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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by multitoonz, Mar 6, 2017.

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  1. multitoonz

    multitoonz Forum Great Master

    Been playing since day 1 on browser and today it says I have to download the game and play thin client.
    Why? If you were going to take browser compatibility away, where is the announcement stating the [EDIT] demand all install the game? [EDIT]
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  2. ijzerreus

    ijzerreus Forum Apprentice

    I was playing the game in Firefox and that worked just fine so let's change this! What a cool thing to do, change something that works fine!
    So i downloaded the game and, surprise surprise, all i get now are Nebula Assertion errors and black screens.
    Well done BP!

    And what now?
  3. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Forum Veteran

    Seriously? The announcement is on the forum, on Facebook, and in email if you get announcements that way. The browser will still work if you don't replace your java. You can use a browser. DSO is just not putting any dev work into the browser version of the game.

    SUPERDOUPER Junior Expert

    client not working also, the game data will not download , i alreday tried to empty %temp% folder and still nothing
  5. ijzerreus

    ijzerreus Forum Apprentice

    This is what i get when i want to play the game in Firefox:
    Yesterday there was no DOWNLOAD GAME button, instead there was a PLAY GAME button.
    So overnight someone changed this, why?
  6. Epsilon_e

    Epsilon_e Forum Greenhorn

    The same thing happens to me, only "DOWNLOAD GAME" button appears.
    I used the thin client, but only black screen and can't log in the character selection screen after the step of choosing the sever. furthermore , when i check the connection, about 1.2Mbps , but the client showed nothing...., and i'm sure it is the client transferring something, because when i killed the client, the net is back to about 0Mbps.
    What happens of the game?
  7. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    Yup me too. Not sure if this is intentional or a result from then porting the servers to HTTPS. (Noticed that changed at the same time.) If it was caused by that browser play is over anyway since they already stated they won't do anything more to support browser (so this maybe intentionly unintentional :rolleyes:)

    I kinda figured something like this might happen so I installedand wrung out the client last week. frotunatelyI am not having any technical problems with it. It's funtionality is lacking but I've never met a browser game client I liked so whatever.

    Since the game's future now rests soley on the client maybe they will put some minmal effort into improving it.

    Luck be with ye,
  8. .Baraba.

    .Baraba. Advanced

    Since few hours ago it no logner possible to play Drakensang in browser.

    Problem is not in browsers that stop supporting NPAPI and Java but fact that BP change his website to allow only download of the game and not playing the game.
  9. Epsilon_e

    Epsilon_e Forum Greenhorn

    The client doesn't work too, just black screen:(
  10. bLaind

    bLaind Forum Baron

    If you haven't changed your user agent... try the link manually. i.e.:
  11. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Forum Veteran

    You can also try Internet Explorer. You may have to install Java from that browser if you don't have it installed already. It is working for me.
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  12. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Not working for me too.
    This DSO Client is not meeting our requirements. In example
    - there is no save option for passwords and usernames. This is essential to have especially when the game crashes or if you have more than one account to play.
    - players need to edit and change the .exe file properties in order to play at Test Server and this should not be the case. There should be a "Test Server selection" when you are starting the client
    - there is no "reload" button (most important function in this game)
    The devs knew NPAPI won't be supported anymore ... and they had more than a year to make a simple and functional log in screen (home page) in the client

    The client's functionality must be improved ASAP ...if not ... let us use the browser on our own risk without need to look for "workarounds".
    As for using the client ATM ..... if I change the .exe properties (which is required to get access to TS) I am getting "new client available" notification
    When I install the new client the game is downloading more than 1GB data
    If I want to change to live server again ... I have to edit the file properties ... then I should install another client ... and another edit to file properties ... and again downloading over 1GB data .
    If you save two different shortcuts (with edited .exe properties) for TS and LiveServer... they would act as mentioned above (downloading new client all the time)
    And I should be doing all these steps above in loop ...for what ... for simple answer to the players or for more information in order to make wiki articles :D

    You kidding me? IE is not used even by MS employees themselves :p
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  13. Llogos

    Llogos Junior Expert

    Correct. The problem is not the browsers that stop supporting NPAPI and Java. The problem is BigPoint! I tried another browser from the plenty that still exist supporting NPAPI and Java, and I get to see the same DOWNLOAD GAME.

