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  1. ToshiBoy

    ToshiBoy Someday Author

    I know, I have said I'd leave before but then something new and exciting comes into the game, and I stick around. I am probably one of the older players, have been here since before the Spellweaver class came in. Since then, I've been asking for something to be done about PvP. They have done some improvements, but I am still only just cannon fodder and as such am not getting fame points, and as such am not levelling up, and so I will forever remain cannon fodder for the buffed up essence junkies out there. Now, add to this, that there are no drops for the cloaks in HOD anymore. I've just completed my 50th run without a single drop of Dark Cloth. Mortis refuses to drop the stupid fragment for the Weapons of the End of time. And all the while I put between 100 to 150 bucks into this game every month. All for nought. All the pleading in the forums, all the emailing support, all the complaints. And nothing. Tonight, I walked into the arena with my Legionairre Dragonknight Level 40, and lasted a full three second before some ranger one shotted me. 0 points. Again. Second round I lasted maybe 5... 0 points... I left. There is no point in going on. So, unless things change drastically over the next few weeks... good bye Drakensang
  2. Zokin

    Zokin Forum Expert

    Did i understand it correcly, you are playing 3 years and still legionairre rank in pvp? Well here is some advice, try 5vs5 and hope that your team will win the fight for you, be persistant and lvl-up in that way (i to did that, sry to all players if i was a such pain in the butt xD)... I dont see anything else you could done. As for Mortis, well they promiced he will be nerfed, in next few weaks (maybe years? :().
  3. Chaas

    Chaas Forum Baron

    That long time playin and spending min. 100€ per month and still lvl 40 legionaire???
    Can't believe that!

    I'm a dk too, i play foe nearly exact 1 year now, i spend less than 100€ a month, i have a job keeping me busy, so dont have that time some students might have:)

    But im lvl45, im at the last pts of knight of order, may honor lvl is at hte last possible lvl, i'm not cannon fodder and no ranger can one shot me (maybe 3 shot:))

    So what are you doing wrong??
  4. Berotomax

    Berotomax Forum Master

    At the moment you will only find very few normal players in PvP. Only the totally bored and over-powered player are playing PvP at the moment.
    The rest is leveling a dwarf or plays PvE with her/his regular char...
  5. kaiser

    kaiser Forum Apprentice

    Until they fix Mortis, no new players are playing. So PVP is just full of hardcore level 45's with nothing to do. None of the newer players can do PW's cause they can't get past Mortis.

    I just PVE now and troll the board to Point this out to BP!!
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  6. Zokin

    Zokin Forum Expert

    Idk on what server you are, but on Grimmag there are a lot of low pvp lvl players in arena (at least in 5v5). I'm not saying that PvP sistem is ok, actualy its not, its a real hardcore mess (legionairs versus marshals, etc). Or what about that thing, when in your team you have 2 flag bearers 2 koto and 1 cent, and in oponent you have 2 flag bearers, 1 koto and 2 players are missing, then that crazy sistem shifts 2 flag bearers from my team and give that 1 koto back. I mean ***!, :mad:, then we play 3 koto, cent vs 4 fb. :( And that is hapening like one time a day at least.:confused:
  7. Chaas

    Chaas Forum Baron

    You're absolutly right,mate!
    Haven't seen it like that, but now you've told me, i can see it and totally agree with you!

    BP has to do something about that - urgent!
  8. Brian1919

    Brian1919 Junior Expert

    I have a free to play mage that I've put in pvp and I made it above your rank in a week. I don't think your problems are bp's fault. You're getting one shotted as a DK? Where is that money actually going? I remember going against DK's that my ranger couldn't even touch.
  9. Chaas

    Chaas Forum Baron

    Youre a mage, youre supported by BP that's a different thing.
  10. Brian1919

    Brian1919 Junior Expert

    I'm also very buttery and using only blue and pink gear. Don't have crap for gems either. Easily stunned and easily killed.
  11. ToshiBoy

    ToshiBoy Someday Author

    No, you don't have to believe that. I have 4 characters on each of the servers. ToshiBoy was my first character, and he is a Level 40 Legionairre. The others are at varying stages. On Tegan - Toshiboy's home - I have one of each class at level 40+.

    well... another email to Bugpoint and their response about the drop rate in HOD... it hasn't changed apparently, so I guess I must be making this up. I mean, hey, I used to get one frag every three runs on average, now nothing for 50+ runs (did some overnight), but nothing's changed on their end... I guess, that's it, then... I am hallucinating.
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  12. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    And then there is the point that this game has not been around for three years. Not even in closed beta form (which would nor matter of course since all the closed beta characters got wiped a couple times before open beta began.) Also the SW and DK were both there from the beginning. I guess credibility does not matter anymore when making an "Ultimatum." It does make one wonder what else is just pure fabrication.

