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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Oessian, Sep 10, 2021.

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  1. NutBreaker

    NutBreaker Forum Apprentice

    Hello and welcome to Dracania.

    Things I DON'T like:

    • Not having the chance for upgrading items levels.
    • Characters maximum/cap level.
    • Excesive grind or bad grind/loot rate.
    • PvP.
    • Huge ms latency for south america playing.
    • Nebula error and common lag.
    • Lack in info.
    • Not punishing afk farmers/cheaters.
    • Prices.
    • 100lvl toons farming for low levels toons (5 level difference was good).
    • Critical rate and hit after Content Expansion.
    • Multiple account players.
    • Consumable items at regular inventory.
    • HAVING AN TEST SERVER, then bugs at Live server and constant patches.
    • Not so usefull uniques/sets at any level.
    • Inability for running something more than quests when you are noob (questing teachs nothing).
    • Elemental resistance gems/runes (Maybe crafting regular resistance gems/runes with some elemental "new thing" storaged at special bag for creating a new "elemental gem/rune".
    • Excessive "need attention people" in the forums; they make forum a real pile of vent boring words, not useful.
    • Huge amount of lazy, immobile, not talented zombie-brain gaming Spellweavers (or any other meta class in game).
    • Other things to complete ASAP.
    Things I do like:
    • Possibility to run almost anywhere solo, and the "boost" when grouping.
    • Chance of running game in a "low resource" PC.
    • Game not plenty of childs.
    • The more time you play, the more gems and runes you get.
    • Chance for crafting uniques.
    • Elemental mastery and elemental enemy strong/weakness.
    • Other things to complete ASAP.
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  2. gandalfınkılıcı

    gandalfınkılıcı Forum Greenhorn

    this game was easier and simple once .... so make it again simple and easy ... everybody has not hight IQ in this game and they dont have enoght time workers ets. so make this game the easiest game in the world
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  3. -manyak-adam-

    -manyak-adam- Forum Greenhorn

    just one questions

    is the game going to close ? for ever ? :(
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  4. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Board Analyst

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  5. -manyak-adam-

    -manyak-adam- Forum Greenhorn

    i can make it better for you ^^ just say yes !!
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  6. KARL31

    KARL31 Forum Apprentice

    I think we should put a weapon with high damage at each event.

    Dragan's weapon should be crafted at 16k damage.
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  7. Kiwigal1244

    Kiwigal1244 Junior Expert

    Apart from the *Inaccurate* ramblings about *Spell Weavers*:p
    I agree
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  8. Selene-Rip

    Selene-Rip Junior Expert

    Hey, the new team
    There was a time when it was necessary to put on, amphora or pinatas : a message (as on the chests) !!
    because many MANY gamers do not want to open the boxes by mistake.
    Because : it's on the way not in a corner - Because there is no consent window - Because only in a melee of mobs with 5 players and the effects which burn the retinas (because too accentuated since the release at the end of 2020) or Because latency
    = make all this not visible !
    Otherwise, repay the keys of the amphora or golden sticks consumed without the consent of the players.
    What is easier for you, to set up a consent window or to reimburse each player?
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  9. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    So tomorrow is the last day.
    How long has it been since we heard from this new team.
    By the way new team you did quote that the game was not closing at the start of October.
    For the people that put money into this game during the month of September I would get a screenshot of that.
    Not that you will get any compensation.
    Free to play always best option. :-D
  10. ShamisSabri

    ShamisSabri Forum Apprentice

    My Feedback : A veteran player for almost 8-9 years, I have not seen this game management in a worse situation than now.

    Tomorrow is the last day of the only running event for almost a month and we have heard absolutely nothing from the devs about what's to follow.

    And the worst thing is, you write anything to vent your frustration over the game (which you pay for btw), the mods delete it. A message to the mods : Do not try to create a fake sense of positivity, when there clearly is not. Players are irritated (and that is an understatement).

    I just came here to ask this : "Was this entire thread made just to bide time and will there be any more events next month, and moreover, will this game even continue or is it time to sunset?"

