When will we have the old drakensang back?

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by rappar29, Feb 1, 2022.

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When you enjoyed the game more*question for players*

  1. 2012 -2020

  2. 2020 after Dark Legacy

  1. rappar29

    rappar29 Forum Greenhorn

    When this new one Drakensang team finally fix our game? Since December 1 year ago the game is EDIT I am sure that the new team have noticed that there aren't as much players as it used to be. Please I beg you I don't know how or when you are going to make it but return our game. This ''THING'' that you created is nothing like the game we used to play even 10 years ago. I am ''OG'' player. I player this game since 2012 or 2013 I was around 12 years old. You actually destroyed the game. If you want your players back start listening to them. Not to the guys willing to pay to win. I hope you will make the game popular and playable and enjoyable again...
    Best regards
    Player since 2012 - 2020 :)


    Or make us a new server where we can play with the old content Im sure 80% of the players will come back if the content is the old maximum 40, 45, 50 level cap where the items u grind actually mattered not like now craft and EDIT..
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  2. RagePowered

    RagePowered Forum Greenhorn

    Of course the game was more enjoyable, but it has been made very clear they are not willing to embrace the old DSO, so I don't know why are you bringing it up.

    ...and the pay to win point is just weird.
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  3. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Forum Connoisseur

    Drakensang will never be the same again... it's a shame but it is what it will be...
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  4. -Faeriequeen22-

    -Faeriequeen22- Forum Mogul

    What old game that everyone apparently enjoyed are you talking about?

    I understand that it's in human nature to romanticize the past, but back in the day people complained as much as they do now :rolleyes:

    Let's not forget "the items you grind that actually mattered" was something most of the community hated, and was one of the main things people wanted to see changed because they spent endless hours farming Khaly for uniques and got nothing. Mortis was even worse.
    So they (we) wanted to be able to obtain important items by grinding for them and then actually getting them, instead of wasting million hours for nothing.
    Which is now possible - and if you really want an item to grind for, you have anniversary weapon that's hard to obtain. :D

    Gems were also way harder to upgrade, inventory was even more problematic than it is nowadays, and CoT farming was pain in..
    Don't even let me get started about how many people hated PvP and complained about that. Yes, these days PvP is a total disaster, but let's not pretend everyone loved it back then.

    Also, pay to win was a much bigger problem back then than it is right now - just by doing current DTU event you can improve your char a lot, if not max out the gems. Back in the good old days, one could only dream about that, and the safest way to upgrading gems without playing 24/7 was paying. The gap between P2P and F2P players was huge.

    I feel like if you want to make a point about bringing the old game back, you should probably be more specific because some stuff was horrible. :oops:
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  5. dawmjr

    dawmjr Junior Expert

    when they made whole game random is when everyone started quit, in past farm for 3 months you get an item, definite, stats you canrely on , now you grind for an item, lottery, after 3 months you get a piece EDIT and now need start over, i no longer play,
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  6. Skruch

    Skruch Forum Greenhorn

    Hello to everyone !
    I played this game before when the max lvl was 40-45 , and it was one of the best games i have ever played , but now this is completly different game that is dying . People are quiting because of of the stupid systems and more useless stuff that they have put on the game . My question is: Why dont you open a new server , that will be the classic game(40lvl) . Something like EDIT did and it was very succesfull . Im sure if you did that many people will come back to the game and even new people will start playing. Im writing this cuz i realy loved this game and i want it to be playable and enjoyable again .
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  7. DocWhisky

    DocWhisky Forum Connoisseur

    Thats a nice dream..... been suggested countless times and is always met with the same response.... crickets!

    Thanks, Doc.
  8. ContinumBug

    ContinumBug Someday Author

    Dear player, there are things that are right but most of them are wrong in my view.

    Old problems that led me to leave this bad game:

    - pvp was once hated for people who used (but has repeated in the recent present) multiaccount for experience block and arrives at atlantis with pg level 1-10 someone is left (more or less active).

    - bot problem that is probably still present that brought the players even to higher levels (altergems and gems).

    - the gems (once smoothed maximum) could be bought easily with the altergems dropped very frequently in game. Each miniboss killed gave them constantly. So if you played too much you could get all gems polished in no time.
    This combined with the above problem led to monstrously invincible PCs in game and pvp. Assault the fortress one character only eg. war with high block value shredded turrets and players within seconds.

    Nice Nice this game!

    Now what's up with this junk game:

    - wisdom brought to high values with serious blocks in the game. Both in the game and in the bar daily quests give a pittance compared to the progress bar. You just have to be ashamed to think that people are killing 600 monsters in slaughter for a measly 40 of wisdom (but are you alright ??) compared to a wisdom bar of 300 max advancement.

    - altergemme and on drop I don't even evaluate it anymore since the blunder of gems to pulverize that is needed to raise and bring a character to high levels is not feasible to a player who plays a few hours a day and with no time to spend hundreds of euro here depriving themselves of it in real life.

