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  1. Ash

    Ash Advanced

    An all girls guild on Agathon!
    No reason, just a bit of fun and supporting female gamers.

    We are English-speaking (you need at least enough to get by!), and are mostly level 30 and below although many are alts (secondary) characters from 40+ members.
    If your main is in another guild but you want to try us out with your low level toon, you're welcome to do so.

    It's a quiet guild but everyone is super helpful when they do get on. And I am on waaaay too often. hehe

    No rules, just basic decent-guild guidelines.... help each other, respect each other, leave a good impression of our guild amongst others.

    Find me on Agathon as Ashtarothia, Ashwyn, Ashtoria or Ashria, and send me a whisper :)

    This guild remains alive, technically, but no longer has active members (unless someone returns). I've joined other guilds.
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  2. ~IceAngel~

    ~IceAngel~ Junior Expert

    Wow never heard of an all girls guild hehe..I never seen what a all female guild is like i would consider joining to check it out but i'm on Tegan :p
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  3. Faelinn

    Faelinn Advanced

    I'm on Heredur :(
  4. Deefje

    Deefje Advanced

    Wow I remember there being an 'all girls clan' around back in the day when I was playing Unreal Tournament instagib called 'pms'. Really strict about things too, though they had to since it was all situated on IRC and so very accessable to everyone.

    Where some fun girls around there. Anyhow I like the incentive even though I'm a male. So +1.
  5. sealion55

    sealion55 Forum Greenhorn

    We can never find you online , is there another way to contact you? I am a level 16 almost lvl 17 female spellweaver named Sinthya.


    I think i got a invite to your guild but i acsidently hit no. :( Could you send another one to me please?o_O
    I am a level 18 spellweaver almost level 19 named Sinthya.:)
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  6. Ash

    Ash Advanced

    Sorry everyone. The guild started really strong and it was great fun. Unfortunately, a few core members suddenly stopped logging in. Then, when new members joined it was too quiet and no one had the patience to wait. It was frustrating because there was a new member at least once a week. If everyone hung on it would be a full active guild now! lol

    Ah well, that's how it rolls sometimes. If you're looking for a good guild, try dominoeffect and deatheffect guilds. Great bunch of people.
  7. .aquaventions.

    .aquaventions. Forum Apprentice

    Is your guild still active or have you disbanded it?
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