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  1. Sandman2022

    Sandman2022 Forum Greenhorn

    I wanted to thank the programmers and the entire drakensang staff, for this beautiful event, because apart from putting it late and with a series of bugs (which you have fixed, perhaps, in the running) as usual you have found a way to upset SOME USERS (me and another from an ITALIAN guild who is doing this event for the second time, ( second year) ) due to the absence of the weapon drop of the event after more than 100 rounds (bought with everything that was available: crystals of truth, golds, and of course AG, giving up the reserves of a year) ...... this in the face of people who, playing the same number of laps together with us, have dropped the weapon, some on the first and I mean first lap, and others even who have dropped two weapons in the same event, in the same guild, in the same group, in the same evening. Keep it up, (you will only answer that the drop is not guaranteed) ....... only that if the current client users at most come to complain here on the forum, while those you would like to go to "Find" on Steam are all (or almost) players from live videos (like twich) that will put your shortcomings and your unclear drop rules into the WORLD VISION making everyone SEE how you are ..... we will see how long you will last !!!!!! ! KISS and HUGS
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    FAALHAAS Forum Great Master

    100% agree. Ive been complaining about this for awhile now and its time they do something about the crappy RNG in this game.

    They can focus on new CE and releasing DSO on steam, but even if 10.000 players will start, maybe 10 will stay.....this game aint new player friendly.
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  3. FONZI1994

    FONZI1994 Forum Greenhorn

    Fully agree. One of the main problems with this game is the lack of clarity about the drop rate. They give us the usual answers "the drop is random" but this is not the case at all. And even if this were the case, they would have to insert a meritocratic system and not based on luck. Where those who engage in the game and, why not, spend it also must be adequately rewarded after a number of X spins. This certainly is not the way to please your players, those who support you and keep you going.
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  4. Phelios

    Phelios Forum Apprentice

    Even the difficulty seems random to me, I arrive in a map whatever its difficulty, I am directly attacked by monsters, whereas it seems to me it had been said that this problem would be solved, i.e. mini bosses more difficult than my previous times as if my character would be diminished, in short ..... EVERYTHING is done to make the game unpleasant for the player, as difficult as possible seems to be the reason for the programmers to piss us off.

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