Unbalance of Storm the Fortress

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by NightWalker, Jun 5, 2014.

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  1. NightWalker

    NightWalker Board Analyst

    So far as I can see in storm the fortress, the red team (attacking team) always wins even if red team has weaker players. I think some things must be changed for storm the fortress to be playable on both teams. Here are just some of my ideas.

    #1 Reduce the time of storm the fortress in the beginning by 30 seconds.
    #2 Make a rule so that in order to attack the main tower, you must destroy at least 3 defensive buildings. This is to delay people from jumping in directly into the main defense tower and just obliterate it. This rule will apply to both parts of the game.
    #3 Give the defense tower a 0.2% hp healing of it's maximum hp per second. This again is to prevent people just to rush the final tower. The tower that heals the final tower is nowhere near enough. It is usually attacked along with the final tower making it quite useless. Giving an extra 0.2% healing will make the final tower last longer which will definitely make defending more possible.
    #4 Increase the hp for the healing by 20% and double the healing for players within while providing attack buff. Blue team cannot JUST guard the defensive mechanism as the red team will easily take over the whole field, but the healing and attack buff is needed to prevent people from just attacking it (especially when there is more than one DK with dragon hide immunity just destroying the towers and ending the match.)
    #5 For part one of the game, double the healing and give defensive buffs for the initial tower built for attacking side. Furthermore, increase the invincibility shield by 1 second (If player uses attack move will be still be dispelled). This is to prevent a team with weak players to be continuously killed over and over again. The red team can't win if they don't get out of the circle anyways so they can't abuse the buff. No one is going to bother returning to the circle just to heal themselves.

    Currently, storm the fortress is such a joke. Many people on the blue team gives up after just a while knowing that they will lose for sure so why waste time? This seriously is the worst balanced pvp in the whole drakensang.
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