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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Gordyne, May 10, 2020.

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  1. Gordyne

    Gordyne Forum Greenhorn

    - While the classes and the skill system is interesting... there too few of them, unfortunately.

    There needs to be more classes(at least 2) or way more skills(10+) to choose for each class so that more builds are possible.

    - Group play seems so much easier compared to solo play.

    - Game is mind numbingly easy up until the lvl 25+ areas(longer if you're in group)... You basically can't die unless you stand still for a long time in the middle of the mobs. It needs to be way harder than that.

    That's it... just some feedback.

  2. sargon234

    sargon234 Forum Demigod

    It appears you are a noob who hasn't reached level 55.

    There are 4 classes currently, if you haven't realized.
    Yes group play is easier, so what? If it was as difficult as single player nobody would form groups.

    Except clueless players have asked for more difficulty back in the past and guess what we got, we got more boredom, because they simply increased life and defences on mobs and bosses, slowing farming.
    And with an ingame economy based upon fast farming, this is a bad idea.
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  3. Gordyne

    Gordyne Forum Greenhorn

    Yes, I didn't reach level 55(lvl 33 as of now).

    Yes I can be considered a noob in this game, but I've been playing nonstop for 25 years, Vanilla D2 was my frst ARPG and I finished Hell difficulty solo without any trading.

    And you seem to lack reading comprehension...

    Read again. I said there could be at least 2 **more** classes. Ofc I know there are 4 classes, but they seem to be pretty limited in skill variety... even so, the skill system itself is nice.

    Idk how the endgame is, thats why I criticized the complete lack of any difficulty at the early levels only.

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