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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Oessian, Sep 10, 2021.

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  1. Шотто

    Шотто Advanced

    Stop crying and whining, wipe up the snot. Don't be whiny kids who complain to your mom about not having the same toy as others. It's disgusting. It takes a new team some time to sort out your complaints, wishes and create a plan to get out of this situation. So please be patient and don't push.
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  2. oOKellueHazeOo

    oOKellueHazeOo Regular

    I get where you're coming from however i spent months and months on the old WoW private servers because i enjoy the way the old game was, i personally believe i would play the level 40/45 server for years because it would keep me hooked as long as they kept events running at certain times
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  3. Самма

    Самма Advanced

    Again, I return to the topic of weapons from the action with 4 bosses , I conducted a survey among acquaintances , friends , guild members , and it turned out that this weapon does not fall to players with more than 7 years of experience in the game . Everyone has 100+ , 200 hits, weapons do not fall , and people who are less than 7 years old in the game - fall 2-8. Please ask the moderators to find out this question, is there a filter, who can fall , and who can not ? What kind of genocide is this to the old players ? The words that this is just random will not cause confidence . There are no such coincidences .
  4. Psytron

    Psytron Forum Greenhorn

    Hi there, new team! Welcome and thanks for this thread! I'm answering as a player that played back some years and recently returned with a new account - most of my experience with the game has been through this year so I guess I'm giving you a sort of "starter lens" opinion here, for the most. By topics, numbered but in no special order because why not ;)

    0 - Communication - Avoid radio-silence like the previous team used to do :D Feels like that is your plan, and quite honestly, the BEST thing you can do for the game right now. Let players feel you guys are truly listening and approachable in some way.

    1 - Optimization, optimization! We need way less crashes and loss of communication to the server. At least for me, this started to happen often after the Anniversary event started - before that was pretty smooth.

    2 - FEATURE: Players Auction House for Gems, Materials, Essences. I would just love if DSO had some sort of AH for players. Some grind would feel a little bit more pleasant if the chance to make some extra profit was there. I'd also lock the access to AH to level 100 to guarantee that useless "twink char culture" doesn't come strong to DSO :p

    3 - DATABASE: there is quite a lot in the game with close to no info, and more often than not, players feel discouraged from continuing (my case, almost quit because quests were really badly explained or weirdly set up).

    4 - PVP needs a lot of rework: seasoned players have spoken and described the issues in a depth I can't, but as a fairly new player I absolutely DISLIKE how the entire PVP thing "works" right now.

    5 - GUILDS: More stuff! Guild specific maps maybe, that can be unlocked by some sort of players contribution. Guild Halls for hanging out? So much can be done here, and this yes, is something that can help bring people together inside the game more often. Also: Guild Versus Guild! / Edit - the QUIT TEAM button is on the exact same place as the QUIT GUILD, this has lead me to quit the Guild for mistake a couple times. Maybe color could be changed, or the place of the buttons switched for confort :D

    6 - EQUIPMENT - MORE OPTIONS: right now seems that for end-game each class has a specific set of equipment pieces that work, and the rest is just useless and out of the equation crap. Having more options for gears on end-game would allow players to get a bit more creative with setting up their character.

    7 - Online Time Rewards would make all the current grind needs a lot more enjoyable too. 5 minutes 1 prize, 10 minutes another, another 15 minutes another, etc etc.

    8 - Crackdown on the selling of DSO accounts :p

    9 - Bonus Codes need a longer expiry date, and content creators should be given codes more often as they help a lot promoting the game (its just them doing it as far as I know).

    10 - VIP mode for 3 or 7 days available to purchase with in-game currency. Some players will just never cash in a VIP model for multiple reasons, and yet still play a big lot of DSO. Other games have this in some way - you could even make it a drop card that could be bought and sold at a potential Auction House. I say this because many, many things are locked behind the VIP,« including some equipment drops that every player will need at some point in end game.

    11 - Level 100 weapons and Equipment that we can buy from NPCs should have always a recipe to upgrade to higher levels because no one wants to walk with a lvl 100 weapon

    12 - Take it easy on deleting people's posts on the forum. Some I understand that need to be deleted, but the most I don't. Makes me feel unwelcome on the forum.

