Ultimate DPS Calculator for Figuring Out Ideal Stats on a Weapon

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by _Baragain_, Apr 24, 2016.

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  1. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend


    Good evening my fellow forum goers and math nuts. A while back I promised a DPS oriented calculator that would help take a look at a bunch of possible weapon enchantment configurations in preparation of Crafting 2.0's semi influenceable nature. The wait is over. Here is the download link (Updated 6:00 Central Time, 24APR16). I'll start giving a bunch of examples below to start demonstrating how it works and to give you an idea of some of the trends you can see in terms of the sort of stats you should be looking for in a weapon. I designed this with 2H DKs in mind, but I've included Attack Speed weapon enchantments, a place for offhand items, and even the ability to indicate a Longbow if using the Warlord set with a RA. Same as how I set up my shield thread, I'll be using multiple "Spoiler" tags to act as chapters/sections to make this thread more manageable.

    First, I'd like to take a look at the interface, the inputs, and the outputs.
    The interface is broken into several modules. In the upper left corner is a module that deals with the weapon and it's gems.

    To its right is a module that deals with the weapon decoration and its gems.

    Below the weapon section is an area for Sets. I've covered most of the "endgame" sets. There are some sets that have some offensive capabilities, such as the Deep Sea Set, or the Lor'Tac merchant set that are not common choices and are not really worth considering anyway... for that matter, I debated even adding the two essence sets or the Steam set or the Lost Legacy set, but I figured "Why not?" given that they are not as bad as the ones that I skipped.

    Below the section for sets is a module for special gems with offensive capabilities, and below that is a module for the offensive elements of the Knowledge skills. To the right of the Sets module is the Gear module. This is where all the other offensive stats are accounted for from the gear itself (not the set bonuses).
    At the time of writing, I realized that I didn't include a place for the "max damage" found on the Witch Chaser set, and I neglected to include the 22.2% Max damage in the calculation table on the right. I'll correct this oversight tomorrow and update the download link.
    Edited and fixed. Link updated.

    Below the Gear module is a calculation module that just sums various stats to be used in the DPS matrix on the right.

    On the right half of the sheet is the real purpose of the calculator. Based on your targeted minimum stats for %Damage, +Damage, %Crit Damage, +Crit, and % Attack Speed in crafting 2.0, it calculates a theoretical DPS for every possible combination. For example, when I begin crafting after R164, I'll be looking to pass on stats of 70% or higher for %Damage/%Crit Damage, +110 or more damage, or +1650 or more crit. Aditionally, if you know that you will have enough glyphs to upgrade your final legendary, you can estimate the stats higher. For example, a 110 damage line at LVL 50 becomes 125 at LVL 53. As long as you also adjust the base stats in the Weapon module in the upper left, you can get an even more accurate approximation of what you can achieve with Crafting 2.0. Because of how I represented the enchantment types, the matrix is symmetrical across the forward/downward diagonal line. For that reason, I've lined out the right half to make it a little easier to read. There are also some duplicates on the left side of that line, and I've crossed them out too.
    At the time of writing, I just realized that I also forgot a couple of limits in the DPS matrix: limit the crit to 80%, limit the crit damage to +400%, and the attack speed to 4.00. I'll fix that tomorrow too... Looks like tomorrow will be busy for me and that massive equation in the DPS Equation is going to get even more insane. It's already 212 characters long and looks like by the time I'm done fixing it, it will top out at over 300. :confused:
    Edited and fixed. Link updated... and the main formula is huge: 368 as opposed to 212. But at least it works now.

