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Dear forum reader,

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  1. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Team Leader Team Drakensang Online

    Dear Heroes of Dracania,

    We think we owe you not only an apology but also an explanation. There has been quite some disarray and missing information regarding the sync of Release 209!​

    We know that you have now been waiting for a long time and we want to explain to you the reasons for this massive delay:

    1. QUALITY
    This version contains lots of changes, completely new systems, improvements etc. (see Patch Notes) and therefore we needed a huge amount of testing time to make sure that everything works and that the quality is as high as possible. No one wants buggy game rebalancing features.

    We were amazed by all the constructive feedback we received from forum threads, our social media channels, our very experienced moderators, the public test server etc. ! We appreciate this on-going support over the years and have tried to implement as much as possible. Even though not every suggestion or idea made it into the final version, it still might with the following releases. However, it took time and effort to collect, read, and implement YOUR feedback. Nevertheless, we think it was the right decision to take the time to listen to our community.

    Last week the Drakensang Team had to move into another office! Not only was this move very time consuming but it can also lead to unpredictable issues such as network outages, server relocation issues etc. ! The timing could not have been worse!

    4. RISKS
    Hand-in-hand with the technical issues due to the relocation of our servers, we had to analyze the risks of releasing the version to the live servers before the move into a new office. We would not have been able to react once the version was live. If unexpected issues like critical bugs or a completely inaccessible game could have occurred and we would not have been able to put out a hotfix! We just couldn’t risk that!

    All of these reasons lead to the fact that Release 209 is not live yet! We are very sorry for taxing your patience and we really hope for your understanding!

    A possible sync day is still being discussed and as soon as a final date is set you will be informed.

    Thank you for your on-going trust, support and patience!
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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