    FFS! EDIT is that for BS? FireFox confirmed that they stop it from v.52 and after NOT version 51 and below! What you want to do people there in this company? To empty the servers? To close the servers? What? Just tell us to know! Do you know people how many players will stop now because they refuse to go to the client especially by having to download in every new release or patch the same GB? Obviously NOT!


    PS: There are people who have limit internet connection and they can't use client as the provider will cut the internet off because of the extreme usage of the client.
    PS2: The bonus code with the lucky sphare for a costume was more important to make people to jump from browser to client... Lmao!!!
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  14. LadySkyeLynne

    LadySkyeLynne Forum Greenhorn

    Nebula error and black screen on installation , my wireless adapter shuts down after installation as well ...feels like i just threw my money away cause can't play.......
  15. girliex

    girliex Forum Apprentice

    ...just now played the client version in teagan server. Before their was 3-5 players everytime i log in, now only 1 player roaming...hello BP instead of fixing bug errors or shape up your expansion game, why you touch this BROWSER ISSUE!?
  16. RageAgainstSelf

    RageAgainstSelf Forum Greenhorn


    Seriously, though Internet Explorer works with no problems. I've been using it for over a month. And as a bonus, no menu options will appear with Ctrl+R. click

    Make IE great again simply by outlasting the competition
  17. dkarl

    dkarl Old Hand

    I recently opened a TS account to potentially help out in testing future content (have only managed to get to Level 27, so couldn't participate in R185 testing).

    The obvious workaround is two-part:
    1. Create a second shortcut/icon to the game, edit the properties to append the -stable switch (I actually learned this from you)
    2. Before logging into the TS,
      1. Go to the %TEMP% folder on your computer
      2. Make a copy of the DSOClient folder, name it something like "DSOClient -prod"
      3. Run DSO via your new TS icon ... yes, it will download the full 1GB+ of content this time ... do your thing, log out
    3. Next time you want to play on production server ...
      1. Go back to your %TEMP% folder, rename DSOClient to something like "DSOClient -test"
      2. Rename the "DSOClient -prod" folder as "DSOClient"
      3. Run DSO via your original (production) icon ... no download required, as the client will now be looking at the "production" version of your DSOClient folder in your %TEMP% directory which should be up-to-date (unless there's been a production hotfix or new release, in which case you'd need to download the revised content anyway)
    4. Now, every time you want to switch between production server and test server, you have to remember to rename those two %TEMP% folders and use the appropriate icon to log in
    Yeah, a bit of a pain, but doable (at least for those of us who are only likely to switch between servers once a day)
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  18. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Forum Veteran

    LOL! Yeah, but it works when FireFox doesn't! You just have to remember not to browse off to other sites for security reasons! :D

    To add to the list of things that would be good to see addressed:
    • There is no link from the client to the Wiki.
    • The game does not remember that I don't want to play maximized. Constantly having to resize the window is frustrating.
    • The link to the forum, before logging in, takes you to the website which then makes you log in...again. If you want to just log in once so you can get to the game and the forum, you are in-map when perhaps you don't want to be.
    • When going to the forum in-game, it moves from being maximized to very small.
    • I have yet to figure out where the "Back" button is in the client version of the forum. If anyone knows, please share.
    Since trying out the client, I find I am being disconnected more. Whether that is a result of the client or just this version is up for grabs. I also find that the quality of the graphics slowly deteriorate over time. And while they are nicer than the browser version, by the time they start to deteriorate, they browser's are better.

    Just plinking my $0.02 into the pot.

    That is a lot of work. I'd create a batch file to do the renaming and have it then launch the exe.
  19. .Baraba.

    .Baraba. Advanced

    CMClayton in Official Announcements > Firefox changes and DSO WEB version wrote:

    Just quoting hire so anyone can see what was BP story. Of course I will overlook this time markenting BS about client advantage.

    And access to forum from client is joke.
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  20. Llogos

    Llogos Junior Expert

    ''Dropping support does not mean that the web version will become unavailable.'', said CMClayton.
    I can tell you for sure, that after the today Hotfix, still on Firefox says download the game. I've tried IE too, but after a second or appearing Play now, it turns to Download the Game. Well done BP! If I need someone to program something for me or anything equal, I will defo contact you, just to make sure that NOTHING will work correct... LOL

    PS: It's funny enough that other games from BP, like Skyrama or Farmerama, are still there kicking and available without ANY PROBLEMS. So what is the problem to play Drakensang? Even the test server works from the browser!!!!
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