    As a paying player - I demand and deserve to know that.
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  11. oOKellueHazeOo

    oOKellueHazeOo Regular

    Agree, event weapons are so useless... and so are most Q items, Q sets and event sets should be reworked so they are sought after and create NEW builds for players , maybe 1 set adds armor break to an item, maybe one adds an elemental affinity to another ( adding damage rather than replacing it) maybe one set works well when you are low hp ( say 50% extra damage under 33% hp or something) ... just anything which makes this game fun xd.. Rangers only use precise shot and we need a use for other skills (like wolf is rly good)
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  12. Самма

    Самма Advanced

    There are 5 hours left before the end of the DSO birthday campaign , the last 15 races for new weapons have been made , a total of 182 calls , ALL 5 from the 0 weapons group , this anniversary event brought joy to someone , and disappointment , anger , resentment to me and many of my friends . I will not write what I would wish the developers for such a " random", but I will say that the project lost another person who contributed real money to the game, as well as my friends, acquaintances and guild members who spent large sums of money on entrances to 4 bosses, decided that more for such an attitude to old players , the project does not deserve to invest money . That 's what you 've achieved with such randomness , and I think a lot of players will do the same , you can start counting losses .
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  13. Anyki

    Anyki User

    This thread was created for collecting feedback for the BP team. If you need a reminder of the types of content that gets deleted, you can review this thread. I will leave negative feedback if there's a purpose, but moan-athons can and will get deleted. If you need to vent, there's the Speakers' Corner subsection.

    And as well, offtopic posts will be removed. There's other parts of the forum for those posts.
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  14. Darkness90

    Darkness90 Someday Author

    After of 10th anniversary event, the rest of weapons in this game are useless. Would be nice if rework the base stats of the rest of weapons to get started (short weapons included). Thanks you :)
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  15. Nostalgiac

    Nostalgiac Advanced

    Right now the game is incredibly stale, a lot of players maxed out their stats and there's nothing else to do. You need to bring some competition in the game...

    PvP fix is an obvious solution, but you should also expand competition to all areas of the game.

    Bring back leaderboards, and expand them also for normal maps (not only PW). Add new challenges, timed challenges (daily, weekly), special ranked quests. The rewards should be mostly mounts/transmog/titles.

    Add some special areas/bosses/challenges which only use the basic stats of the class (no items, runes, wisdom...) to test only player skill.

    Add useful rewards for all achievements so some of the tedious/hard/hidden achievements are worth completing.

    Add ways to obtain more infernal fragments - my suggestions are new jewel for drop stack size, new buff or new item/talent (similar to realm fragments).
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  16. jenifer1029

    jenifer1029 Forum Greenhorn

    I did 210 runs in anniversary event , i spent something like 800k andermands and i didn' t drop the weapon , but some people dropped 2 - 3 weapons in 20 runs . Is that right ? If they don't change something with the stats of the others weapons for me dso is dead !!!!!!!
  17. oOKellueHazeOo

    oOKellueHazeOo Regular

    This weapon should've been craftable at the least.... you can gather 1-4 skins (1 from each boss) in total from 4 boss map
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  18. 16mariya1995

    16mariya1995 Forum Greenhorn

    I've made 270+ runs for the new weapon of the game's anniversary, and the weapon never fell out, well, it was an unfortunate prank from the past developers... I know a lot of people who got this weapon literally from 1-20 run... 270 runs is about 1 million andermant)) I just have 1 question, will there be compensation for this horrible time spent in game and the wasted andermants go nowhere? And it's not just that for some strange reason I have not dropped a weapon, the fact is that this weapon is much better than all the weapons in the game. It's just a monstrous balance, especially when it comes to pvp. Thanks for your consideration.
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  19. danielcarol3

    danielcarol3 Someday Author

    Until when will we have a response from the "new" development team that to date have issued a notice of attention or have made changes to the game, speed up the SCRUM and improve IT, which we have already been a month and how is it possible to no real changes to the game.
    things like changing to already done facts that would make the game a little easier, such as:
    - set the daily missions as it was previously
    - increased fall of the infernal passages
    - implement the same method of smelting equipment but for gems
    - increase the inventory or put an NPC that fulfills the function
    - improve the reward system of events (multiply the rewards by 5 or 10) but it is insufficient with the effort required to complete it
    - Huge quantity to be able to manufacture a single item "almost completely" and not all can be manufactured
    - eliminate the resurrection thing remove the damn idea of recovering full life to all monsters and bosses
    - increase the base statistics (by 1.5) or "unique" spells (by 20-40%) of some unique items that compete, most are useless
    - Directly remove the gems that they imposed by force that nobody wanted or requested that only serve to melt and use spaces, put the previous system that is not perfect but is much better than the current one
    - Increase the degree of RNG or remove it directly and implement another reward method because already eliminating a boss 200 times so that you get minimally something is absurd and ridiculous for the new and for the old obviously who use bots or maintain some relationship with These people, one can be eliminating the boss and getting the proposed items already have the base of artificial "difficulty" but that can be changed over time
    - the bugs, ms problems, errors and delays to the dungeons (this can take time to make it so much the paripe)
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  20. Orologas98

    Orologas98 Forum Apprentice

    Update to my journey of obtaining the anniversary weapon : 181 runs (of which about 100 were solo) PW Bloodshed in total and STILL 0 WEAPONS.

