Why is %IDotI better than % Damage on a 2H Weapon?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by _Baragain_, Feb 19, 2018.

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  1. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    I've seen this pop up a lot recently and figured it was time to write the definitive explanation to this question to save me time down the line. Hang on to your hats, it's going to be a long one and very through. All this assumes the player is LVL 55 because, if you aren't, you should me more focused on leveling up than tuning your ton's damage to this degree. Pay close attention to the stuff that is highlighted in green in the background section since that is relevant to the central question of this thread.

    Oh, and before we start, most of this is irrelevant to 1H builds since those weapons can't get % damage and their only damage related option is %IDotI.

    So, the question is this: Why is %IDotI on a 2H weapon so much better than %Damage, and is there any time where %Damage is better?

    The first consideration is "Where do you get damage?"

    Sources of Damage:
    Your character's displayed damage comes from a collection of addition and multiplication operations with a somewhat confusing order of operations. Lets start simple. Here are the different factors that are a part of calculating your damage.
    Absolute damage: This is your basic +Damage. It comes from a bunch of different places
    • Base damage: Every LVL 55 character has 360 damage when stripped naked and all wisdom and essence is removed.
    • Green essence: It needs no real explanation. +50 damage for the max green ess.
    • Pets: Some pets have +Damage as their bonus (ex: Bearach Doll, Bolstered Fire Gnome, etc). The damage is level dependent
    • Buffs/Blessings: Some of the buffs (30 min) or blessings (5 min) that you can buy for gold or ander include + Damage.
    • Some set bonuses: When damage is a set bonus, it is level dependent. There aren't many examples, but they do exist. (ex: Grimag's Fury, Herald's Infernal Wrath, etc)
    • Damage from items: This is the primary source of basic absolute damage. All items have a base damage. This goes for all pieces of armor, jewelry, and weapon/weapon decoration. The weapon and weapon decoration are special because they have min/max damage, but are still mostly treated the same, except that when you get to these items, you split the damage calculations into one for minimum damage and one for maximum damage. Also, any item with % Increased Damage on this Item needs to apply that modifier before it becomes basic damage that can be added to another item, or the base damage. Weapons also have an additional step where you have to consider any % Weapon Damage before they can be added to the grand total. This is a key component to the question of this thread and will be revisited later.
    % Increased Damage on this Item (%IDotI): While it all is calculated the same, the end effect when comparing weapons to all other items is significant enough to split them up.
    • On non weapon items: Only gloves and boots get this as a random enchantment, but many unique items include it as an enchantment. Helmets and amulets can also get %IDotI from the Rune of Vigor class of runes. The problem is that %IDotI is almost never worth it on these items for two reasons.
      • First, the damage on the item is usually small (when compared to overall damage). When considering the over all increased damage to the build when compared to the other possible enchantments, it is often not worth it. For example, Keen's belt come with %IDotI. The problem is that item is usually a tanking item. It would be much more useful to replace that with either % Resistance or % Resistance on this Item. Or consider the Bellicose Boots. They come with a large amount of %IDotI, but, unless you are going for all out offense, you could gain a significant amount of HP from replacing that with % HP on this Item. There are glass cannon builds that may go for this, but many would prefer a couple thousand HP over another 200 damage.
      • Second, in the case of Helmet/Amulet Runes, there are often better runes to put in the slots. For example, which is better, 5% HP and +10 Rage/Concentration/Manna/Steam, or 60*40%=+24 damage (if you even spent the Draken to make a 40% IDotI rune). The damage on these sorts of items and the small size of the %IDotI runes makes them near worthless.
