over 1.5m anders and didnt get more than 87% dmg value. i would be more than happy to see that weapon nerfed, because i liked my 1hand build but now im forced to use this 2 hander because it gets me beyond 1m base dmg.

    it is kind of a [EDIT] move to leave anniversary for the whole duration and not run any other events, people completed it in the first day and now we are back to IP and chests without any meaning in life.

    bloodshed is becoming too easy, i would like to see new difficulties added as well. maybe even a new tier in runes and jewels, who knows.

    as for what people are spamming, a legacy server will ruin the game in my opinion, if you guys dont like the current state, dont play its that easy.
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  11. nvmind

    nvmind Forum Inhabitant

    Don't spawn mobs close to entries. There are a few maps where the player spawn already dead when the map change takes more than normal (so the player is killed before the map completely loads). There are simple things like this that makes no sense and should not have gone through the testing phase.

    STARDUST Forum Greenhorn

    Your behaviour is disappointing. For a long period of time we don't know what is happening. You don't inform the community and obviously you don't know how to handle a difficult situation. You don't deserve our attention, you don't deserve our money. We don't trust you anymore. Thats enough. Your silence is insulting to the community.
  13. AlejitoU

    AlejitoU Forum Apprentice

    Increase base damage for Dragon Knight class!!!
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  14. Prisca66

    Prisca66 Junior Expert

    What I would like to see changed in the game:

    1- do not lose critical hits, parry or resistance each time you go up a level.

    2- In the talent tree: resetting skill points should not take away experience points.

    3- entry into the full moon event during the day should be free
    to be able to farm the silver essences and scrolls required for the full moon night event.

    4- I would like to see more cards that adapt to our level (like the one of the desert)
    an example: the enclosure of the temples could adapt to our level
    and thus be able to do the gorga boss without going through the painful mode each time.

    5- Could you significantly lower the cost of leveling the runes ?

    6- I like to play alone but unfortunately it is more and more difficult.
    As a warrior, I was very strong before dark legacy now I have become weak even increasing my character more and more.
    Do something to change that and have fun playing again.

    there are surely other things to add but as far as I'm concerned these are the points that pose the most problem to me.

    Translated with google.
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  15. DocWhisky

    DocWhisky Forum Expert

    I played DSO for many years... stopped a few years ago because of the lack of support and 0 promotion of game resulting in shrinking game communities.
    As a "returning" player. (maybe short lived based on the state of things) The change to the skills bar seems to have been done to punish the players... it did nothing to better the game or boost player appreciation.
    This is just one, of many, such things.... IF you can revert/fix this... then maybe I, and many others, will begin to have a lil faith in the Game, and its Masters!
  16. Jawoben

    Jawoben Forum Greenhorn

    I got a few suggestions,
    1. Hope that roaring thunder weapons can be obtained all year long, maybe add it to crafting since I already did the challenge 100+ times and haven't gotten it.
    2. More daily offers from Emilia. Deluxe/Premium is affordable but the offers are not really worth it.
    3. Rework the elemental jewels. For me as a dwarf, we don't really use heavy shot so maybe you can change it to flamethrower or quickshot, maybe just lessen the chance or damage.
    4. Add some bloodchest in PW.
    5. Make another way to obtain Jewel of ingredient hunter.
    6. Make carmots farmable outside DOE, or just remove it from the game(Just upgrade essence with gold).
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  17. Darkness90

    Darkness90 Someday Author

    If the only goal is build our character again and again (with new and better items, skills, gems...) maybe that something's wrong in the playability of the game and dinamycs. I think that it's the first reason because so much players miss 45-50 lvl (old times) because there don't was to much variety and people enjoyed hours and hours playing, farming the same maps one and another time and living (deserveldy) in pvp maps (where the rank wassomething that u couldn't buy, get in an unfair way , and had his effort and reward).

