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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by DonHavocc, Feb 8, 2018.

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  1. DonHavocc

    DonHavocc Forum Apprentice

    So we meybe not active on forum but we play as Couple in test server around year.
    We not put on forum lot off things coz we no have time why?
    Loot of things on test server are hard and it push people to focus on build characters, not look for bugs.
    As everyone know we cant buy ander on stablebuild (its great and bad idea :p )
    Here is few our things what shuld be improve expirence on test server :

    1. Inventory Expanse : Its realy shuld be cheaper ! . We can get ander only from farm/quest
    If someone is lucky meybe win some from jesters.
    - Will be nice to lower price for expanse bag for example 250ander per 7slots
    2. Looting and farming : I think event "Looter fortune" shuld be turn on 24/7 or 5days in week.
    - We cannot buy gems but nice place to get it , is leaderboard ( in game i sugested to turning it on for 2-3days then close and open new ) and for some time it be like i said and be nice.
    - Events like Dragan+Minievents/Karabossa and other events with ASAP stuff shuld be on more often
    3. Economy on test server : Meybe rise reward in ander from quest ? or rise litle drop rate of ander in maps/q or something to make people more chances to get ander for rise they test serwer characters?
    4.New things what shuld be implement to game
    - Performance with load map and items (meybe folder with maps/items textures in game dir)
    - Possibility to change game instal patch for example D:Games/Drakensang included in instaler
    - New items in Item shoop. We have box with random pet / mont(idk i write it good i mean horses etc)
    Why not implement to game box with random costiume for example 3k ander like this with pet.
    Yes we have something like that in gnob offert. But i telling about pure random costiume w/o 10-16drakens
    - Armors effect. Patch with weapons effect work nice weapons look nice but look at game Armors sets look awsome but
    people hide it under costiumes. Meybe will be nice to add that effects in armors in future.
    Burning grimmag armor , Frozen sigi armor , Dragan armor with blue smoke (like this black from karabosa event costiume)-
    -Trade system player to player or place personal shop to sell this what we no need anymore like in 97% other mmo games :p

    5. Rewards on test server (Via scripts)
    - For future before send people rewards like lvlup they from 20 to 50 think what that character can do in 50lvl ? Nothing thats the answer
    When u lvlup chars with script please include to this script some reward with Windsom,Materii frags, Or drakens , or just add to this idk 30-50boxes with legendaries.

    Example for this days. Some player make character to play its on lvl 10-30 no have ander to expanse inventory. Now he login to game and what he have? lvl50 few unique weapons (thx god)and armor pieces rings etc on 10-30lvl
    Ranged attack chars like mage,dwarf,archer can do something with pain but can. But DK is useless.
    I think its not hard implement to script few rewards more and not ruin someone character :)

    Summary :

    After year of playing there, we think that few cosmetic changes can make test server more playable. And meybe it start at 100% do that what shuld do find,report and fix bugs.
    We not tell about give everything for free coz all comercial players will leave comercial server and come "test".

    Changes are litle but helpfull. We dont know DEVs read this forum but we cant find better place to put this sugestions like English Forum.
    Meybe our eng isnt perfect but all shuld be clear to read :)

    Cheers,have fun and cya in game : Andrzej&Monikaa (Crayzy couple from Stable server)
    Peace !
  2. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    First off the most of the changes you suggest are not possible. The builds on TS eventually make their way to the live servers so they cannot have code that is significantly different. Second, and most important, the TS exists to help the community. It is not there for the players' pleasure. It is not meant to replace the live servers' gaming experience.

    If I am being completely honest about my own toons on TS I would have to say the devs already give me much more there than I give back.

    Some of the points you make in your post are simply invalid. I'll just respond to a couple. I do not mean to pick on you. These kind of TS wish lists pop up on the forum on a regular basis.

    Seriously? You now have a level 50 toon with some lvl 50 gear that has a ton of lower level quests to do. Who cares if you cannot do level 50 content right away. You want more bag/locker space? Well here's your chance to earn the anders needed from questing very fast. As for the DK part of this comment I can only :D I primarily play DKs on The TS mostly because they are the easiest to play with this kind of advantage. ( GODMODE=ON )

    I simply do not fathom how anyone can say an unearned level up "ruins" a toon.

    If you have been playing on TS for about a year then you should already know that events & leaderboard seasons already happen more of than on the live servers. Often events that are not even coming up soon on the live servers will come on for a day or so. Currently CotBK (Dragan) has been restarted again. This has been done several times in the past month. This is important to note because by restarting it you can gain red pearls at the beginning of the progress bar where they come much quicker. On one restart of the event they ran all four mini's concurrently. This was a huge windfall for my toons since progress in one gave progress in all at the same time. By doing the easiest, and cheapest entrance fee, I got a rewards from all four.

    I recall one of my toons completing the prerequisite quests for Full Moon in a matter of weeks instead of three months like on the live server.

    Nice try slipping this in here. This is a dead topic in this game. It is the one place where the game's profiteering and the players' interest are in complete alignment.

    Anyway, tldr:
    Want more? Do more!
    The devs are already plenty generous with the freeloaders hanging out on the TS (like me :p)

    Luck be with ye,
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