    Finally, below the DPS Matrix is a mini calculator that allows you to input specific stats for a weapon... say the one that you are using right now, to be used for comparison. It pulls the rest of the data from the left half of the spreadsheet, so it doesn't allow an axe to be compared to a hammer or what would happen with different gear choices, but it is still a useful frame of reference. I may also update this module to give you more control over these sort of aspects.
    To start with, I want to look at what the "DPS" of just a 2H weapon is on it's own. To do so, I've set all sets to 0/No and removed all gems/gear, leaving just the weapon. This is still a little different than the DPS that is shown in the item window. That window doesn't take into account crit or crit damage, just damage, % weapon damage, and speed (if applicable). This does a discredit to axes who are highly dependent on their crit. This is totally academic because later, you will see that any weapon can be nice if you have the gear to support it, but it will let you see how "well balanced" these items are at their core. In the first example, you will see this sword represented in the Single Weapon Calculator.
    This is just to demonstrate that the equations are functioning as expected. Because there is no crit, the crit damage doesn't factor in anywhere, meaning that the two values should match.
    Lets start with a sword...
    This shows that the "best" DPS you could get with just a sword is a 2x %Weapon Damage, 2x +Damage with approximately 1003 damage per second, which is no shock to anyone... With no crit, or no significant crit, crit damage would be unimportant, and while the crit on 2h weapons is impressive, without any % bonuses from items or gems, it isn't enough to make a significant impact on DPS.
    Now for the axe...
    What it loses in speed, it makes up in crit... well, almost. The "best" is still a 2/2, but the DPS is 986... 1.7% less than the sword. On the other hand, because of the crit, something interesting happens on the low end. The lowest DPS on the table still occurs at 4x %Crit Damage, but the axe is much higer at 269 vs 209 due to the base crit. It just goes to show that you can never ignore an entire stat (unless you are a 2H SM) without sacrifice.
    Finally, the hammer...
    Well, there you go. At 3/1, a hammer has 1063 DPS, 6.0% more DPS than the sword and 7.8% more DPS than an axe, but it's lack of crit means that it comes in second place for the "loser's category" of a 4x %Crit Damage.

    So, and I mean this with humor, if you are looking for the best weapon to use while naked and no gems, go for a hammer. If you are interested in real situations with real gear and hypothetical weapons, then read the next several chapters... coming soon.

    OK, here goes my first deep dive into a real situation. To do so, I'll take one of the most popular setups for a 2H DK. Warlord/Dragonsilver. For other items, I'm going with a conservative 800 crit decoration and a 30% Crit damage belt. While good, they are not crazy good. I'm also going to use flawless offence gems. First will be 5x Rubies and 5x Sapphires. Then, I'll look at 5x Onyx, followed by a 2/3 mix of Onyx and Sapphires. I'll also demonstrate it for Swords, Axes, and Hammers. If you are a SM or SW, look at the numbers for Hammers since the damage/speed is the same. That being said, SMs should probably ignore everything until I look at one that is pure damage later. RAs, I'm sorry, but you'll need to do your own math. Or I may do it for you in a later chapter. We shall see.

    The best in this case is a 3x%WD/1x+D for 6846 DPS. In close second is 2x%WD/1x+D/1xCHV with 6771 DPS.


    The only conclusion I'll leave you with before I begin my actual analysis tomorrow is that the almost universally worst weapon is a 4x%Crit damage line. Almost everything else is interesting and highly depends on your other gear choices. For example, if you have a lot of crit damage on rings or amulets, the importance of Crit on the weapon goes up. If you have high crit from an offhand item, the importance of Crit Damage goes up. I think the next couple of chapters in this thread will be rather interesting. Or at least interesting to a nerd like me. :rolleyes:
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  2. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I am getting a weird number.
    I will test it again once you update the link.
  3. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    "Weird number"?
    Can you post a SS of the sheet with the numbers in question?
  4. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    SS divisions or ScreenShot?
  5. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    ScreenShot of the SpreadSheet.
  6. Testador

    Testador Junior Expert

  7. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I will make another one.
  8. gun

    gun Forum Great Master

    Is it relevan to add Kaylin's Cloak which have % critical damage & critical hit rate to Special Bonuses..
  9. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    No. There is already a spot for cloaks in the item module. You would just input the stats of the cloak you found.
  10. Armando

    Armando Forum Connoisseur

    Haven't used (or verified :p) the spreadsheet yet, but it looks amazing, @_Baragain_, as always :).
    Thanks a bunch! :)
  11. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    LOL, thanks. This one will take a bit more work than the last one given the size and complexity of the final equation, but I did a couple tests with the DPS calculator at http://dsopage.bplaced.net/ and the values were all within <1%. This comes from rounding errors associated with stats that I can't see. For example, if the damage on a ring is 42.4 and another one is 62.4, you'd only see +42 and +62 and enter those numbers on my sheet for a total of 104. In reality, the damage would be 104.8. While 0.8 damage might not seem like much, by the time you run it through the multipliers of % damage, attack speed, crit, and crit damage, that 0.8 damage could easily account for 5-10 DPS. Likewise, the reverse can happen; 41.5 and 61.5 would both round to 42 an 62, giving you the 104 again, when the value is actually closer to 103. Compound these errors across the sheet, and depending on chance, the DPS from my sheet may be 20-30 off in either direction, but that still does not invalidate the calculation of what makes a good weapon for a general set up.


