What ideas BP designers have for the new paralell worlds?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by dragons, Dec 7, 2013.

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  1. dragons

    dragons Active Author

    So the PW got a bit delayed becouse of the Dwarf or something else but I'm all up for delaying stuff for the price of testing and polishing, anyways.

    I wonder what are the ideas behind the rework of the paralell worlds, we don't want them to be released and find out they are nothing new than a new map with new mobs to grind.

    Can we have some small info on what they might be, what to expect, let me comunity be part of it.

    PS: I can post a thread in the Creative Corner for ideas on the new PW.
    I will quickly throw a spoiler for a game that was released not long ago, similliar to DSO. The end game has a system that is called Maps.
    For those who find out what game I'm talking about, will realize how creative this newbie studio designed their end game.
    BP should think for something new and awesome.
  2. TheInfamous

    TheInfamous Board Analyst

    Well, the moderators that are responsible for sharing information say that they will do so as soon as they are given the info. So, since they haven't, that means the developers haven't decided to tell us anything yet. Which means we have to wait -_-
  3. Biztart

    Biztart Exceptional Talent

    The first phase of changes (planned to be release before the end of the year - official roadmap):
    • Player ought to be able to complete the new set of Ammon (items with new bonus to be rewards of the quests) (quests repeatable)
    • Player ought to be able to complete the old set of Ammon (items of the complete set, with old set bonus, will drop from monsters)
    • Boss Mortis to be made less difficult to defeat
    • The quest deadly blow/kill mortis to be made repeatable
    • New Parallel Worlds will be worked on after the initial batch of changes and fixes will be done
    After that, I can only guess additional parallel maps (to complete Ammon's set) and unlocking of the different levels. You're always welcome to contribute ideas to keep end-game players occupied.
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