    • On weapons: The %IDotI lines go up to over 76.5% and the base damage of 2H weapons go over 1000 at T6 and LVL 60. The %IDotI also applies to rubies in the items, further enhancing their damage and you can get 300 damage from gems. That means a simple good line of line of 75% can be worth almost 1000 more absolute damage in a top tier build (and that is before applying the next two categories of damage).
    % Increased Damage on Weapon Items or % Increased Damage on 2H Weapons: This category of damage comes from two sources. It comes from the 10 point Wisdom talent "Behemoth" and from the Bellicose set. The bellicose set includes both 2H and overall "Weapon Damage". When I get to the "Multiplyer" section, it will be easy to see why it is one of the most types for a high damage build and why the Bellicose set is the single most important set for a 2H build. It is also important to remember that this type % Weapon Damage is very different from % Damage which we will talk about next.
    EDIT: The 100% Unique Value from the Bloodrune weapon is also this type of bonus. It is calculated in with any % Increased Damage on Weapon items. This, coupled with the high attack speed of this weapon, is why this weapon is one of the most popular for Steam Mechs as it can reach incredible damages and maintain impressive attack speeds
    % Damage: This is the most misunderstood component of damage. Every individual source of % Damage is added up and used as a multiplier for all other damage. It includes all the following sources:
    • "Attack" in Wisdom skills: You have a max of 25 points you can spend on this skill with each point worth 2% damage.
    • % Damage from Enchantments: You can get % Damage as enchantments on helmets, torsos, and belts. You can also occasionally get it as an enchantment on unique items, usually items that have % damage as possibility anyway. However, there are exceptions to this. For example, the Witch Seeker Pauldrons come with % Damage as an enchantment. Regular Shoulders only get % Armor, % Resistance, or % Block Rate. That makes this item, in it's in-crafted state, very valuable to many damage builds. More often, you find % Damage on a torso and will likely want to replace that % Damage with crafted % damage since the value will be much higher.
    • Set bonuses and "Unique Values": These are independent of the enchantments which makes them rather valuable. For example, if a unique has % Damage in the set bonus or unique value, you can craft it without losing the value. An example of this is Tenebrous Spider Adornment. It has a unique value of 5% damage that is not overwritten when crafted.
    • Pets: Only the Green Raptor offers % Damage, but when you collect nine pets in Dragons, Tamed Foes, or Free Spirits categories, you unlock 2% damage for each as a bonus for all pets, providing you a respectable amount of % Damage no matter which pet you select.
    • Buffs: Some buffs, like Sticky-as-Tar Candies, offer % damage. They are added up with all other sources of % damage, and as such often gives much less damage than the player expects.
    • Skill Buffs: The Herald's Infernal Wrath set is famous for this. Use a precursor attack and you get 150% damage for a short period of time, among a couple other effects. This 150% damage is included in this category and added up with everything else.
    • % Max damage: This is a rare stat only included in two sets immediatly that come to mind. These percentages are added to this pool, but only in the calculation for max damage.
    • Essence: This type of % damage is often misunderstood. Blue/Purple/Red essence are the standard essences of this type giving 100%/200%/300% damage each. This does not mean it doubles, triples, or quadruples your damage because it is simply a part of your total % Damage. If you have 100% damage from the various categories above, that dilutes the efficiency of the essence. In that case, each 100% damage would only improve your damage by 50% of your displayed damage. Blues would multiply your damage by 1.5, purples by 2.0, and reds by 2.5. This, right here, is central to the question of this thread and I will bring this back up later. Of course, there are also essences like Shining Silver, Antidotal Essence, or Snow Essence are just a few examples of event essences that also give you % Damage and behave exactly like the more traditional % based essences.
    If you've ever just added up your damage numbers for all your items, you've realized that there is more going on than just a total of all the damage you see on your items. There area a lot of damage multipliers working in the background to give you the wonderful numbers we all love to see on our character page
    So, basically, the equation, when simplified, looks something like this.

