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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by HuluHulu, Apr 8, 2021.

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  1. HuluHulu

    HuluHulu Forum Apprentice

    After seeing r247, 248 and 249 on test server, i would love to thank to DSO team, especially devs. I think the last missing part was Infernal passages of fragments and they are finally fixing it with r249 to sell it with gold,andermant and also materi fragments.

    I am so happy that devs are finally listening our feedbacks, not YouTuber's videos because obviously they have been playing so long and they are playing a lot daily but players like me which has to work 5-6 days in work and still want to enjoy their free-time with drakensang are going to be complete with r249.

    So thank you again DSO, and please don't make any big changes before r249 comes live xD.
  2. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Forum Master

    Thank you for the information.
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  3. DamarèRo

    DamarèRo Active Author

    Don't be to hype, I saw those price for frags of inf and are not low, if I remember corectly 10x cost about 15-17k gold, this is not cheap, materi no one farm this those days because the drop are low and we have another things to do.. and for ander no way to spend for inf passage. So the only good way is to buy with gold, if you want for example to go q2 on foot cost you 30 inf passage till boss that mean 3(30)x 15-17k gold = around 45-50k gold for one turn and I am sure you will not make that gold back in that run. I know player with 20b gold + even 50b+ but those are hardcore player, maniacs with a lot of times.. now I speak in posture of a normal player with a limited time.

    Let's hope for this.


    Same here.

    Don't thanks yet, they have a very sharps skills to ruin everything in last moment or all the time.
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  4. HuluHulu

    HuluHulu Forum Apprentice

    Well actually it was both feedback and suggestion for devs to listen us more, and also i think they deserved a thank afterall.

    And about the part you said fragments won't pay itself, in PW i agree but if you want to do 4 chests bloodshed , you are most likely to get %80 of the gold you spent on. It is awesome imo.
  5. HuluHulu

    HuluHulu Forum Apprentice

    You are welcome, you should watch youtube videos for all news, if you can't, game itself shares the news before they come to live servers in their discord server.
  6. DamarèRo

    DamarèRo Active Author

    I know what you say, let's hope the don't ruin and those chest to...
  7. danielcarol3

    danielcarol3 Forum Apprentice

    Note pack R249
    it's more of the same nothing new and innovative
    first the fourth slot only explains the benefits of the memberships that were already shown just by clicking on the circles of the same
    the fifth more of the same as **** 4 to 7 years for this better the game returns before the ce and so most of the people would return
    buy fragments for gold thing we know that DSO is not going to be stupid and is going to put a limit and second is for the membership, it could be good for them but for those who do not, what is there?
    outside of the fact that they put reused things and a clear example is the fact of putting the circle that comes out under the feet of the mini-bosses and some bosses as costumes
    Another that a lot fix bugs and all those things but the skills that they promised us that they would modify them so that there is more balance and stability to date have added something useful for all classes not for a specific class that helps me to help one If the others you let them die and even more so that he starts to touch the skills to make them inferior to what they were, eg: the magicians and the dwarves who luckily returned them as they were before.
    there are no notes of improvements in the events no significant change the gorga dungeon more of the same no attractive item or something like that, the runes that are going to be released are going to be good, however they are more than the new runes that have appeared in the R248 hardly even come out and you need to farm like crazy to get them out of the fact that you need to upgrade them with powder that doesn't come out much now, the cost of adermant that no one asked for in the daily rewards as well as the daily missions just to make us spend more than by the way there is not much quality of these but from there there is nothing more new or interesting more of the same content so that we do not perceive the main problems the rebalancing of skills for both pve and pvp, a more efficient form of farm being less cancina, new events or reforms of these in the maps and rewards, this being another one that really add rewards that are worth it, the readjustment of the appearance of monsters on the map that are totally unnecessary and annoying a lot in addition to solving the fact that they still appear in the exit and entrance areas in some dungeons (which they had supposedly already solved), improvements in the drops of the items, cost readjustments consumption in the game, etc.
    But hey, what else do people care about all these things and only with little things they applaud like in a circus and then comes the typical man who says that at least they fix something and do some but it doesn't really solve the problems they have. The game that serves me to give a code for the years that I have been in the game if the farming is totally unbearable and if someone will say that if you do not like the game, look for another one and I have done it and I have much more fun with These but it is the nostalgia I have with this game that keeps me aware of this, they are more than 9 years playing it and it is very sad to see the game in this situation with an inefficient farming consuming many hours and a very rotten pvp, it was better to wait and do something polished being well done without so many bugs, bugs errors, disconnection, broken promises (something usual for DSO) and more problems that have been solved to date.
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  8. rpfo

    rpfo Padavan

    Waiting to see the 'adjustment' on prices anytime soon, they will need to balance prices x access to make the game fair!

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