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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Vittese, Aug 22, 2018.

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  1. Vittese

    Vittese Forum Greenhorn

    Hello to everyone!
    I am a Lv 51 Mechanicus with 5,000 dmg, 15,000 HP, 50% crit chance, and 150% crit damage, and I get killed in 4-5 hits in Q1. And it is quite impossible to dodge everything.
    Now, I understand that the monster damage and HP had to be raised because old 55 players are OP, but think for a second what impact does this change on the lower levels. The game is actually impossible to play in Q1 and so on. The quest boss can 2 hit kill a player. That is just insane. At INFERNAL III a level 55 OP player gets killed by 2 hits. It doesn't seem fair to share the same faith at normal difficulty.
    Maybe I am the only one bothered by this thing, however, I do ask you to lower a bit the damage the monsters inflict on player, it's just insane how fast I die.
    Plus, Q1 and other quests like that are impossible for a normal warrior. Dwarf gets advantage because of his turrets. Tried to play as a warrior, got killed in few swings.

    Lv 55 OP Warrior: 25,000 dmg, 100,000 HP. Killed by boss in 2-3 hits.

    Normal difficulty
    Lv 51 Dwarf: 5,000 dmg, 15,000 HP. Killed by boss in 2 hits.

    I am only asking, what sort of unbalanced math is this?
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  2. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    And you think we were not all there?
    I have been level 55 now for 13 months
    When I hit level 50 I ran Q1 and first run into Q1 map 2 grimmag scorches me with 1 fireball <- dead on site
    This game is not easy
    It is grinding based and heavily so.
    Do yourself 2 favors and start glyphing and start crafting gold lines for when you do hit level 55.

    Also, the game only starts on level 55
    1 year into level 55 and I am only on sacred gems now
    still not all level 60 and still not all 4x gold lines
    It takes time patience and dedication
  3. BigHink

    BigHink Forum Inhabitant

    a few things Get in a guild and go in groups and hit level 55 ASAP and then work on getting good gear and crafts. You have a long way to go. My level 55 dwarf which is not very OP has 30k damage 68% crit rate and 90K HP Can run thru inf 1 one green essence quite easy knowing how to play.
  4. Dümbledore

    Dümbledore Someday Author

    The warriors are very strong, they're like Berserker at the moment
  5. GoldenBoy

    GoldenBoy Forum Apprentice

    Hi Vittese,

    I play a 2h DK and he has only 1.3k more damage then yours, but has 54k health + 33% crit and i can do Inf 1 with blue ess.

    My advise to you is...if you can't do it alone, then get a 2h DK (similar to mine) and go to your group skills and put every point into "racing clock" this will put the DK abilities on overdrive (i can invoke "Banner of War" every 15 sec [normally it takes 1 min]).

    This is how we play, just make sure that he takes the lead and you cover him with tesla + turrets and stay within 20m of him or it won't work and only attack the mobs he is attacking or the mobs will come after you.

    Don't forget to buy spirit stones at the jesters to revive the DK and vice-versa.
  6. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    Which old DSO? The old DSO where there was no such thing as enchantment transfer on equipment? What about the DSO where pay players used red ess and pots in pvp to one-shot everyone? How about the one where it took 6 months to 1 year to farm a Cloak of Power? How about where a lot of endgame players were farming the old Grimmagstone for OP low level gear? Or the one where everyone wears the same uniques... oh wait, it's still that way, nevermind. :p

    I have a question. Why are you measuring dwarf power in terms of how many hits you can take anyways? You guys are ranged and have the same base HP as a SW. Better use that left click and do a bit of running. Or use your dwarf in the box to lure stuff.
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  7. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    How is this OP?
    Just had to ask because 25k damage is nothing without crit speed and critical damage
    and the term OP would mean Over Powered and that = 35k damage on average not 25k
  8. alchimista

    alchimista Forum Pro

    As you noticed, the game changed a little bit since last year.