    Pretty much a noobie's view, but there you go guys. Best of luck and I hope this turn of events come to be the best that ever happened to DSO!
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  5. -alisson03-

    -alisson03- Forum Greenhorn

    Would love to see the new team playing the game from 0 to end game
    without any help from the community or using they CM accounts as advantage.
    So they will have they own thoughts and make things viable for new players.

    My thoughts+Ideas

    - Actual Set items aren't strong enough specialy at the levelup part of the game, there's no set that change your status that can make u say wowwwww thats good stuff.
    - New uniques enchants+functions/Set bonus with 2/2 parts like ring+ring or amulet+ring.
    - Unique/Set item bonus should combo with our skills.
    - Slow progress it's boring not just on events but character Powerlvlup.
    - The event of experience allways +25% thats not fair if our lvl aren't the same so it should give us double or more.
    - PvP fixed+ put it back our 6x6 and if u can, more competition modes and mounts+costumes.
    - Fix what we have then you can create new stuff for our cm.
    -New engine would be excelent.
    POE has a great graphics engineer so i think we can see his work and make something ours.
    Elemental stack are lame, no details or count effect.
    Change everything, ball lightning and singularity take too long too use, can u look Ranger skill speed cast?
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  6. lammendam

    lammendam Forum Apprentice

    You trying to "resurrect" the game or something? Game is dead and no one in the world can make this game for gamers, that have a real life and spent own time to improve characters. Every update destroy player's progress and make game more and more grind-depend. I personally do not see the future of this game, sorry. I love to have fun playing and improving a character, and not constantly grind for nothing. The same situation with donations. It's not reflected on the character in any way.

    If new developers can really understand most of the players and make good content, then good luck. I'm not going to live in the game.
    This was a great game untill some people destroyed it.
  7. czarodziejedward

    czarodziejedward Forum Apprentice

    Youre completely deluded. People said the exact same thing about a game from snow meteorology event it was the BIGGEST gaming phenomenon of that year.
    Of course Bigpoints title is nowhere close being comparable but I can guaratee that classic (45) era servers would be blooming especially if devs actually put effort and fixed the issues it had at the time as well as supported it with classic+ content (all of the unreleased sets, dungeons, etc).

    Lv 40 was the core game
    Lv 45 built upon that core
    Lv 50 redesigned the core
    Lv 55 redesigned the core even further leaving almost nothing from the original core intact
    Lv 100 completely dumped the old core and its basically a different game at this point

    Lv 45 had its glaring issues but it was the best this game was, ever, simply cant deny it.
    Lv 50 wouldve been great if it wasnt for the "skill tree" overhaul and crafting change that made uniques simply put inferior in huge majority of the cases. And right after that unique items, items people were chasing for YEARS were made a hollow shell for a legendary item.

    THIS is where game devs completely lost the clue.
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  8. ViktorG75

    ViktorG75 Active Author

    In that case, we will wait another 2-3 months until the answer and fixes in the game. Especially if they start F2P as well. And then, perhaps, they would see for themselves that it would not pay off for them to listen to the wishes of their financiers - us.

    New engine, improved game rules, redesigned mechanics, improved gaming experience, realistic F2P and PvP ... but, it's a completely new game compared to what we have now!
    Do players want the game to look like an egg to an egg to other games, or do they want to continue playing it, but not be left without the benefits offered by the competition?
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  9. StaidAffect

    StaidAffect Forum Greenhorn

    Definitely not true. My account is more than 7 years old and i dropped the weapon 3 times in less than 40 runs. It's just RNG.
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  10. EriduSerpent

    EriduSerpent Forum Apprentice

    Can the new DSO team just confirm that they are reading the comments and are going to listen to the players?
    That would show us that you mean business and are not trying to just fob us off.
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  11. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    its not needed
    1month ago i had 15-20ppl online in guild all the time
    after 24 days of september i have 1-2 ppl online in guild
    wait few days/weeks more and there will be nobody online ;p
    cardhun is almost empty on grimmag so i dont want to know how much xD ppl are online on tegan etc where players community is much lower than on grimmag XD

    feedback for today? put some EVENTS to do.
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  12. Shine2

    Shine2 Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    Dear EriduSerpent , I edited your post - please be advised that asking people to "boycot the game" will not be tolerated. We will inform you about any new developments as soon as we know and yes, your comments are being read - that's what this thread is about - your feedback, your opinions, suggestions etc. are important to us and we appreciate everything you write as long as it's constructive.

