Temp/Client directory: the player decides and not you

Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by salotr, Nov 22, 2021 at 2:02 PM.

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  1. salotr

    salotr Forum Greenhorn

    I dont get the why of this!
    I'm the only one who choose where to install the client and no one else!
    Make changes to the game so the player is free to choose where to install the client.
  2. Шотто

    Шотто Active Author

    Well, actually you can move "DSOClient" folder from "TEMP" folder to any preferred place.
    Let's suppose that you've moved it into the "D:\Games" folder, so now it is placed as "D:\Games\DSOClient".
    Now you should create a "Symbolic Link" to this folder in you %TEMP% folder so that the game thinks that all of its files are in place.

    You can create symbolic links using the mklink command in a Command Prompt window as Administrator. To open one, locate the “Command Prompt” shortcut in your Start menu, right-click it, and select “Run as Administrator”.

    And then just run the following command:

    mklink /D %TEMP%\DSOClient "D:\Games\DSOClient"
    That's it.
    Additionaly you can create a "bat" file ("dsofolder.bat" for example) containing that command and create a Windows schedule task to run this "dsofolder.bat" every time you log in, just in case if your "Temp" folder was cleaned up.
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  3. salotr

    salotr Forum Greenhorn

    If so, why they didnt do this as a default installation progress?

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