What should I aim for now?

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by CoZdor, Dec 18, 2020.

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  1. CoZdor

    CoZdor Forum Apprentice

    Hey, I'm after some advice please.

    I've got a mage at 100 lvl. I did the classic runs through desert, library and Q5 bloodshed. Got all leg 140 lvl items, some unique items and the q5 ring. Att speed up to 4.0+ and fairly decent dmg (I was not OP before CE).

    I'm not sure what to do now. I join random teams for Brigavik or Gleaming Mountains bloodshed but it's always a bloodbath as everybody just runs around like a headless chicken. Is this how we're meant to farm now?

    Any advice as to what to farm (and actually kill mobs like pre-CE)?

    Also, considering I think I've got the items I need, should I be opening the extra gems slots or is it too early and I should focus on getting Q uniques first?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Talaby

    Talaby Forum Apprentice

    with the changes only new player will benefit, as he can enter normal map with player level 10, 20, 30 times or more than his and get better items. that's what's going on. However after running a few maps and leveling up some levels I reached 80. I found that the dynamics of the game remains the same. without ancient wisdom at maximum level, there is not much to do, items with better magic falls at the maximum level of the game and does not work properly without stones and runes at maximum level, you can focus on increasing your character's damage, more to running at higher levels of the maps, unfortunately, it will have to have maximum life, maximum resistance, maximum blockage, and the other resistances of the underworld and parallel worlds that are the new gems of the update at maximum level. if you do solo you will not succeed in the final boss. in group, with the performance zeroed the maximum level that many players had in group, as in my case it zeroed level 80 for nothing and starting all over again. therefore the group does not guarantee success either. now how to level stones and runes? do you have to melt some to get the shiny powder? a lot of contradiction in that. I don't know where they were headed when they invented it. now what will one item serve if the main ones lost the set bonus? and not to mention the number of stones and jewels and runes that are limited to equipment. I have a lot of jewels, stones and runes that I cannot use. bought with shamrocks and draken.dificil find a direction in the game now. two options: wait to see if with the next update fix the mess, or, leave the game and be happy in other games that at least value your money invested in it. good luck with your character. hugs.

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