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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by anatoli231, Nov 16, 2022.

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  1. anatoli231

    anatoli231 Forum Greenhorn

    Hello everyone! I'm a long time player. You might've not heard my name since I've always played on Grimmag which is where us eastern europeans played for the majority and never really posted on the forums. I started playing DSO back when level 45 was just being released, that was about 9 years ago I believe. I stopped playing the day the PvP nerf was released in the middle of level 55 and I had never logged in since. I decided to log in today, and oh my what the hell has happened to this game? I tried to find patch notches and whatnot, but I don't remember what the last release I played on was, 212 maybe?

    But oh boy, why do I only have 5 slots for attacks?
    What happened to all of the difficulties in the Qs?
    Why is the level cap 100??
    Why is the GUI so ugly?
    Why are all of the item icons so incredibly ugly, I don't understand, whats with this new style, its hideous!
    And why are the Health/Concentration crystal ball gone?? Did the game get a copyright notice from EDIT or something?

    The map, its really hard to figure out what is what.
    Deadly Blow has a cooldown of 30 SECONDS? What??? Why??

    Someone please fill me in with whats happened, I am totally bamboozled

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  2. Chaos2908

    Chaos2908 Forum Apprentice

    The idea of a long range class to become melee typ is a verry stpid idea its not how the ranger class works its out of logic ranger class are supostobe long range attack not mele typ and the hunting trap must change to Net from the gorgal glove
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  3. ManaThief

    ManaThief Active Author

    Well the devs have tendency to just double down on anything they add into the game, even if it is bad.

    They playstyle of pretty much every class has completely changed since all spells were reworked, you'll just have to figure out a new way of how to play or get inspired by someone else.
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  4. anatoli231

    anatoli231 Forum Greenhorn

    I don't know what you've been smoking but, Deadly Blow is the ONLY (viable) melee attack we had. Back when I played the idea of rangers was to be a class that is between mages and DKs, with stats and toolset somewhere in the middle. There was also something called "balance" that evened things out. DKs had always had a slight edge over everyone else due to healing, but you could play any class and win if you knew how to. But having a melee attack that has half a minute cooldown is just nonsensical.

    Game used to be intense, fun, required lots of skill to play well and now it has turned into a PvE grindfest for old people that can't move their fingers fast enough to save their lives.
    I'm not looking for inspiration. I'm just wondering - why the complete developmental suicide of a great game? Did the Devs get demolished everytime the queued for 5v5s and got triggered and practically deleted the aspects that made the game what it was? I remember on Dev streams, they didn't even know what items to use and instead ran around in random gear like bunch of clowns. Its way too sad.

    Whats funny is that if they revert back all of these unneccessary changes, they will have a SURGE of people coming back. I know that a big portion of my guild and a few other top guilds in Grimmag will flock right back.

    We were promised guild 5v5 tournaments, cash prizes, guild vs guild matches on huge maps, more arena modes, which were all great ideas, that never happened. Instead they trashed arena, removed 1v1 and 5v5 (capture the flag) and bombed PvE. What kind of snowflake developers were hired to look after this game?
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  5. Chaos2908

    Chaos2908 Forum Apprentice

    i dont know what this guy talking about deadly bow is in the previous version of the game most ranger use herald set witch is the most beautiful version of the game


    if your talking about the pvp mode its long forgoten


    i dont know what happend to game EDIT but i still play it but right now about pvp its not worth it DK can solo 5 players like 5v1 and right now ranger class is the most weakest and all of its skill dosent make anysense it become so EDIT i recomend you play wiz or dk if you still want to play the game thats why its better if they make a private server where the previous version of the game where is max lvl was still 45
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  6. Melethainiel

    Melethainiel Team Leader Team Drakensang Online

    Hey @Chaos2908 ,

    If you wish to add to your posts, please use "edit" feature. Consecutive posting is not allowed.

    Good luck!:)
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  7. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    The answer to your questions can be traced back to December 2020 when we had the Dark Legacy content expansion that turned a lot of the parts of the game into what you see now.

    The old team that made the Dark Legacy update (and everything preceding it) was given the boot some time around Aug 2021. New team took over and well, cleaning up someone else's mess probably isn't a fun task for them. XD
  8. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    That is all wrong :p
    1. they didn't make "everything preceding Crap Legacy" ... they were just the last team who were just apprentices before.
    Check the diaries series , you can get familiar with their role before DL ;)

    2. They were not booted. They quit on live stream ... which was deleted from Drakensang's YT channel later, altogether with other live streams from that year and earlier.
    3. There was no new team. The "alleged new team" that took over after them, quit without even anyone notice them. Reason - they were like not liking what they read on the forum and discord.
    Then that Shanghai dude who is bracing up gene therapy lock downs came up and after a longer time of presence of a new team "that no one saw" they announced the current team recently.
    4. Whose mess they will be fixing? These kids now can't even use the basic tools ... the Crap Legacy team was a Dream Team compared to them :)
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    FAALHAAS Forum Great Master

    lol who wouldve thought that huh
  10. bilybob

    bilybob Someday Author

    The Realm of the Fire Turd map:

    *There is no exit on map
    *Movement is buggy as there are areas on path that are obstructed but nothing is there
    *Sulfur Leaf: What is it for? Why is it the same no matter the level?
    *No drop from Leader Minotaur
    *Monsters respawn. Is this the new Desert?

    I'm sure there will be more to add.

    Since update went live we now have:

    In Catacombs the pink leader boss and the upper level green boss are now invisible.
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