    OK, I'm back to this thread. Everyone already knows I have a really nice axe, but now it is time for me to figure out an even more DPS tuned build for me to work towards over time. At this time, my normal running build in painful and excruciating PWs has 15960 DPS (or DPI if you prefer). This comes from the following stats:

    So, I put this number as a target on the wall as the number to beat and then went to work on my spreadsheet to find what I could do next.

    I figure that examining a bunch of gear set ups for a bunch of different weapons was time consuming to the point where it became irrelevant, so now I'll simply walk you through my thought process so that you can do it for yourself.
    PLEASE NOTE: The spreadsheet has still not been updated to reflect the new Dragan set and I'll rework it accordingly sometime in the future. As it stands, I don't plan on using it since it kills your ability to use speed gloves (which have significantly more impact on DPS that the 9% 2H damage that the new Dragan gloves offer), and has unimpressive defensive stats overall.

    So, I start by setting my assumptions that I'll use for stats. First off, I'm assuming that all offensive items have been improved to LVL 55. This allows me to build a set of stats I'll used based on the items that I save. For example, all the crit damage items I save have at least 15.5% crit damage or more. Between that being my minimum and the random ones that I find that are better, I'd say a fair average per line is 16.0%. Or with crit, the minimum I save is 230 crit which gives 286 crit at LVL 55. The max is 246 which upgrades to 305. So I'd say a fair average is 295 per crit line. Below is a list I'm using based on these assumptions:

    % damage on a weapon= 78% (77%-80%)
    + damage on a weapon= 136 (134-139 for 108-112 at LVL 55)
    + Crit on a weapon= 2140 (for 2100-2200 at 55 and based on a green axe I actually have with 1726)
    % Crit damage/% Attack speed are both irrelevant.

    + Crit on items= 295
    + Crit damage on items= 16.0%

    % damage on torsos= 9.50%

    % attack speed on gloves= 9.50%

    My second assumption is that all gems are Royal since that is my end goal (and I have 2/5 rubies up to royal, 1/4 sapphires up to royal, and 0/1 onyxes up to royal). This means +38 damage for Rubies, +14% for Sapphires, and +440 for Onyxes.

    So... here we go:
    First, I've set my actual items into the spreadsheet. This includes 2 Bloodtooths, a belt with 1037 crit, a decoration with 1080 crit, my weapon (in the lower right hand side), my green essence, my pet, and my gems. It gives a DPS of 15884. While some people will point out that this is not the same as 15960, it is close enough (less than half a % difference). This is because when you are dealing with damages this high, the calculations become very sensitive. For example, if I change the attack speed on the DPS site by as much as 0.001 (which you couldn't see from the stats page), it can change the DPS by more than 10 DPS. Mostly, I'm including this stat as a reference for comparison in the spreadsheet.


    Now, I'll raise everything to 55 with my ideal speed gloves and torso, account for all royal gems, and use items based on what my plan had originally been. You can note that I'm leaving my axe in the single weapon slot so that I can always compare my existing weapon to my new goal. My original plan called for a full crit belt, a full crit decoration, and a full crit damage amulet.

    That is significant. Looking at my existing weapon, just changing the amulet and improving the secondary items to near max legendaries improves the DPS by about 60%... and a "Perfect" 2H axe with 234% damage and 136 damage is only a marginal improvement to my DPS (about 600 DPS or about 2%) over my existing axe which would tell me that it would not be worth the gold to mess with it to try and get the stats to change... but what happens if I start messing with my idea of a "perfect" belt?

    Well, well, well... All of a sudden, a 3x% damage and 1x +crit weapon is significantly stronger than the 3/1 I already have or what would have been "perfect" in the previous stage. Base damage drops about 1545 (136x3.34x1.8x1.89) and crit even goes down a little (-3.05%), but the 64% crit damage overcomes all of that and ends up raising the DPS by 1405 with no loss to defensive capabilities... the hard part for me would be moving the crit line I have on the green axe up to a legendary and getting it onto the same legendary with +234% worth of weapon damage. It turns out that you can increase the DPS a little if you change the decoration to a 2xcrit/2xcrit damage decoration, but it is only an improvement of 50... not exactly significant... but what if we started messing with gems instead?

    If we go to 5x speed gems, then the build gains DPS, but at the expense of 6.1% Crit rate. Speed breakpoints factor in some, but to trade one Sapphire for an Onyx would drop you one or more speed break points in every important skill.

    So I'm all sure that you are curious what stats these come out to in the actual build (it is a limitation of the existing spreadsheet that I'll eventually correct)... here it is.

