Useless events,new additions and useless forum

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by partycrasherforever, Dec 6, 2013.

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  1. partycrasherforever

    partycrasherforever Forum Apprentice

    It may come off as a bit negative but i can't help but think that all new stuff in this game is pretty useless,i mean all these events r useless mind numbing grind fests tht i am frankly sick of,the new class- hate it so damn much, new forum_ yeah hate it too because it's useless,all new features don't really come off as something tht i have a use for and frankly these forum events r a big fail as i dont even know how to go about winning after one round of participating i am calling it quits...but meh some premium and anders r not really tht big of a deal so i dont care much..

    the only reason i play this game anymore is for pvp but its getting boring with the same people every battle in 5v5.....and no new arena or some event on the horizon its just killing same people over and over..\

    does anyone agree with me or i am just speaking to some people with endless patience and ability to never get bored..
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  2. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    Well I can see your point of view but without the negativity ;)

    The last event I participated in (except for the Dwarf Rally) was the last Sargon. I have not done any serious amount of PvP since about August. I am not moving any of my old high level players up to level 45 (The most progress I have made is my old Ranger that is almost level 42.)

    I do have a good deal of patience but that is not the reason none of these things bother me. It just that I am able to find endless things to do that are not what most folks would consider the main focus of an activity (this is true for me with every thing, not just this game.) I am one of those, "march to my own drummer," types :cool:

    Game events: I am not doing these right now (The last event I did was the last Sargon) because I had other projects with toons that I wanted to work on. These plans got derailed since the introduction of the SM class came with an event of it's own (I have been in Dwarf Madness mode since all that started, lol. I am actually glad it is nearing it's end :D)

    PvP: Basically I am in PvP burn-out mode right now. But I have been there before and I will be back. I will admit that there are a lot of problems with the PvP system that are contributing to this.

    Forum events: I do not participate in these on purpose. The rewards are something that are already available to me since I play a lot and to certain degree I am a cash player. I just feel It's best to leave these to the players that would not have a chance at these rewards otherwise. Remember the "Who Am I" event from the old forum? Since I play this game so much I had most of these nailed instantly. But I deed not need the rewards so I did not post.

    One of the biggest things that attracts me to this game is that there is so much to do. I do not really see how someone could get bored because there is no way to participate in everything every single thing that is going on at any given time. And I say this from the perspective of an old retired dude who really has too much time on my hands :rolleyes: True if a player only has one or few players at or near endgame level this could be the case. But I have many toons, at all level ranges with every different kind of build I can dream up.

    One of the things that I have noticed in online RPG's for many years is that there is not a lot of role playing going with the players. I come from the days of paper and dice RPG's. This give me an edge since I am not just tied to the game coding that the devs put out there. I inject a lot of my imagination into the game to make it much more that what it appears to be.

    Anyway, thanks for the chance to get in a good ramble while enjoying this most excellent coffee I just brewed.

    Luck be with ye,
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  3. dragons

    dragons Active Author

    I didnt read any of the previous posts, except the first lines from the OP post.
    "A grind fest events."

    I will agree on this one, it's not a real event, it's just an instance with quest's.
    This is a browser game, you cannot expect much from perfomance perspective.

    One more thing, DSO is made by a company that develops browser games, means they are a medium team for DSO, however, the mmorpg games you looking at are made by huge teams of 50+ people.

    Now if you really want to get what I mean, learn to code, try make a simple game, for example a moveable rectangle on black background. Then you will understand how hard it is.
    On a side note, and a very personal opinion, I will said it again and i said it before, there is no creativity in this game.
  4. kaiser

    kaiser Forum Apprentice

    I agree with you mostly. I do think that the changes are at least an attempt to address customer concerns. It could be worse, they could do nothing at all.

    PVP complaints I agree with, and I don't see any attempts to fix it yet.

    Mortis Ring of Death quest is a MAJOR PROBLEM right now contributing to Tegan's failure and transformation to ghostown. In my opinion the solution is taking way too long. (over a month now?)

    Timed rewards is a joke and one of my complaints and one reason I'll skip any event with timed rewards as they are a complete waste of time and resources/money.

    I could go on but it'll just end up with me getting pissed off and banned........///
  5. Brian1919

    Brian1919 Junior Expert

    I still enjoy the early quests, up until about Sigris. After that I've just got no desire to go any further or sink any time,money, or effort into getting back to 45, knocking out pw's... I've been back as the dwarf for a while now but even that can't keep my interest going. I agree with you on the events too, to me, the best event that I played was last year's xmas event. Had more fun with that than any other. They've killed that sort of thing with making them harder for groups, and with horrible rewards. Sadly, when the only new content to look forward to are events, and the events aren't any good, what else is there?
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