    A little short hand first.

    D1 would be the base damage from item 1, D2 is the base damage from item 2, etc.
    DW is the damage from the weapon, with gems.
    %Dot1 is the total %IDotI on a given item (Item #s 1, 2, 3, etc) and %DotW would be the %IDotI on the Weapon. Total, there would be 11 items with damage in a 2H build or 12 if you are using an offensive offhand item. Most of those items can't or won't have %IDotI, so they simplify down to just their base damage.
    %WepDam is the total % Increased damage from Weapon items
    Dam is all damage that can not be impacted by %IDotI. This includes pets, green essence, buffs/blessings, set bonuses and the 360 character base damage.
    %Dam is the total of all the sources of % damage in effect for a character.


    In any given build, the Dam, %DotX*DX, and %WepDam will remain constant since the only gear difference we are interested in is the effect the choice of enchantments the weapon has. We are also interested in essence and other temporary % Damage sources since that category of multiplier is shared with a relevant enchantment on the 2H weapons. In these cases, you can simply total up all the gear damage and other sources of absolute damage and keep it the same throughout. I'll be setting those value in the next section.

    Different Weapon Configurations and Their Impacts:
    In a perfect world, we all use a four gold line legendary crafted into a unique of our choice, but those gold lines can be different types. Lets ignore crit damage as it is the least useful stat on these weapons. If you disagree with me and you are considering crit damage in your weapon, I hope you understand enough about this game to do your own analysis of the benefits, both defensive and offensive because that is another post of comparable length to this one to discuss.
    Here is the part where I set the rules so to speak. In our imaginary build comparison that we are about to begin, I need to set the stats. Since we are talking about high end builds looking for the best of the best, I'll set the values to that end. Also, I'm only looking at max damage in these calculations since that is the number most people care more about. These choices are all reasonable and reflect a character that could exist.

    For starters, we need to know the total damage of all the non weapon items. I'm going to be generous and give an average of +70 damage each and +90 for the weapon decoration. That is a total of 690. Add in the 360 base damage and we get 1050 damage. Lets also assume the Bolstered Fire Gnome and the set bonus for Herald's set for another 110 damage and a total of 1160 base damage. Finally, Bellicose adds another 45 damage for a grand total of 1205 base damage

    For % damage, I'm going to assume torso and belt each have 39% Damage. I'll also assume +4% for the pet bonus, 5% from the black spider adornment, and a conservative 13% from Witch Seeker Pauldrons. Finally 50% damage from Attack is a given in any DPS build. This adds up to a nice round total of 150%. (See why I picked that Witch Seeker number? :D:p)

    Now, because we are talking about a set up that is based on Heredur, you're looking at a ring/boots/helmet version of the Bellicose set. That means a total of 34% Weapon damage. Add in the 50% from Behemoth and we have a round total of 184%.

    The weapon is being given a 1k max damage value and 300 damage worth of rubies.

    Now, regarding the enchantments on the weapon, I'm picking 75% IDotI and 62.5% for ease of calculation. Both are near their max, but not quite, yet still easy to work with mathematically.

    So, now we are ready to start with the weapons.
    This case is honestly the worst possible weapon you could build.
    The equation looks something like this
    With no essence, that comes out to 17985 damage. Congrats, you've managed to castrate one of the most powerful weapons in the game. On top of that, because the build has +400% damage for a total 5x multiplier, essence is nearly worthless at improving this damage since the base, before the % damage, is 3597. Every extra 100% damage only will add 3597 more damage for lackluster damages of 21582, 25179, and a whopping 28776. Look at the summary table at the bottom of the weapon combinations to see where this build fits with the others. The only thing worth noting is what happens if you put greens on. Because greens are absolute damage, the 50 damage becomes 250 damage for a total of 18235 but that still isn't enough to save this enchantment combination.
    There is no way we can do as bad as the last example, but lets prove it.
    With no essence, that is a much more respectable 23586, but that is still far from impressive. The base damage before % damage in this build is 5391, so % damage essence has something to work with and is much more impressive (maybe impressive isn't the right word, but hey). Your totals go up to 28977, 34368, and 38759. Greens in this case give 219 damage for a total of 23805.
    Lets see if the trend continues, shall we?
    With no essence, that up to 26944 which is closer to what we'd expect to see from this weapon and end game stats, but is still doesn't reach the levels of some of the insane builds we've seen. The base damage before % damage in this build is 7185. This upwards trend will continue as the %IDotI gets higher. This, and the effect it has on % damage essence, should give you a hint as to the answer of the question of this thread. Your totals go up to 34129, 41314, and 48499. Greens in this case give 188 damage for a total of 27132.
    I've talked about the 1/3 split before. We'll need to see the next step to see the relevance and if it holds true.
    With no essence, that is an impressive 28059 which is approaching the 30k barrier. The base damage before % damage in this build is 8979. The essence id about to do something impressive. Your totals go up to 37038, 46017, and 54996. Greens in this case give 156 damage for a total of 28215.
    You ready for a surprise?
    With no essence, you get a drop to a counterintuitive 26932. Basically, the first multiplier, the % damage, dropped too much compared to how much the multiplier %IDotI line raised and the no essence damage dropped. That said, the base damage before % damage continued to go up, as expected in this build is 10773. The essence id about to do something impressive. Your totals go up to 37705, 48478, and 59251. Notice that as soon as you apply % damage essence, the damage shifts in favor of this weapon a little, but by the time you get to reds, the difference is about 8% Greens in this case give 125 damage for a total of 27057 which, like the no essence figure, is also lower than the last build.
    Weapon StatsDamage Before %Damage AppliedNo EssenceDamage
    From Greens
    250% Damage, 0 %IDotI 35971798525018235215822517928776
    187.5% Damage, 75 %IDotI 53912358621923805289773436838759
    125% Damage, 150 %IDotI 71852694418827132341294131448499
    62.5% Damage, 225 %IDotI 89792805915628215370384601754996
    0% Damage, 300 %IDotI 107732693212527057377054847859251
    Lets talk trends!
    First, lets look at the no essence and green essence numbers. We've all seen that people post their stats "Green essence, no buffs, in town." If someone crafted a weapon with 3x%IDotI and 1x %Damage, it would look better, according to the table. An inexperienced player would look at that picture and assume the weapon in that screenshot was superior to another player who has less damage, but a 4x %IDotI weapon. But this only holds true in the green and no essence builds.
    As I pointed out in the calculations, the "base" damage before the % damage was applied kept going up, even though the % damage kept dropping. That means the damage applied by each increment of 100% of essence damage kept rising significantly. This is the key to why the 4x%IDotI is better.

