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    Official Walkthrough:
    The Return of Dragan (Halloween 2014)


    Dragan revives the undead and tries to destroy Dracania with the help of Sargon’s dead body. Ghosts are seen in Kingshill. Jon Sunlair suspects Dragan behind all this - though the revival of the dead is, technically, a "Sargon matter".

    A hero is needed! You’re sent to Toniosha Starkhammer because she is forming a group of heroes committed to fighting Dragan. At the moment, Jon Sunlair, Toniosha and Janus Fox are part of the group - and she wants you to join!

    In Castle Ravencaw, Tonioscha and Janus Fox gained some ground and are holding the first entrance hall. While Janus Fox has the player sabotage Dragans Army systematically and kill his Seargents, Tonioscha wants two things: Sargon and Dragan dead, yet again.

    Janus tries to foil Dragan's plans to bring back Sargon's army of dead. Dragan has a way to revive the dead, but not to control them. To do that, he needs to have Sargons dead body as well. Thus, Sargons body is controlled by Dragan and will challenge the heroes in the new dungeon, together with Heredur (Ghastly Grave).

    In the end, you – the hero - can defeat the master behind it all, Dragan!

    Quick Overview
    Required levels: 1-45
    Duration:3 weeks
    Number of Quests: 16
    Please notice: The event is playable from level 1 on but of course you need to go through the tutorial in order to play it. You can play the event on your own (single), but it might be easier to play in a group.
    Non-Player Character (NPC)
    Next to Jon Sunlair, who is the initiator in Kingshill (he is well known), we will have a comeback from Toniosha (with a small quest row regarding to her storyline and her connection to Dragan) and, as newcomer, Janus Fox, who was already hinted at in the first Rise of Dragan.

    He will guide you through the main plot and will open up the reward chests each time the player helps him fulfill his plans to stop Dragan.
    [​IMG]Jon SunlairKingshillWill redirect to Toniosha
    [​IMG]Toniosha StarkhammerDragan's FortressThe quest giver for a non-repeatable quest line
    [​IMG]Janus FoxDragan's FortressThe quest giver, who will guide you through the main quest
    [​IMG]Shady JohnDragan's FortressAn event merchant

    Items / Monster

    [​IMG]Headless KnightA costume that transforms the player into a headless knight (main colour is black)
    [​IMG]Demon CostumeA costume that transforms the player into a burning demon
    [​IMG]Hell MareThis horse mount will drop out of one of the reward chestss
    [​IMG]Jumping Jack-O'-LanternThis pet can be found in the regular & Burning Jack-o'-Crates (with a higher chance) in the dojo
    [​IMG]Eerie Jack-O'LanternThis is a costume the pumpkin head Squires (Castle Ravencaw & Hard Castle Ravencaw) can drop.

    Here’s an overview of all the important event items:

    [​IMG]Cursed Pearl to Dragan's Refuge (Difficult)is needed to access the hard mode bossfightCan drop from 1 of 4 champions in the hard version of Castle Ravencaw
    [​IMG]Pulsating Cursed PearlIs needed to access the hard mode of Castle the reward for the 7th of the 8 chestquests
    [​IMG]Batty GremlinOffers a + 5% chance for critical damageWorkbench
    [​IMG]Gremlin EarsIngredientsCan be found in the regular & Burning Jack-o'-Crate in the Dungeon in the Ghastly Grave
    [​IMG]Gremlin WingsIngredientsCan be found in the regular & Burning Jack-o'-Crate in the Sulfur Desert
    [​IMG]Gremlin TeethIngredientsCan be found in the regular & Burning Jack-o'-Crate in the Black Knights’ Battleground
    [​IMG]GremlinIngredientsKill Dragan Junior (Castle Ravencaw hard) to get him with a chance
    [​IMG]Rusty HorseshoeDragan hard
    [​IMG]Brittle ReinsIngredientsDragan hard
    [​IMG]Rotten SeedsIngredientsDragan hard
    [​IMG]Fester-mare (Epic mount)Mount & ingredientsWorkbench (combine the three ingredients above with the normal mount to get it)
    [​IMG]Jullov's Jack-o'-Crate KeyOpens up one Burning Jack-o'-CrateThe golden Jullov (Key champion) will drop this key (he is in the location if the Burning Jack-o'-Crate is there, too)
    [​IMG]Excavation Site BombsAttackMakes big damage
    [​IMG]Magical Desert SandIs needed for the ChestQuest-05Collect it from all monsters in the Excavation Site
    [​IMG]Magical Golden Chalks needed for the quest Sabotage! (5/8)Collect it from all monsters in the Dungeon in the Sulfur desert
    [​IMG]Cursed PearlNeeded for the entries of all maps inside Dragans Fortress (different amount for each maps)Can drop from all champions inside Castle Ravencaw
    [​IMG]Cursed Pearl to Dragan's RefugeNeeded to access Dragan’s RefugeThe player receives this item after exchanging enough victory tokens (50)
    [​IMG]Victory TokenNeeded for the fight against Dragan of the DamnedA certain amount of this item is needed to solve the main quest in Castle Ravencaw, so the player can go on and fight against Dragan
    [​IMG]Ghastly KeyIs needed twice to open up the Sargon & Heredur chest in the graveBoth Sargon and Heredur will drop one key in the Ghastly Grave
    [​IMG]Sharp-eyed RavenIncreases an ability of the player (+ 3% All resistance values)Can be found in the regular & Burning Jack-o'-Crate in the Excavation Site
    [​IMG]Professor Jullov's MonsterFunny Frankenstein EmoteCan be found in the regular & Burning Jack-o'-Crate in the grave
    [​IMG]Dungeon CostumeThe player will wear a prisoner costumeCan be found in the regular & Burning Jack-o'-Crate in Dungeon in the Sulfur desert
    [​IMG]"Miss-tronsity" CostumePlayer will wear a witch costumeIn of the rewardchests (near Janus Fox)
    [​IMG]Jullov's Jack-O-Crate KeyPlayer can open a burning pumpkinchest with itPlayer must kill Jullov near the burning pumpkin chest to get the key


