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  1. ψΔεωιλψ

    ψΔεωιλψ Forum Greenhorn

    Hello, can someone tell me why whenever new update comes or like now when they fixed something and i enter drakensang i need to wait for whole game to download again ? It needs to download 1372 mb and they havent done that big upgrade for sure so why it always downloads like from beggining ? And also does it take you know some extra space on hard disk ? i mean you know now it downloads 1,3gb next update again 1,3gb will it count on my computer as 2,6 or still just 1,3gb ?
  2. stacker99

    stacker99 Forum Master

    No. Today update tooks few seconds and few megabytes only. Not everytime download is so huge. And no, it is not incremental. Current size of whole game is: 1.79 GB (1 926 086 656 bytes)
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  3. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Most of the files are getting replaced with new ones ... new fresh files are stored on your HDD but not that frequently.
    Sometimes they are very small in size (providing you have protected them from deleting) sometimes they are larger ... but not that large (almost always under couple of hundred MB).
    When a patch or hotfix is applied your client would probably have to download something like 1 or more GBs but very few files are new ... the other files are updated files that will replace your already stored files.
    Here is how big in size is my DSOClient folder after two and a half years (I lost the back up of the older files)

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  4. stacker99

    stacker99 Forum Master

    Actual size is 1.79 GB (1 927 397 376 bytes). Everything higher than that isn't needed for game to play without problems.
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