    kind regards,
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  13. cogix

    cogix Padavan

    The "random" part in this game, according me, does not exist.
    I have some screenshots where I got drop the same object (in the same screen, 3 cm apart) and no more for other 4-5 hours. Or like I run the boss and the first time the drop is amazing and with the time passing by the drop decrease a lot. I cannot call this random
  14. mark-kim-8888

    mark-kim-8888 Regular

    Dear Players...why do you write a negative?.I don't understand))All adequate gentlemen are already playing the Great and Terrible Part 2...where there is both interest and emotions and trade...yes, and whatever you want..
    and DSO will not return the Greatness that it was ... alas...Time and laziness...they do their job...Do we have to worry about the Players...there are a lot of projects...where you can play well and get positive emotions...
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  15. novecento

    novecento Forum Expert

    If I had a team, I would introduce everyone to it. Where are the streams on youtube, twitch? Where is the letter from them to the players? What are they doing? Are there changes on the test server? Everyone decides to believe that she is. Little did BP lie to us and promised?

    I already asked to introduce us. My request was ignored.
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  16. CH1976

    CH1976 Forum Apprentice

    If it's not too much to ask, be a little more consistent. The game is dead and on top they put an anniversary event that lasts a whole month in which there is no other event. Not even the fixed events of each month. If that's how they started, they will be as bad as the previous team. Get to play a little, you will see the same thing that all the players see.
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  17. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Forum Connoisseur

    Ok, here i am again. it seems that someone baned my account i don't know how long for, cos i only had to wait for one day, but as you see like 2 weeks later nobody answer our post, someone says we read you, but what they really do is ban you. that's something they know to do it very well. how long do we have to wait for and answer?

    This is the state of the DSO
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  18. EriduSerpent

    EriduSerpent Forum Apprentice

    WOW I bet that comment worried you.
    I stand by it, you need to learn respect for your customers,
    maybe that is the only way to achieve it!
    What was the point in creating the game, gaining a large player base, bragging about it...
    then fuffing it all up? Seems to me that the creators grew complacent, became indifferent and just relied on the knowledge that most players would stay because of the money they sank into the game. That enough players would remain to keep the game afloat, still attracting newbie players.
    The problem is that newbie players grow wise in the end. So soon enough, your game will be empty!
    Unless you do really mean to change the game with suggestions and insight from your customers.
    Removing my comment really just shows how little you realize that players will boycott your game any way, singularly just not in a huge wave. The outcome will be the same, no game, no income from it.
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  19. Arteza

    Arteza Forum Apprentice

    This game has been so spoiled, it has caused so much frustration for many, or it has become so boring that it is no wonder they have stopped. I don’t see in it the real creativity that would make it fun, just a little bit signs of restrained manipulation and longing for money appear. They sell drinks and low quality stones to spend anderman, but why? It’s also the “new and best” weapon, it seemed like an interesting introduction to me from the “new” dso team. Maybe so they wanted to make a good impression, but it just became a frustration. Although I don't think it's quite their fault, the whole basic implementation is bad, where the game goes.
    Instead of a new caste, I think the funds should be put in order first. It's a bit like it’s like you’re doing something new that you then throw into the acid. It may be interesting for a short time, but it dissolves soon, one boring game becoming a boring part.

    And now I think most would scalp for what I write, but I think it would be best to weaken everything. For characters, bosses, mobs: nerf. and to create a system where although it is difficult to defeat a boss, it is not necessary for you to play in a team to defeat him.

    It would also be good to make a complete change in skills because there is no balance in them. Most are completely useless ornaments, so the experienced player knows that you no longer have to choose it. For example, in mages, the meteor or the laser: slow, doesn't hit that much, so it's pointless to use if the player has already reached a certain attack speed. I suggest that you transform the current skill system to one that which would make all of this more balanced, more usable so that all abilities would be useful in certain situations.

    I haven’t been playing here in a while, but I’m a little sorry for the new dso team members. They were given such a dark legacy, which they may not know what to do with.
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  20. rynkmar

    rynkmar Forum Greenhorn

    I've come back to game from 2 years of inactivity, become lvl 100 and i've learned they now farm doing 'crates'. I've thought, i've done good job making lvl 100 and now i am very disappointed. It was time wasted. Few (like 5) runs of this mission is like months of my game. Its, even worthless making any event now. I didnt like changes and lvl 100 but learing about this 'crate' mission i really hate it. PVP was dead and now PVE is dead also. Events are dead.
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