    This is how you start the event:
    Now it’s your turn! You will receive a notification about the event in the game, including information about how to participate. This will lead you to Jon Sunlair in Kingshill. He will offer a quest which will redirect you to the Black Knight Portal (located in the Kingshill Fairground) to enter Castle Ravencaw. You will have the possibility to accept two different quests from Janus Fox in the main hall (see "NPCs" for more details). Start to solve the quests to earn the great event rewards. Notice: There is a separated, repeatable quest which will offer victory tokens as a reward, so you will be able to earn access to Dragan’s refuge from the very first minute.

    Chest mechanic
    The chest mechanic replaces the progress bar for the event again. You will be able to see a direct information about the own event progress in the game world.

    Burning Jack-o'-Crate mechanic
    Because this is a Halloween Event, there will be a new kind of chest inside the rooms: the Jack-o'-Crates. The Burning Jack-o'-Crate is locked, so you will need to find the key that has the chance to be dropped out of the champions located in the map.

    Hard mode
    You are able to choose between the normal version, where all quest related content will happen and a hard mode, which is mostly for the lvl 45 players, to give them the challenge they want.

    We have 4 different statues in the hard mode fortress where players can summon special champions by using cursed pearls. Every champion has a chance to drop the key to Dragans Refuge in the hard Castle Ravencaw.

    The hard mode will be available after the Sabotage! quest row is finished. The player will get a key as reward to unlock the hard mode barrier.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    After I have defeated Dragan, I didn't receive the items I wanted. What can I do?
    As soon as Dragan has been defeated, he will not die. Instead he will briefly disappear from the boss room Dragan’s Refuge. Leave the room too and as soon as you have the “Cursed Pearl to Dragan’s Refuge”, you can re-enter the boss room and recommence your fight with Dragan. You can keep repeating this as often as you like. But of course, only as long as the event lasts.

    What happens with the Cursed Pearls (weak, strong, etc.) after the event?
    Should you have some left over after the event, they will remain in your inventory. We recommend keeping the Cursed Pearls. They will most likely be needed again in future events.

    Why do I need Draken?
    This is our event currency. You can only win Draken during the event. They are useful in the game, since the event handler named Gnob sometime drops by Kingshill and sells special items which can only be bought with Draken.

    I can't defeat Dragan. It is way too difficult. Are there any tips?
    We recommend playing the event in a group. But should you play alone, just remember – always keep moving. Try to deactivate the Dragon Breath’s source of power as it can drain lots of life from you. And at the same time also make sure to defend yourself against Dragan... equip yourself well for the battle by putting on strong pieces of armor or by fetching reinforcements, for example, in the city, to briefly increase your life force. That way you will be able to stand up longer against him. Make sure to stay calm and with the will to carry on, you will most certainly banish the event boss Dragan and be able to score yourself valuable items.

    Sargon’s dead body is in this event. Can I continue with the “Kill Sargon 999 times” Quest?
    Yes, you can do the 999 Quest by killing Sargon’s dead body.

    Can I assume that Sargon will rise again?
    If we tell you now, we will spoil all the fun. ;) No, joking aside, whether and how Sargon will find his way back in the game, we do not know yet. We know however that Sargon is a very popular character in the game. We won’t let him get away that easily … there are however no specific plans just yet. So keep posted!
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