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Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by gearis, Apr 9, 2020.

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  1. gearis

    gearis Advanced

    First of all I' m sorry about the poor English.
    I have been playing this game for more than 6 years and I have never complained about a change which is extending the available things that a player can do in it. The new difficulties that keep being added, though, don't offer something new to do, because old players have to repeat the same procedure to rebuild a good char, and new players have the opportunity to surpass them with incomparably less effort. To me, it sounds really unfair, so I suggest something that will enable old players to take advantage of the items they have crafted so far:
    1. making enchantment transferring from one unique item to another possible. e.g. from bearachs's staff to herald's. I think this is essential because new items keep appearing that belittle the value of the existing ones.
    2. reducing drastically the core cost for soul core crafting with the same type of elemental cores in the same equipment position after completing crafts. e.g. If you complete soul core crafting for the herald's staff, the cost of both soul cores and materi cores for parallel world weapons crafting will be reduced by 10%. Of course, it won't be possible to reduce the costs to zero, although I believe they should reach incredibly low prices
    3. also it would be a good idea to reduce the costs for augment core crafting.
    some may think that the reductions of the prices may be too high, but the purpose is to create more flexible conditions, allowing the players to be able to adapt to changes and to preserve what they have managed so far.

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