    In short, while your damage with greens may be better if you craft a 1x/3x, you need to ask your self the following question. "When do I use green essence?" The answer is "On easier content." If you are this strong, an extra 1150 damage against the kinds of mobs that you'd use greens against anyway isn't going to make much difference. With only 17k damage, I can handle Infernal III mobs with no real issue, so the idea of 28215 vs 27057 being significant is laughable. Consider the follow up question. "When do I use blues/purples/reds?" The answer is "Against bosses." Now, don't you think an extra 4250 damage (with reds) when doing that would be significant? It means less wasted essence, faster kills, more HP Regen (for DKs), etc. So, I'll reframe the question, is 1150 damage against easy targets worth missing out on 4250 damage against the difficult targets? To me, the answer is clear.
    Since this imaginary build is based on Herald's set, lets see what the numbers look like with the set's 150% damage bonus in effect.
    Weapon StatsDamage Before %Damage AppliedNo EssenceDamage
    From Greens
    250% Damage, 0 %IDotI 35972338132523706269783057534172
    187.5% Damage, 75 %IDotI 53913167229431965370364245447845
    125% Damage, 150 %IDotI 71853772126337984449065209159276
    62.5% Damage, 225 %IDotI 89794152823141759505075948668465
    0% Damage, 300 %IDotI 107734309220043292538656463875411
    Not surprising if you've been following along, but by adding in 150% more damage (which is more than blue essence, duh), not even the no essence or green essence build of a 1x/3x weapon is better. That said, the max damage with reds is sort of disgusting, even if it is only for a couple seconds.

    Exceptions to the Rule:
    Every rule has it's exception. This one has two, and even these are iffy if you are using the Herald set.
    I know it is stating the obvious, but in PvP, you can't use essence. That makes the entire right half of the table irrelevant. In that case, you need only look at your damage with no essence column. With Herald's set, it is a bit of a toss up, but when you have that much damage, 1150 without the buff (in favor of 1x/3x) vs 1560 damage with the buff (in favor of the 0x/4x), but if you aren't using Herald's set, then the 1x/3x wins by a hair.
    There is always a but.
    In this case, I would not start with a 1x/3x because you are shooting yourself in the foot in PvE. Unless you are blessed enough to have the resources and luck to have a 4x%IDotI already and are looking to be even more dangerous in PvP. Might as well just go for a 0x/4x first as it will serve you well in both PvP and PvE.
    Normal Silver essence or the Light Essence both don't do anything for your damage and just give you the effect for damaging the monsters/boss. That makes a weapon that favors a no essence build superior, but at the expense of everything else. For the same reasons as above, unless you have everything else you could want and simply want the ultimate full moon (first map only) weapon, why even build a 1x/3x weapon?