    - Make the game dinamyc. If you are end game player for a lot of years should feel fluency playing (don't mean 100% easy, don't mean 100% trouble being near to max stats). A few things like the jump of dragonkinght (which made you visual bug where u see jumped and return to the begin, idk if it's still bug), the fast shot of the dwarf btw another skills (by his height, so much times it's bugged by invisible obstacles in the maps. This just for example, it's there since long long time.

    -Color and form of many items. Before was easy to see which items u had and her tier without identify just looking our inventory, this turn so trouble in a moment of the history of the game. Any items dropped by the map should get better size, animation and/or colour because this make the game more dynamic. The drop of so much items (little valuables) is unnecesary too.

    -Shield of bosses (for me) have no sense. Don't have sense too that they death in a few sec after of this in higher modes. The game should lend to role team dynamics (tank, healer, dmg, half class...) but let play alone at the same time if you want (and don't penalize to you by this). Too if you got a good good player shouldn't kill in 20 sec with a boss or die yourself with just 1 hit (reward effort and dedication ). This point was good too at the past but they they innovated unnecessarily again idk why.

    -Less kind of potions, buff, low tier gems...

    -I think that we don't need 10 escalation of modes the game but 3 (in any maps) is so low low options. As so much players said, accesibility is zero for new players.

    -Minibosses was easy to identify before, they changed this too randomly and was fine and it looked more dynamic.

    -In technical aspects: most of the maps is there from a long long time. They game does not look excessively changed. I don't understand why each year it is more difficult to execute for a pc (even compared to other games with more complex graphics engines and graphics). Optimization equals accessibility

    Where i live we say that if people does not complain of something, this mean that something is well. Don't make random changes all the time needlessly; listen to the community (this point could look trouble at the begin but i understand the anger of frustration of the players beacuse so much time we went hypped needlessly, we were asked about desires and changes and ignored) but don't forget to us either ; it's the exact half point i think (or the secret) for keep happy to a community. It's all for now
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  18. TerezinhaDSO

    TerezinhaDSO Forum Greenhorn

    Welcome to the new DSO team.
    I have been a DSO Player for over 8 years and at the moment I think I need to change and improve a lot of things in the game, but I will only mention a few points that I would like to get fixed faster.

    1- Return to the old skill bar with more spaces to put spells.

    2-Even with the 5 time gems up to legendary, the spells still have a very long waiting time, which shouldn't happen.

    3-Improve the drop of the Wrath Gem in the inter-worlds chest, because it doesn't drop! no matter how many times you go there, it all drops including the flower gem (new) minus the wrath gem.

    4-Brazilian players should be able to make purchases in the game and pay in local currency (Real) and not in Dollars, as we win in reais we should pay in reais.

    5-Improve MS for Brazilians, because we play with very high latency, (very LAG).

    6-I would like an in-game trading system between players (TRADE), To be able to sell and buy items between two players, would be great.

    7-Improve Gun Drop at 10th Anniversary DSO event.
    Some players have already been over 100x and it doesn't drop.

    There are a lot of things to do but at the beginning it makes 50% of the aghaton server happy.
  19. vitalyooss_youtube

    vitalyooss_youtube Forum Greenhorn

    Once again I am writing a post about the event "Anniversary of dso 10 years" This promotion has become an unpaid job for me, I have already made 205 runs, attention 205 run!!!! That's almost 700k andermant, and what do you think? I still have not fallen out the damn weapon)))) It's not funny, do you not really care that your game has become a hard labor? This is not a game, a job that in addition does not pay ... I hope this review makes you think about the strange randomness in this game. At this point I left the project because of this horrible event. - veteran
  20. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    So the game is not closing in 8 days ?
    So why then is there 0 response from the team ?
    Why is Agathon Server laggy as **** ?
    Why are we once again getting the dreaded rebounds when we jump ?
    Why are people from all over the world experiencing the same problems ?
    As for the weapon it also did not drop for me after 100-200 runs like many others.
    Easy fix would of been parts to make at the workbench. Which many people have said already.
    Maybe you guys just like to hear all the negativity and watch more people leave from this game ?
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