    inf 3 it is for endgamers ( or if you prefer, as you stated : "op" ).
    25k dmg, 100k hp ... are good skills in a 5 player group.
    armor? resistance? wisdom lvl ? crit rate? crit dmg?
    Did you put red ess ?

    try next time with a 32k dmg, 100k hp, 80% armor in inf3 , 80% crit value in inf3 , +350%crit dmg and at least 2x sec sp att. ( OP )

    use some tactics :
    1) dodge special boss attacks
    2) take your time, reload your skills and properly use them.

    you are not with a tank set up anymore, so you cannot stand firm and take all boss attacks directly in your face.
  9. Shansurri

    Shansurri Active Author

    I think the point made here is pertinent to the game. Some responses seem a bit out of line.

    "The game starts at level 55" -- No, it starts at level 1. Remember? Yes, getting to level 55 is not 'the end', but it's not the beginning either. Right now, Painful mode is so impossible for young characters that if you have a new level 55 OR a character of any other level, you are effectively eliminated from participating in most of the events. Even the Anniversary Arena on Normal can kill a toon very quickly. So no 'group' event for lower level players. No Anniversary mini for lower level players.

    DSO seems to be making changes that only provide challenge and interest to those who either have played a long time, OR have cheated.

    The difficulty keeps rising, the rewards keep dropping. I don't know that 'going back' is the solution, but that a problem exists is absolutely certain. Blackmailing players into spending more money on the game-- is that working, DSO? Maybe I'm the only one who is spending less on the game lately, instead of more.
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  10. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    Most of the "old" timers have simply forgotten what it is like to work their way through the game and how frustrating it can be. Sure they remember the extra hard grind that it used to take, but that doesn't make the new player feel any better.

    If you read through all the years of posts here on the forum, the single advice to new players is always the same.

    1. Rush to level 55 and don't focus on anything else.

    The reason is sort of obvious. The developers had no concept of how to build a game, so there really is no point at all to any of the regular maps, just the PW maps.

    Now the problem with rushing to level 55 should be obvious, but not to the "old" timers. If you rush to the end, you are too weak to do anything. So you die a lot and that really isn't fun for someone with a few weeks of playing time.

    So the "old" timers added a second piece of advice to their rush to level 55 advice.

    Find a guild or beg others to carry you through until you are strong enough to either solo or help your group. Or my personal favorite, go back to the maps that they told you to ignore and stay there until someone is willing to carry you through.

    They fail to mention the fact that drop rates are still lousy, so you'll have to farm hundreds of thousands of materi frags to "buy" the gear needed to farm these maps.

    The "old" timers forget that they have been around long enough to know people who are willing to play with them whenever they ask. That isn't true for the new player.

    Yes it is true that the game is a whole lot easier than it used to be in many ways. More storage space, more locker space, more ander drops, more quests, etc.

    At the same time it is also much worse. The monsters and bosses hit so much harder than they used to. The low level gear is completely worthless (hint the advice to rush to 55), and the regular maps provide next to nothing to help you in the pw (hint the advice to rush to 55).

    Now I'm sure some "old" timers will chime in to say "everything is better", yet if you look at their actual advice when asked, it is always the same. Rush to level 55 and then worry about everything else. No mention of how hard the pw maps are. No mention of how long it takes to convert gems. No mention of how hard it is to craft. No mention of the materi frags needed to buy gear. No mention of lack of guilds and players willing to help new players. Just rush to 55. Like that is magically going to make everything better.
  11. AlexDK

    AlexDK Someday Author

    I preferred the balance that existed before lvl 50. The power difference between players wasn't as big as it is today.

    While a regular player would have 700-800 damage, a pro player would have 1000-1200. Regarding health, the same, regular player would have 6k a pro would have something like 10k. Nowadays a regular player have 5k-7k damage and a pro have 20-30k (just to talk about damage). That's a huge gap.

