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Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by GoldenGecko, Nov 22, 2021.

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  1. GoldenGecko

    GoldenGecko Forum Greenhorn

    Hi. I have a few suggestions to make the game more enjoyable.

    1. Daily missions. At the moment it is very difficult to choose the mission
    and reward that interest me. I propose a mission from the drop-down menu.
    The game may also remember recently selected rewards and missions if you are premium user. Alternatively, first choose the reward and then the mission you need to complete.

    2. Draken cores.
    Please add the option to buy these cores with Drakens,
    gold or anywhere else. There may also be a repetitive daily mission.

    3. Mattery Parraler World. For killing the boss on the merc mode,
    we should get at least 3k mattery.

    4. Multitool, Glowing Cave & Jewel of the Ingredient Hunter. Please change the Glowing Cave entrance for non used multi tools. Now I have to collect useless ingredients to have used multi tools.

    5. Place in the inventory. Please transfer the items such as gems, essences
    to the bag next to the other ingredients.

    6. Gems. Turning gemstones into dust should be like selling any other item, but not for gold, but for dust at a jeweler with the option to undo the transformation of lossless redemption. Now its really anoing to convert gems into dust.

    7. Blackborg event. From the middle of the progress, there should be a buff for 1-2h + 100% to the progress left by mobs. Now nobody is doing this event to the end because it's too long. Optionally, the spider boss should give progress, e.g. 250 pts for 1 kill.

    8. Navigation. Please add navigation to the map1 ghost event.
    It's very hard to find all mobs.

    9. Varholm event. The Parchment of Silver Essence should also work on the second map with a bloody mage.

    Thank you in advance.
    Your big fan.
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