    - poor player protection and absurd system / game rules:

    if you throw your equipment with € 100 of gems or a month of play into the convulsive phases of the game, the support gentlemen seem to give it a damn and you get by (waste of money and time).

    Or you accidentally clicked on an altergems 10k mount and instantly bought it for you without even asking for confirmation! We keep fooling the next one which is fine.

    What you call unique objects that once existed almost nothing eg. you had legends with 4 call damage (and only that) or whatever.

    Of course, if you have a game that ends early, unattractive (pvp now completely on shot to kill) what possibilities do you have to keep people tied:
    desperate and repeated farm of anything (100 mortis, 100 heruder, 100 arachna), fragments of matter, glyphs, gems to pulverize in unimaginable quantities, runes to farm and shred etc etc
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  9. doctormaz

    doctormaz Forum Apprentice

    I don't know how long she has been playing but let me know if she has grasped the dynamics of this game that reduces people to bots:

    farm here, farm there, farm from boss, farm from miniboss ...

    The farm target (gem raising, runes raising, wisdom etc) is always moved higher with the excuse of introducing two or three new maps.

    How many gems has he shredded? how much time did he waste?
    For what? to always do the same things!
    On the other hand I wonder but once you have finished all this of the game what do you have left?

    Think about it!

    Repeating events that will give you rewards you no longer need, accumulate thousands of gems of each type in the meager and short inventory (including gems, runes, essences, various sets of useless equipment). What are you doing?
    You are done playing!

    No try to pull a new level 100 character and start all over from scratch by this one I miss? has he already done it?

    I was following to my regret days ago the issue of a poor player with a banned post complaining that the support was not responding to equipment accidentally thrown out of the inventory containing gems. I would say that it is another nice way to waste more time and make them better like this or not?
    None of all readers, however, deigned to respond and give a hand to a player like us! As they say today to me and tomorrow to you!

    Don't make a group, don't help weak players, you are not a community!
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  10. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    This game has been gangrenous since lv55 when on various complaints the old development team made disasters including the expansion!

    With each change they have lost players, but they have followed the disastrous path of another game from which unfortunately they copy a lot! So, in my opinion, he bet on the rest and made him pay the cost of the game in one way or another to whoever was left! And up to a point it worked, but the bill comes with empty servers!

    Maybe something can be done to improve the situation but do they have the resources to do it? and what can you do pve is a disaster pvp even worse!

    For me it is like moving a mountain of manure with each attempt you feel the stench that increases!

    There are now new games of this type coming soon, long overdue and I think the servers will be even more empty!

    The best solution would be to review the game costs, the group game and the pvp one, but I don't think they have the resources to do it and I am tired of this situation and I have closed with the DSO since September!
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  11. -Faeriequeen22-

    -Faeriequeen22- Forum Mogul

    I suppose you got me wrong, my point was not to defend the current state of the game - there is room for improvement, sure. Your battle is not with me :D
    The point was that you're glorifying the "old game" when it was far from perfect, and had many flaws everyone complained about.

    The gem drop you're talking about was.. flawed gems. You needed a lot of runs for it to make a difference. Sure, andermant (I guess that's what you meant) drop was better, but aside from gems, what do you need them for? Nowadays, I use them to buy ess when I'm too lazy to farm them, because they're otherwise not particularly useful (for an old player)
    Therefore, it's much better to have improved gem drop than to need andermants for gems (consider the amount of anders you'd need to buy decent gems these days)

    Ye, bots are still a thing, but sooner or later there will be a new bot ban wave - and even the bots that are currently active don't have nearly as much advantage as they had back in the day; as I've said previously, just with DTU event you could upgrade tons of gems. Even if you're new/bad, a lot of the groups I played with invited an "opener" i.e. a low player to open bosses.

    You want to compare wisdom?? Erm, nowadays you can farm wisdom - that was not a thing previously. Wisdom was earned only by how long you were playing the game, oldest players had the highest level(s), and newer players had lower levels; there was no workaround. IDK what kind of argument you want to make about wisdom being better before?
    Not to mention, after all that time playing to get to a decent level of wisdom, the reward was - yaaay, you can ride a horse :D Imagine now getting to max lvl without a horse :D
    To be fair, I was overly excited back in the day to get my horse, saving 400 drakens to get that white one :D (now, you get 400 drakens in like 2 rounds of these monthly events:rolleyes:)
    Now, you at least can use wisdom points for some useful (and some less useful) stuff.

    Farming legends that give you the lines you wanted was also endless grind; you needed specific lines, that you couldn't transfer or combine - so it depended on pure luck. And you needed like 1-1.5k to open a legend, which was the worst part.

    IDK about what support restores or not, so can't comment on that.

    Of course, these days game is also all about endless grind/farm, but like.. it was always like that. :rolleyes: There were like 3 maps people played, just like now.

