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Discussion in 'Test Server' started by nisa1264, Jul 11, 2020.

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  1. nisa1264

    nisa1264 Forum Greenhorn

    Hello, I'm a werian player. I want to play in the test server and test the events in advance, try the items and make different combinations and try the game. but I have a level and item problem, because I am alone, I can't. is it possible to get level and item support? I want to try all 4 characters, especially sorcerer and ranger. Yours sincerely

  2. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Commissioner

    Mods on these forums can't give you anything on the test server, and devs don't read the forums; you can try logging into the test server and see if a dev is online (to be honest, I don't know how to locate one; I've never searched), but they are likely to ignore your pleas.

    Occasionally devs will at least temporarily buff up certain test server toons automatically; I believe that only happens when they want to test a major update.

    The way I read your post, you're not interesting in testing to provide the devs or even the community any feedback; you just want to try builds for your own pleasure. (My assumption is based in part on the fact that this is apparently one of if not your very first post and that you didn't bother to read any of the other posts in the Test Server sub-forum where other players asked for free stuff as well. If you were here to research for the benefit of all, you would have noticed that none of the others received anything, either.)

    Most likely your only option is to simply play on the test server, grind up a toon or two as I am doing with a Ranger and a Steam Mechanic.
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  3. mariokb

    mariokb Forum Apprentice

    In case you need help in the Test server, look for people with QA prefix in front of their name, they can help you with the stuff needed.
  4. sothish

    sothish Forum Greenhorn

    Hello, I have this question, is it possible to raise my knowledge to 300? The character is about 61 years old, but the lack of knowledge makes it difficult for me to do tasks, it would make it much easier for me to test tasks. Thanks alot! My username there is : Demotywatorski
  5. wojtekwjk

    wojtekwjk Regular

    CAN YOU READ ???


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