    4860-6712 Damage
    1.70 Speed
    7762 crit (69.95%)
    x3.58 (+258%) crit damage

    With such a build, a max crit for smash would be 57,670 damage before armor got applied. Reds multiple this by about aproximatly (1.89+3.00)/1.89=2.59 times (not 3 or 4 like some assume due to % damage from knowledge and the torso) to give a max crit of about 149.3k. Pull that off against a double armor broken enemy and you'd be looking at a 298.7k crit. A max MWS crit against a boss (no armor breaks) with just green ess would be 24,030 which would heal you by 4805. Even assuming the crit was lower at 20k, this would heal for 4k. Factoring in blues would give about 6k HP back on a crit spin. As long as armor, resist and HP are OK (say 65%/50%/14k), then a DK could regen nearly half their health off of a single spin against a single boss rather easily without the HP ever getting much below 30%-40%, even with blues and reds would make most Fatal bosses child's play.

    One parting note on this build before continuing, you could further boost DPS by another 600 by converting one of the Bloodtooths to a crit damage ring, but at the expense of 990 (1525 HP after bonuses) and the resources needed to craft the 64% crit damage ring, which makes it not worth it in my opinion.

    The next question is "What about a hammer with it's higher base damage?"
    I'll save you the pictures that I used to check this through tweaking the other items, but if all the other stats are the same, you can get about the same DPS (180 less), but interestingly, it comes from a 2% damage/2 + crit hammer which is something that I would have never thought to build without this math to back it up. I also tried pure damage hammer builds, but none of them came close to 27k DPS. The same thing with changing out one Bloodtooth for a crit damage ring works here, but again, the effort to craft and the defensive loss makes it not worth it.

    Here is the pic of the final build...

    One final note: I say say "Crit damage amulet" or "Full crit decoration," but these are all interchangeable. If I build a pure crit amulet, and a crit damage decoration, the result would be the same. That is why I'm working on both for each at the same time as a back up.

    Now, a challenge to anyone interested... Can you build a DK set up with higher DPS? And I'm not talking about 200-600 more DPS at the expense of 1500 HP like the Bloodtooth exchange or pure damage boots that sacrifice 2k or more HP and a chunk of armor. I'm talking about a significantly better way to build a DPS DK. The build I'd recommend is a 2%damage/2+crit hammer or a 3%damage/1+crit axe as the weapon, 2x Bloodtooth, a combination of belt/decoration/amulet of 2x full crit damage and 1x full crit, a damage torso, speed gloves, the Warlord set, and pure defensive boots for a potential of about 27.5k DPS at the cost of 110.8 million glyphs (split between the full crit belt or amulet or decoration and the weapon). At 27.5K DPS, this is about 73% more DPS than I have right now in my farming build... That means that a PW boss that would take me 2:00 min would take 1:09 in the "ideal" build.

    I checked the Grimmag set. With the same kind of axe (3x%damage and 1x+crit), it can reach similar DPS to the above builds (27.0k) with one Royal Onyx and the other decoration gems as Royal Sapphires. This was a little bit of a surprise to me. I expected the onyxes to be a little more important, but it turns out that past one, the DPS starts to drop. The reason for this is that it puts the total crit over the magic number of 8877 crit needed for 80% and you stop seeing any benefit from more crit gems. With just one royal crit gem, the total is 8224 (74.11%), but with two, your crit would go up to 9071 (80.00%) with 194 crit being wasted. This would improve DPH (Damage Per Hit), but at the expense of speed.

    The take away from this is that if you are lucky enough to have this unique set, you still get to have the same sort of DPS, and the fire resistance and charge buff and you don't even need to look for a different weapon than what I already described in the section about the axe. The downside is that you lose significant options for HP since the boots are now a fixed item.
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  12. Mesala

    Mesala Advanced

    How far have you progressed to your ideal build?
    I have based my build on your calculations too.
  13. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    I've been rather busy with work and it has been hard to find enough time to even play. I'll have to get back on this.
  14. Evil

    Evil Forum Apprentice

    What do you believe are the best enchants now, for a 2H weapon?

    Pure dmg wise speaking.
  15. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    As I've said in a couple of other threads, I need to rebuild this spreadsheet for the new gear, new enchantments, new everything.

    Actually, could a Mod close this since it no longer applies?
  16. Erebus

    Erebus User

    Done, thanks for your constant contributions to our community, @_Baragain_ , and I bet a lot of our heroes are looking forward for your new guide, cheers. ;)
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