    Soooooo, this is the part of the giant post where I ask for your thoughts and questions. Tell me, what do you think. Ask me, what else do you want to know.
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  2. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Kudos for effort. Hopefully some ppl will put as much in appreciation.
  3. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Great reading!
    Can I copy/paste it to Wiki?
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  4. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Of course. Have fun with the formatting. :p
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  5. gbit

    gbit Forum Veteran

    hello Baragain, i've notice months ago one thing about the bonuses of bellicose set
    you take the 34% IWDam from 6% IDam 2h weapon (unique value helmet) + 6% IDam 2h weapon (unique value boots) + 22% IWDam for all weapon (bonus set) and do the calculation with this value.
    now, i tried your formula with my DK and don't fit very well, so i tried another way: the 6%+6% are increased damage on 2h weapons, so they are not IDotI (and we can't sum these terms), but they are not increased weapon damage (like Colossus and 22% bonus set Dragan), so we have to consider them separately.
    at the end we will have 12%*72% for the total weapon damage and not 84% (34%+Colossus)
    these are the calculation for my DK:

    no essence, colossus+50%, attack+50%

    flat damage from item: 791
    weapon damage+rubies: 299
    IDotI: +230%
    I) ID2hW (unique values item bellicose set): +18%
    II) IDW (bonus bellicose set + colossus): +22% + 50% = 72%
    (points I and II in your calculations are summed, in my are multiplied)
    IDam: 75,44% (items) + 50% (attack) = +125,44%

    now let's go with the formulas:
    (1) 299*3.3=986.7 (base damage * IDotI)
    986,7*1,9=1874.73 (your formula (1)*(I+II))
    1874 + 791 = 2665.73 (WD+flat dam)
    2665.73*2.2544=6009.62 (with %ID)

    986,7*1.18*1,72=2002.6 (my formula (1)*I*II)

    now my base damage output (on the stats character window) is 6271.
    the difference between the two calculations is, respectively, of 4,17% and 0,42%; so I want to know what do you think about this, and, if you want, to check out this math and confirm if I'm right or correct me if I'm wrong.
    for my data I follow all your other posts, very very interesting :).
    p.s. i wrote in english last time a lot of years ago, sorry for my Language.
    thank you for your time in reading this :)
  6. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    All dragan bonuses including 6% and 22% go together with Behemoth=50% increased weapon dmg. You must have missed smth, base dmg, pet whatever.
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  7. gbit

    gbit Forum Veteran

    sorry but, with respect, i must disagree. i made this calculation time ago, i made it again before posting it.

    I'm referring to min values

    amulet dam 24
    cape Dam 29
    belt Dam 35, +3.12% ID
    ring1 Dam 17
    ring2 Dam 35
    ornament Dam 32, +5% ID
    Helmet Dam 30, +86% IDotI, +15,4% ID
    pauldrons Dam 34
    torso Dam 29, +3.92% ID
    gloves Dam 23, +93,8% IDotI
    boots Dam 24, +96,1% IDotI
    base damage 360
    weapon + rubies Dam 299, +230% IDotI, +48% ID

    unique values (bellicose set) +18% ID2hW
    bonus bellicose set +45 damage, +22% IDoW
    attack +50% ID
    Colossus +50% IDoW

    sorry for the poor values of my DK :p, now you can control if I'm right or wrong. I don't absolutely pretend I' m right, I only want to understand how it works, and why there are the differences I showed in the previous post. numbers don't lie.
  8. DocWhisky

    DocWhisky Forum Connoisseur

    Somebody call 911.... My brain just exploded !!!!! lol

    But seriously, thank you for this... even tho it may take several read throughs for my old (now exploded) brain assimilate all the info. :D

    Thanks, Doc.

    fyi: other sets with absolute bonus dmg that I can think of:
    Jewel of the Desert set: 83 dmg (lvl 55)
    Keens/sparks/Yachaks/Roshans: 55 dmg (lvl 55)
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  9. gbit

    gbit Forum Veteran

    I use bloodmoon sword, cape+ornament full moon (magotina), amulet winter event and obviously bellicose set (helmet, gloves, boots). other items are normal exo or legend; no damage of any type from pet.
  10. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    what is the damage of your adornment and what tier it is?
  11. gbit

    gbit Forum Veteran

    the adornement has 32 damage (min value, because I make the calc with that), tier 0.
    again, sorry for my english...:(
  12. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Is it upgraded ? because it can't have 32 damage on T0 it is in range between 13 and 17
    I think you are right ... since I am using a longbow and there is a bug with the set ... those 6%s are giving weapon damage.
  13. gbit

    gbit Forum Veteran

    this is my adornement
    I don't know, I don't play ranger...I tried many years ago, but you must be a really good player to use a ranger, and I prefer DK...:)
  14. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Respectfully, :p, you can disagree as much as you want, but all dragan bonuses do go together with Behemoth, so 84% is correct.