    The event has passed by and I am – 599,750 andermant and still at 0 progress regarding the weapon. There was no boss ingredients to create it, so I am basically back to 0.
    Pure inaction from the developing team to fix this non-existing drop rate!!!
    3 fellow guild members got the weapon while farming with me in their 33th, 62th and 35th run both at the beginning of the event and at the end.

    Absolute Garbage!!!

    I had received the troll weapon Dimensional Rift 6k dmg / 6k crit at least 8 times. Even double in 1 round. For god sake, what is this troll drop? At least 3 or 4 of them should be the new anniversary one!

    I do not accept the fact that newbies, 3-4 month players or even inactive for 3-5 months players receive this core- spike weapon like it’s the most common item in the game (Master Pauldrons, Dragonwing set etc).
    1 of the above mentioned friends was inactive for at least 3 months, logged into the game in the last 3 days of the event and received it in the 35th FREE run with 93% dmg (25314 dmg) / 97% crit. He had 10k andermant, 290k dmg 1-handed in town and literally 0 chances of obtaining it if it wasn’t me to carry him. He was constantly dead during the 4 bosses fight and I had to give him stones. Now he has 500k dmg 2-handed in town something that I struggled maybe 3-4 weeks to achieve when swapping from 1h to 2h weapon.
    Why is this happening? Why do you hate so much old players? Do you believe that it is that easy for 1 person to kill 4 bosses in PW Bloodshed? I had to use MY red essences, My spirit guards, MY offensive stats, My defensive stats in order to succeed. I even fully carried other 3-4 ppl to obtain the anniversary weapon. How is it justified that I did 181 runs and still did not receive it? If upgrading your character means that you get hand in hand a shitty drop rate where you have to play 5-6x more not to receive the same things, I am sorry but you are delusional.

    This was the first event, where portals were so expensive and offered only for andermant with at the same time so 0 drop rate. If that’s the plan for future events too the game is going to die soon. Eventually, the non-existing drop rate algorithm will strike more and more players progressively and more of them will get disappointed.

    In the end, what will happen with everyone that did over 100 rounds in the anniversary arena and did not receive the weapon? When will we get the weapon? Will there be any compensation about all these wasted andermants?

    In general, this pathogenesis of ‘random’ drop rate and ‘random’ base stats should never exist in the game. It would be better if every item was only craftable and never droppable with fixed base stats and abolished the ingredient hunter jewel. For example, dropping 3 weapons with 70-80-75% base dmg power would lead to the same problem in comparison with someone that dropped it 93% dmg in 35 runs. I would still have to play more rounds to obtain it better while the other one could just stop right there.

    Additionally, the reward system should be improved.
    One aspect of this is the group gameplay.
    First of all, solo gameplay should have the highest drop rate to obtain ANYTHING IN THE GAME (item, jewel etc). That’s where the player plays with his own resources and stats, which is definitely the hardest option to farm.
    Then, progressively lower the drop chance for 2,3,4,5 member parties to something like 10%-40% harder. Example, if you need 10 rounds solo to obtain something, make it 14 for a 5 member group. I cannot understand why the worst most useless player in the team should have an equal or better chance to receive items, jewels compared the dmger of the group or others that contribute on killing a boss or map fast.

    The second aspect is the difficulty you are playing on.
    What’s the point of having a higher difficulty if the drop rate of items, jewels etc is not increased with it? An advanced player should enter a higher difficulty so that he is rewarded better, not just to struggle with the same or less drop rate comparing to a lower one. Example, if you need 20 rounds in merciless to obtain something, make it 10 rounds in bloodshed difficulty.

    These 2 measures above would improve the farming experience and give every character what he deserves. The advanced one will receive the best farming experience since he can solo anything. The low one is getting carried anyway so whatever he receives is always a plus but not better than the advanced one.

    After a point, your game becomes a boring routine where you only farm q5 for infernal passage and then chests for andermant essences and gems. I am a veteran and I also have maxed out offensive gems, even 30 emeralds for block and 20 amethysts for hp. My only concern now is enhancing my item base values and receiving new items. I am down 55-70k dmg because of how your stupid game works.

    I am completely disappointed!!! How can you sleep at night, when you see so many complains about the drop rate of almost every item in the game, skillbars, pvp etc ? How do you want more people to play your game when you treat your old community like this and give laughable responses that 10-500 rounds is ok and ******** like this? Seriously! There are so many ideas and improvements that could be made to the game from people that you don’t even pay for their ideas so that everyone has a good time in the game instead of hating it!!! Why don’t you take steps to improve the game? If you can’t, close the game forever so that players will move to another one with a more compassionate company about the needs and complains of them. I am tired of playing under the hope that you fix bug of apply 1 out of 100 ideas 3 months later.
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