    Luck be with ye,
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  13. DarthTyphoid

    DarthTyphoid Forum Apprentice

    well said Mikey!
  14. Chaas

    Chaas Forum Baron

    There we got it.
    So you don't play for 3 years this dk, but i understood your post like thtat.
    And to be honest, i believe, you wanted us to understand it like that.

    When you spread your characters all over the severs, you don't have a single benefit from the andermant each char is getting in, like you would have, if they would share the same server.

    Not beeing cannon fodder is, for the dk a quetion of focussing on him.
    I play him intensively, and i still learn something new, therefore i put every andermant i can find in this char, and every minute of playin-time.
    When i watch the other good dk's, i meet regular in the arena, they do it also like that.

    So, as a dk (and this is the only side i can tell you), there is no chance of beeing good without intensively focussing on this char (time/money).

    For me it looks like you'd better play a mage or ranger.

    Then you're the cannon :)
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  15. jthames

    jthames Advanced

    The use of essence is 'legal' so I have no problem with others that swear by it. I use green and occasionally blue when I can find or afford it. If I had the means, I'd love to indulge in the other, more exotic, essences. But the problem with PVP seems deeper than that one item. I started playing the game a little over a year ago and started PVP as soon as the game allowed me. I was, of course, the proverbial cannon fodder (despite my SW being 'supported by BP'), winning less than 25% of my matches but my spirits buoyed by the tips and notes that promised 'better days ahead' just suck it up and keep going. So, I kept going. Well over a month into level 40, which was the highest level at the time, nothing, absolutely nothing had changed, in fact, had grown steadily worse. At times it seemed to be a designers perversion of some sorts.
    So, to make a long story short, I began playing PVE exclusively and enjoy the game much more. Besides, we should fight monsters, not each other:).
    I know, nothing new or constructive here, just one of those get it off your chest kinda things.
  16. ToshiBoy

    ToshiBoy Someday Author

    Appreciate it. I enjoy PvE, too, which I guess is why I am still hanging around. But I am now running out of PvE quests. Cloak quests and POS is all I have left and PvP.
  17. joe6699

    joe6699 Junior Expert

    first of all, strong pvp players should at least let weaker players win few rounds to let them the chance to get some points. I usually let weaker pvp players win one round in duel and 2 in 3 vs 3. Also, pvp in lower level requires less investment than lvl40+. 500$ + premium membership on a new toon will give you a rank of knight of order easily(mentor bonus is really great help)
  18. spiro_spula

    spiro_spula Forum Connoisseur

    Toshi, you must take probability mechanics into account. Very low drop rates mean that you will have long streaks without drops, and very rare occurrences of double drops. It also means that distribution of drops will be more uneven compared to a relatively high drop rate (one drop in ten runs feels like a bunch of nothing and a jackpot while 50 drops in ten runs feels like a steady flow).
  19. ToshiBoy

    ToshiBoy Someday Author

    Yes, that makes sense, but... I studied probability, too... before Patch 111 or 112 I collected 14 Dark Cloths, and had one every 3-5 runs, which is a drop chance of 20-33%. I got my 15th last night on my 102nd run... that's a drop rate of less than 1%... I'm going to keep an eye on it, because I guess, if we calculate say 14*5 = 70 runs for the first 14 (to be conservative), which would give me 15 frags in 172 runs... a rate of 8.75% give or take... so, one drop every 12 runs or so... let's see what the next few nights bring.
  20. ToshiBoy

    ToshiBoy Someday Author

    hmm... I never said I've been here three years... and SW was not there when I started, Mikey... DK kinda was, since I am one...? Thanks for doubting me.

    Now R116 is here I'll get stuck with that again.
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