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Dear forum reader,

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  1. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Team Leader Team Drakensang Online

    Dear Heroes,

    Here are some updates about multiple topics.​

    Torso of Sargon’s set
    After release 148 the Torso of Sargon – should be dropping from the chest in the Ghastly Grave. Prior to that, the item was in the loot list but due to a bug it was not dropping.

    Pulsating Cursed Pearls
    The Pulsating Cursed Pearl (Dragan Event #3) and the Red Cursed Pearls (Dragan Event #4) look identical – but you can only use the Red Cursed Pearls in the event. Players who have the Pulsating Cursed Pearls can discard them. These pearls will not be used in future events.
    unnamed (3).jpg

    Bonus Code HELLOAPRIL #2

    Another Bonus code will be provided via twitch 30th of April. It will give the correct content: I just tested it myself (CM Greg) on the stable.​
    unnamed (4).jpg

    Black Warlord Regalia dropping from regular mob (FALSE)
    The Black Warlord regalia is not dropping from regular mob – this is simply a user from Brazil who found another unique (lucky dude) but the title of the unique Espaldar do mestre da Guerra sounds in Portuguese very similar to the Black Warlord Regalia.

    Best regards,
    CM Greg & The DSO Moderation Team
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