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    Event: Stellar Gold
    in cooperation with Razer Comms


    An unidentified object of stellar origin finds its way to Kingshill and leaves the heroes and heroines of Dracania full of questions. Rumor has it that the realm of Duria has been blessed by the arrival of the stars; heroes reported to have discovered peculiar coins on their daily routes around Dracania.

    Start: 19th of November 2014
    End: 30th of November 2014

    Over the period of eleven days (19th-30th of November) the players have the chance to find Lucky Coins as drops after defeating worthy opponents, after winning a PvP match or while trying their luck with the Jesters .

    How to participate and start the event?
    Open the event window (hotkey: E), read the terms & conditions, check the box and click on the button that states "Take Part". When you've done that successfully, the Stellar Gold counters should be displayed.
    IMPORTANT: Your character will never receive Lucky Coins as drop if you fail to register for participation.​


    Worthy Opponents:
    Only Monsters that are between 5 levels higher or lower than your own character are considered worthy opponents. For example, if your character is of level 20, then all the monsters with level 15 to level 25 are considered as worthy opponents and thus they have the chance to drop Lucky Coins.​

    Lucky Coins:

    004.png 005.png
    Upon right-click the Lucky Coins will reveal various immediate prizes in your inventory.​

    Among the immediate prizes are:​
    • emotes
    • costumes
    • regular loot items (essences, weapons etc)
    • dyes
    • and many more
    Item Stellar Gold:
    Furthermore, the Lucky Coins bear the chance to contain one very special item called Stellar Gold.

    006.png 007.png

    The more Stellar Gold a hero is collecting the higher are his or her chances to become the winner of real prizes and the super rare epic mount the Black Bear.*

    There can only be 3 winners per instance throughout the entire Drakensang Online Game: We have 6 instances (Heredur, Grimmag, Tegan, Agathon, Werian and Balor), and therefore, a total of 18 winners will be determined.

    For more information about the individual prizes, please see the section below (Prizes Single Player).​

    "One for all, all for one!"
    In this edition of Stellar Gold you have the chance to win prizes for your entire guild!

    If you happen to be a member of a guild, each time you are collecting Stellar Gold, the amount of Stellar Gold will be added to your individual counter but also the Stellar Gold counter of your guild. Both counters are displayed on the event window (hotkey: E).​

    Only one guild, from all six different servers, can be the winner of this year's Stellar Gold. Every member of the guild will receive a prize. (see Prizes: entire guild)​


    What if I don’t have the "Epic Mount" talent yet and I am winning the Black Bear epic mount?
    You will have the epic mount in your inventory but you will only be able to use it once you have reached level 30 in the knowledge tree and unlocked the talent Epic Mount.​

    I only managed to get 2 Stellar Gold and my friend has 20, can I still win the prize?
    Yes of course you have chances to win, however your friend has a higher chance of winning.​

    Is there a ranking to see the players with the highest chances of winning?
    No, since this is a raffle everyone who has Stellar Gold has a fair chance of winning.​

    A ranking table would only make sense if this was a competition or match.​

    I don't have a guild but I want to join a guild, will I still be able to contribute to the Stellar Gold guild counter or do I need to join a guild before the event starts?
    Your individual Stellar Gold will instantly be shared and displayed on the Stellar Gold guild counter as soon as you join a guild. Your individual Stellar Gold will also be subtracted from the guild counter as soon as you decide to leave a guild.​

    When are you announcing the winners of the Stellar Gold event?
    The winners will be revealed by the DSO Community Managers Greg and Dracaty via live stream on on the 5th of December. After the live stream you will be able to read about the winners in the official forums of DSO, on Facebook and on Twitter.​

    Do I need to be 18 or older to be able to participate in the raffle?
    Yes, you need to be 18 or older in order to be able to take part.​

    The terms & conditions state that forum moderators are not allowed to take part in the raffle however, my guild has a moderator, what happens if my guild wins the raffle?
    Forum admins and moderators cannot influence the results of the Stellar Gold event and are thus allowed to participate. If your guild wins and you have a moderator as member, then s/he will also receive a prize.​

    Countries excluded due to local regulations
    * Players from Brazil, Italy and selected states of the USA are unable to participate to win the prizes due to governmental regulations. However, these players are still able to win instant in-game prizes.​

    Prizes (Single Player)
    1st Winner2nd Winner3rd Winner
    1 x Razer Mouse

    1 x Razer Mouse Pad

    1 x Razer Gamer T-Shirt

    1 x Epic Mount: Black Bear

    1 x Emote: Renowned first place

    2 x Dye: Lichen Green

    2 x Dye: Pitch Black

    1000 x Draken
    1 x Razer Mouse Pad

    1 x Razer Gamer T-Shirt

    1 x Emote: Glorious second place

    1 x Dye: Lichen Green

    1 x Dye: Pitch Black

    500 x Draken
    1 x Razer Mouse Pad

    1 x Emote: Honorable third place

    1 x Dye: Lichen Green

    1 x Dye: Pitch Black

    250 x Draken

    009a.jpg 009b.jpg 009c.jpg

    Prizes (entire guild)

    Winners (max. 50 Members)
    1 x Razer Kraken Pro Headset
    1 x Razer Mug

    001a.jpg 001b.jpg
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