    And the problem is that the process that can make a regular player stronger is really expensive in terms of time, there's no middle ground here. I'm talking about crafting.

    IMHO, crafting was game breaking, a very important factor that made the game as unbalanced as it is today. A regular player doesn't have the time to craft. A pro player have. And the gap in power between those who have time to do it and those who don't is huge.

    Personally i preferred when crafting sucked but the difference of power between players wasn't as big as it is today. I suspect that this unbalance was a big factor that might have pushed lots of people into using bots.
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  12. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    Parallel World Content is end game content. Meaning that after You have reached level 55, as a means of improving Your gear, You can visit and adventure into Parallel Worlds with a Team of Players.

    Notice: Level 55+ and a Team of Players.

    By no means, Parallel Worlds were supposed to be adventured by lower level players with sub-par gears alone.

    It is open, for lower level players, IF they think they are strong enough to adventure there. But by no means, it is designed to accommodate everyone.

    It is for Teams. Yes, You can get strong enough to go there alone. But that is not expected from even newbie level 55 players.

    So, what needs to be done here is to set Your expectations right. It is not supposed to be easy or even doable for a level 51 player.
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  13. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Oh! Can I play this game too?

    The old DSO before the crazy benefits that Premium gives you? The old DSO where you couldn't remove GoPs from items? The old DSO when we used CoTs to identify random junk that we'd end up throwing away because there weren't Glyphs yet? The old DSO where PWs didn't scale to the number of people in the map and you needed a team of 5x strong players to even stand a chance? The old DSO where you couldn't unsocket gems and it took 4 to craft the next tier? The old DSO where there weren't even Steam Mechs to complain about wanting the "Old DSO" back?
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  14. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Not really the truth.

    The thing is, people think that going to PW is what they are to do after hitting max level. This is not entirely true. Scaling Normal Dungeons, even in painful, are way easier than PW in the same mod, and they still do give good loot. The Qaizah content is a particularly good place to farm up to be able to start in PW... especially the desert and the deeps of demise. Seriously, farming there a bit to improve one's gear/gems does wonders to a fast-levelling toon. Of course, you can level up slowly, skipping most of quests and improving your items as the time passes, in order to arrive quite strong at the cap level... but many people don't have patience for that, since immediatly it really gives little profit. The profit comes only when you reach the max level like that.
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  15. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    Honestly, with the way the game is playing out, I won't be surprised if DSO continues to add higher and higher difficulties. This is only to be expected - they need to keep their old players occupied. It is a form of a soft level cap that I've seen in other games. Correspondingly, player stats will continue to increase in order to keep pace with the difficulty increases. Therefore, what you might consider to be "OP" probably isn't when Infernal modes keep being added.

    New players are in for a shock if they think that getting a higher level will automatically allow them to play Infernal whatever. Sure, you might unlock it, but you haven't earned the stats to do them yet. That will come with time--just play the game, preferentially with friends, if you enjoy it.

    I will again point out that tactics matter. If you think that running in a straight line into all the monster attacks and coming out unscathed is supposed to be a given, you're playing the wrong game. It doesn't matter what class you are, unless you are super OP, you don't just stand there and absorb hits while you chip away at monster HP. You will die. (I would highly suggestion of those AFK clicker games if you want a game that allows you to bulldoze through mobs, without you even being there.)

    Personally, I don't see the quantity of grind to drastically change. If you did your research before you started playing DSO, almost every single review will grumble about the sheer amount of grind that's involved. :p Just enjoy the ride. It was part of the package. If you had everything overnight as soon as you hit lvl 55, you'd probably quit playing because there's nothing left to do. Or at least I would.
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  16. Dümbledore

    Dümbledore Someday Author

    We want new classes, please. Healer and assassin, type Valeera wow.
  17. Shiro

    Shiro Padavan

    I don't... DSO takes already much lifetime to power up one character, there is no time for two :rolleyes:
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