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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Conjuring, May 17, 2022.

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  1. Conjuring

    Conjuring Forum Greenhorn

    The game is completely stagnant, I as an endgame player, payer and clan leader, I see how discouraged players are with the game, but it's not because the game is bad, it's because it's being poorly managed. What happens to us is that the developers don't play the game, and what's worse, they don't listen to the community, which are the people who spend hours and hours there playing.
    There are many things in the game that are much more outdated than PvP, but before I talk about them, I will talk about why this update is not needed for pvp right now.
    At the moment PvP is something extremely endgame, as it requires an exclusive set for that and needs very well updated stones, because the PvP meta is not the same as in 2012, where the set you used to battle was the same as farm, the pvp meta it is currently a tank set, that is, it requires life stones, armor, block and resistance very well leveled, and they are stones that we have not leveled for PvE, so we can only build a set like this, then we maximize all our PvE stones, and it takes a long, long time to do this. Even with this update, PvP will still be empty, due to this factor as people don't have access to a PvP set so early in the game.
    Now I will talk about some content that is outdated and should be seen first:
    Urgently: Between-Worlds and Guild
    In-between: there is no longer a farm in the in-between world, especially for those who are in midgame/endgame, because the time spent there for what you will earn as a reward is very low, an example I always talk to my guildmates are: If I stay Saturday and Sunday, all day doing inter-world, I don't farm, what I would farm in an afternoon doing speed farm in the mud chest.
    The only purpose it "has" in the in-between today would be to take the material fragments and buy a hellish ticket, but even that is outdated and people don't do it, because it takes too long, an example: the wolf event, in which you delay 30 minutes to do and you get 5,000 draken, in which you can buy 500 hell tickets.
    It should at least go back with the in-between-worlds rank, as it would give a motivation to play, but this with updated rewards for the current moment of the game, they should also change the drop of items and stones between-worlds, and put things exclusive to the store , such as mount, costume, pets, skins... etc.
    Guild system: it's practically the same thing since when I started playing there in 2011, you add your gamemates there and that's it, the only difference from there to here is that now you have some bonuses: experience when killing enemies, fame in duels and gold drop bonuses. And let's be realistic all the useless bonuses, first of all, guild is something for people who have already reached level 100, so what xp bonus for? Bonus of Fame, PvP is endgame content, so who will? and gold bonus, let's not even mention, that the gold that falls to the ground is so insignificant that it's not even worth picking up.
    What could be done is a clan level up system, in which you would receive clan xp and coins when playing with your guild members, put a clan skill tree, with passive and active skills (both permanent and temporary, so you can upgrade those skills), also add a guild shop where you can buy mount, costume, pet, skins... etc, you can also add events that guilds are involved in.
    Note: The effects would only be active when playing in a group and exclusively with your clan members.
    Other Outdated Stuff: Lock Pick Chest, Cursed Amphora, Depths of Death (in Qaizah), Daily Challenges, Progression Points, Prowess Key farm, Clover Shop, Premium Shop, farm on common maps (which is where to farm the key of prowess, but the only map people go to is in the Great Desert), Gold (the only thing that really consumes gold, is upgrading gems, runes, and stones, but there comes a point in the game where you've already upgraded them and has nothing more to spend on gold), shop of fame, bone coin shop.
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