When will the theft end?

Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by Aslandroth, May 4, 2020.

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  1. Aslandroth

    Aslandroth Advanced

    If I use a potion that I paid gold for, if I use a buff, I paid for it through play time, or gold, or ander. It should be mine to use.

    I propose ALL buff timers should pause the clock when not in an active map, and when logged out. This includes the fake garbage 2 hour timer event attires you give that manipulates when a player triggers progress in an event or within a quest.

    I have heard the argument that if I buy a pound of ham and stick it in the fridge, it is only good for a week, but if I buy a can of beans and stick it in my pantry, it is good for years. But this is the digital world and nothing we do here is real. It is a game. We play. 1's and 0's are exchanged and that is all. It would NOT hurt the BP bottom line to simply be fair to the players, maybe try doing the right thing once in awhile, as an act of (ready for this?) customer service.

    I've been playing this game for more than 3 years. My first 1.5 years I happily dropped over $100 per month to buy ander and premium and stuff I wanted. I loved the game and had no problem dropping some coin. I haven't spent money here in over a year and I wonder if other players are lie me in their spending habits? I have plenty of it to spend but I won't give a dime to a company that doesn't respect my time and my money, and I have never bought one of those attires, nor will i ever, no matter how much I want the reward.

    BP, little things that show you respect the player base would go a long way. You would make so much money if you showed that you care, treat players fairly, ban the cheaters, maybe release new content once a year. You know, act like a software company?
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  2. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    Not to mention that notorious bug that deactivates your buffs :3

    Anyway, would you rather buy a 30 day premium that expires even when not logged in, or a 3 day premium that expires only when logged in, both for the same money?

    I mean, imagine you're a person with a job and maybe a family and bla bla things like that, and you only have, say 3 hours a day. So you buy 3 days premium that only expires when you're online. It costs the same as the real-time 30 days prem. Now, that's 72 hours in total; 3 hours a day means 24 days of gaming. So basically, if you bought the real-time 30 days prem, you'd still not be able to enjoy it a whole lot more because in this example you are a person who only has 3 hours a day, which means that out of the 30x24 (=720) hours that you'd receive, you'd only use 30x3 (=90) hours, so you'd waste 630 hours of being offline. So with 3 days of non-real-time prem, you receive almost the same number of days, 24, for which you can enjoy the premium without the huge waste.

    I think the 3 days of non-real-time prem would be so good for you, no gaming company would ever offer it to you, unless there were additional conditions like e.g.: If you miss out a single day, 3 hours will be taken from you; if 2 days, -6 hours, etc. to make you stay in the game and not take breaks for x number of days.

    The same goes for potions and buffs and attires and whatnot. The company needs to keep you engaged at any cost. 2 hours of buff? Its up to you if you use your 2 hours or only 10 minutes. Same with the premium. Here you go 720 hours of premium - who cares you can hardly use 15% of that time. Which sucks big time of course. This is actually what has always kept me from using any buffs whatsoever, cause I hate the feeling that I'm simply throwing something away (x minutes of buff in this case).

    About monetization,
    In the past I've sort of suggested in this forum that BP ditches the black mail monetization system of giving you 2 options: Pay-to-complete events or grind to death; and that instead they should add cool cosmetics that people love wasting their money on. It'd still not be ideal, but that would be the best we could hope for in DSO.
    And what have they done? They've systematically kept designing especially events in a way that you have to grind more than before AND they've also added those new skins and whatnot for real money. And what do they expect? That I pay my way through events and on top of that buy a cool skin? Of course I'm not gonna do that, because I, and I'm sure most people too, would only buy cool cosmetics in a game that treats us like kings = no purchasable attires, event progress, gems and all that stupid pay-to-win crap; and lets us reach a solid power level, and acquire interesting rewards and, complete events without having to grind 24/7, while of course still maintaining some reasonable level of required effort from players. On top of all that, if the game as a whole is enjoyable enough so I love spending my time in it, then under all those conditions I'm happy to buy a whole wardrobe of cool skins, not only to look cool, but also to show my respect and gratitude that I can play an awesome game for free.

    But instead, we have a game that has a pretty cool style and foundation, but the rest - I mean especially everything in the end game - is just bad and boring and frustrating and it made me delete my 5 years old character cause it just wasn't enjoyable to play a handful of the same maps over and over, and grind with no foreseeable gain in power or anything else.

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