    Sure, wisdom tree can be improved (after a certain level, we're all just hoarding points for no reason)
    Sure, it becomes repetitive, always the same events, same rewards, same maps (and clicking daily 234 times) - a lot could be improved, but that doesn't mean we should pretend it was really better years ago.
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  12. SS0-Spyros

    SS0-Spyros Forum Apprentice

    I suggest BP to just release a classic server of lvl 40-45 where players will play there if they want.But i saw that this suggestion was wrote many times and the devs never hear so its very dissapointing :(
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  13. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Commissioner

    The idea is an economic non-starter. Zero chance it will happen. That's one of several standard reasons why you never see "dev" response to the idea.

    You want them to spend money on opening another server? Hardware, operating software, bandwidth, etc.?

    ... to hire programmers to maintain a completely separate game (DSO DL is not the same game as we used to play with just a few tweaks, it's a massive overhaul that can't be simply "undone")?

    ... meaning, separate content, separate equipment, separate drop lists, separate events, etc., etc., etc.????

    And are you going to pay for these very significant costs yourself?

    Or do you expect them to start spending marketing $$$ (which they don't even do now for the current game) in order to not only bring back old players to this retro server, but new blood to cover the expenses?

  14. SS0-Spyros

    SS0-Spyros Forum Apprentice

    They have no choice either...They know that the game is dying slowly and their only hope are the old players.Dark Legacy CE was a huge mistake that lend many players (which one of them was me too off course)to quit the game permamently.The devs never wanted to hear the community and now we see the game in this terrible state.They just continue to put useless things and the game becomes worse with every uptade.I know that this suggestion is just a dream that will never happen but you need to understand that DSO is doomed to die clearly because of the devs they are the only responsible for the game's dark fate.Also they spend a lot of money in order to create the Dark Legacy CE and the results we know them very well if you take away whose who pay for the game they just lost a huge amount of daily active players so i do not thing that a retro server will be a serious threat for their budget i want to remind you that the devs were suggested to merge the servers which is a story that started back in 2016 but as you can see this never happened also.......
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  15. Dragenstein

    Dragenstein Padavan

    I waited and waited for the expansion on my favorite game. It arrived on Tuesday. It was so bad, that I unsubscribed from that game on Friday. I am playing DSO again. *Rolling on the floor laughing*
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  16. *Kosierski*

    *Kosierski* Forum Greenhorn

    It's up to them if they don't want to bring back the old DSO.
    On the other hand, they should not count on the fact that there will be people willing to play this game. Currently, as I saw, this game doesn't breathe with the introduction of the 100th level update. Finding a 1v1 game is quite difficult (at least 2 levels difference). On "Assault of the fortress" or similar borders on miracle, although it used to find a battle in a few seconds. Players on level 40 walk around with items on level 90+. This happens because of a huge number of bugs such as " I'm level 30, add a friend at level 100 and enter the catacombs on difficulty mode: merciless." I'm 20 levels ahead in an hour.
    I recommend DSO management to roll the game back to a state where the maximum level was 55 and reward the players with some bug fix/game mechanics or some specific event. Otherwise this game will not live long.
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  17. Reikanin

    Reikanin Forum Apprentice

    I was one of the few people that was agree of all changes made in dark legacy since the 1st day. I changed my mind in a little time later :).
    Game is just horrible. All changes destroyed it. You should bring it back as it was in 40-45 lvl, when we were in grind of Khalys unique. Only a miracle can delete all bad stuff that game has and restore it. And even if you do it, there's another problem: you should remove the difference between players that played dark legacy and players that don't because I won't play a game where I lost all gems/runes/opal and so on that players farmed (my char will be bad). So, maybe only a new game is the solution: Darkensang :)
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  18. annoyingburak

    annoyingburak Forum Apprentice

    Some of this are true, but did they really have to destroy the enjoyable q7 set skillsets and mechanics?
  19. Bundin

    Bundin Padavan

    With DL was only one big problem the content was unfinished, they thought that they put in so and slow they would finish it, but this made the players mad the players wanted a great thing with the new +45 lvl wanted all a bunch of storry, new items, new bosses, what did we get the old thing in new coat spiced with bunch of bugs.... That was a huge mistake and they got their price for it a lot of player leaved the server... but the old days had some thing what was better as yet, but there is a lot of thing what is much better today as in old times so we cant say that old days was definitively better, because in old days there was not so many MMO games as today, BP must change a lot of things to get the fame back for tha game, I am sure when we would rollback everything in the old time there would only some old players, and no new. So we need such a change what brings back old players and bring a lot of new players too, but not so like with the DL did they, that was a big chance and they broked it with stupid decisions.....
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  20. talkybro1

    talkybro1 Forum Greenhorn

    I understand that it's in human nature to romanticize the past, but back in the day people complained as much as they do now :rolleyes:

    stream videos
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