    12%*72% is completely wrong, as it equals 8.6%)))

    What other uniques do you have? What pet?
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2018
  15. gbit

    gbit Forum Veteran

    sorry, I express myself too fast: when I say 12%*72% I intend that we must multiply the damage by a factor 1.12 (+12% unique values) then multiply the result by a factor 1.72 (+22% Dragan bonus+50% Colossus) so damage*1.12*1.72...hope i've been more clear.
    try yourself and tell me your results, I have only my toon for proving, so we can see which option is best.
    I don't mind if I'm wrong, I want to understand the exact way to calculate damage output; my numbers say that I'm nearest...
    consider that I follow the method esposed by Baragain step by step, without changing anything, I've read every math's post of him because are interesting and is a pleasure when you read a correct mathematical demonstration of whatever you want.
    i found a difference of more then 4% on total damage when i do calc (not so good, don't reach 2 sigma), and i search for an alternative: my calc give me an error under 0.5% on total damage; I've posted all my stats, demonstrate me I'm wrong, i will accept it of course :D.

    i use fennec with only +life bonus.
  16. sargon234

    sargon234 Forum Demigod

    Good work

    So 4x % damage is the worst possible weapon enchantment combination possible
    And if you want to craft it's better to look for 3x %IDotI and 1 % dam or 4x %IDotI
  17. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    As Sebastian said, you made a mistake. It is not a question of "if" you made a mistake, only "where" you made the mistake. That equation is accurate and I've predicted damages accurately within 0.1% nearly all the time. That small error comes from the fact that the enchantments and base stats shown are only so precise. For example, a ring may say that you have 53 damage, but in truth, that 53 damage could really be anywhere between 52.50 and 53.49. While it may not seem like much, these small differences add up over time and make a big difference. Most of the time, these balance each other out, but on a rare occasion, it results in a difference of 2-5 damage in ultra high builds. An error of over 250 damage is simply impossible.

    Now, you weren't quite clear, but if I understand correctly, you were calculating your minimum damage and your weapon's minimum damage with gems was 299. A picture would help more since I'm thinking this is where you are making your mistake. Your Rubies are counted separate from your weapon's base damage and I think this is where you made an incorrect assumption.

    This is the part that doesn't make sense. Looking at your onyxes in your decoration picture, I can only assume you have comparable rubies and should have at least 100 damage from your rubies. I can't think of any LVL 55 weapon that would have a minimum damage below 199 that could make this accurate.

    Take my weapon for example:

    I think you are reading the minimum damage from the red box. My minimum damage, for the purpose of this type of calculation is not 328, it is 628. Post a picture of your weapon, and I should be able put this debate to rest quickly.

    I developed the equations using controlled values and stringent testing. The only inaccuracy is from rounding errors going on in the background of DSO that I am not privy to. Your method of simply developing an equation to fit the data doesn't make sense in this case. This is useful in science where you may not know the equation and have no way to derive it, but if you can empirically derive a formula, you should be looking for reasons why your observed data doesn't fit the model instead of looking for a new model.
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2018
  18. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Okay. I figured your mistake. And will let you figure it too)

    (299*2.3*2.9+791)*2.2544=6279 which is what your char screen says)
  19. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Now you have me curious. You can only get a total of 1.9x from the WepDam modifier with the full Bellicose set or 2.14 if you use the old Black Warlord set with Boots/Gloves/Ring Bellicose.

    I'm also curious, because if you are right, the part below is another inconsistency.

    And 32 min damage from the decoration.

    Based on the above, I have another issue.

    That rounds to 774, not 791. That means that there is either a mistake with the items you told us about, or a mistake with your math. You see why I'm not totally convinced you got it all right?
  20. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count


    Yes, he had a minor mistake in the absolutes too. So did you. The final 32 should be 45, dragan set absolute bonus.

    So it is

    (299*2.3*2.9+787.438)*2.2544=6271, which is exactly what his char window says.

    To answer your question, blood rune weapon is an answer. Those 100% from an item is not part of IDOTI, but Behemoth, as well as all dragan bonuses.
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