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  1. hempthegreen

    hempthegreen Advanced

    Hello Im Hempthegreen leader of the Ops family here on Agathon. we are a proud member of the DuriaHolics english speaking alliance here on this server!
    We are an all english speaking family and yes when I say family I mean guilds.Our guilds have very nice english speaking players and all respectful. We are a pve/pvp family.

    Our family has 5 guilds i will give a brief intro on each of our guilds:

    CovertOps - this chapter holds players levels 35-45. Has a mix of pve and hardcore pvp players. Normally always filled and very active at all times.

    SpecialOps - This Chapter holds low lv pure pvpers along with some pve players . a mix of levels here.

    TecOps - This is our dwarf chapter, holds all levels but only dwarfs. both pve and pvp or players choice if they want there pure pvp dwarf in this chapter or SpecialOps.

    MiniOps - This chapter is for players new to the game , learning the game getting the help and learning the road and ropes of things. levels normally will move to CovertOps when they reach level 35. But again players choice if they would like to stay there

    MiniOpsII - this chapter is just an overflow guild.

    My rules apply to all chapters as we are just a giant family here .. and they are easy to follow and here they are :
    Respect Others , Help Others if you can, Save drama for your mama, Have fun!.

    Help others rule do not cover pvp or farming for others or event help. thats players choice. Quest help is a must

    another thing that i have is an Active rule, and its strict to keep us active. If you do not play your character for more then 2 weeks it will be removed. that is fair.

    Interested in joining us? GREAT! please reply here or for a faster way please contact in game :
    Hempthegreen -Main leader

    Sophiarose - Co-leader / Officer

    Ossy - 1st officer

    Attidon - officer in specialOps

    Lladnar -Officer in SpecialOps

    If you would like to check out a bit about our english speaking alliance and see what other guilds are apart of it on this server please head to

    Happy Slayings :) This is our site :)
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  2. freewayfrank

    freewayfrank Someday Author

    even though not in alliance still friends (officer DOC)
  3. hempthegreen

    hempthegreen Advanced

    yes TY frank. friends always :)
  4. scallywaghand

    scallywaghand Forum Greenhorn

    I'd like in. currently a lvl 12 ranger in agathon. name is scallywaghand in game as well!
  5. donkey23

    donkey23 Forum Greenhorn

    send me an invite thanks lvl 28 dragonknight
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