Strategy for gems and jewels of coalescence

Discussion in 'Questions about Getting Started in the Game' started by -maelstrom-, May 7, 2020.

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  1. -maelstrom-

    -maelstrom- Forum Greenhorn


    I am a new player looking for the best path to improve my gems for maximum outcome on stats.

    To my mind Rubies/Onyxies should to used as magic royal gems, not as jewels of coalesence, in weapon and adornment respectively.
    Defensive gems may be used as magic royal gems in specific items with runes. For example, magic cyanites + runes of fortitude seems the best option in torso.
    On the other hand,combination of three defensive gems into a jewel of coalescence might be the optimal approach for items without amplifier runes.

    I would like to hear experts' option on this topic.
  2. vkillerx

    vkillerx Forum Pro

    The grammar sort of murders me but well idk why i even mention it :D

    Well if you have enough royals to make coalesence jewels go for it it´s your thing but t1-2 runes are quite easy to obtain and 3 royal gems upgraded to magics will be much more profitable then any jewel of your dreaming in flat stats (Also better way of making coalesence jewels is 1 defensive mostly diamonds as im awared as resists are more of a problem than armor and they are easier to obtain tha amets but it´s solely up to the user + dmg + critical rating or second defensive gem once again up to the user)
    If you plan to go for full dmg i sort of recommend dmg/crit/xxx as you can swap rubies into adornment or craft a second version w e.g more at.s or crit dmg and dmg on jewels amplifies with runes in helmet and in case of some people in amulet as well)

    Obviously focus all your avaliable resources on rubies onyxes aren´t really as important as the verge between those who run i3-4 and i5-6 w 80% is tremendous

    Going for full defensive JoCs is a waste of royals unless you are a DK imp
  3. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    I have 3 full defensive green dot JoCs on my dk, but not intentionally, as my 3 old shadow stones were converted into full defensive JoCs.

    I guess i would go ruby/crit/diamond if i was rich enough to make JoCs.

    The whole thing is ridiculous, though.

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