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Do you need space?

  1. Yes

    10 vote(s)
  2. No

    1 vote(s)
  1. Darkness90

    Darkness90 Junior Expert


    FAALHAAS Board Analyst

    I'd allready be happy with an essence and dye bag.

    But yes, more space be nice.
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  3. JarFall2000

    JarFall2000 Forum Apprentice

    A verry good idea that is going to be forgoten cause they wont listen to players i have so manny essense and extra unique if you look at it carefuly gem bag event bag essense bag paint bag this can save lives hooooooo
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  4. Drabis777

    Drabis777 Forum Apprentice

    I like the new inventory concept very much for it would be very helpful when farming a lot for those various stuff. If only they could lower the andermant cost needed for each row to be unlocked. This could take forever. lol
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  5. ldso

    ldso Active Author

    If you haven't already, try to purchase inventory using the pack of 3 rows that they sell in the shop, it is the best deal for purchasing bag space compared to buying each row individually :) The locker space, however, you would need to individually purchase each row.
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