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    The Winder Solstice Official Guide



    Difficulty of the Map
    When in mobs, the enemies can be quite overwhelming and strong. Well-equipped heroes can do the journey alone; however, groups of 2-4 will have a much easier job than solo players, especially when facing Big Paw in hard difficulty mode.





    Enemies and loot of the Winter Summit
    You will encounter a variety of enemies, including wolves, gnomes and special Christmas enemies.
    During your travel you will have to cross passages which are guarded by huge gnome heads made of stone, looking like the stone statues of the Easter Islands, and cannot be harmed. Be extremely careful when crossing the passages, the stone heads will take you down in no time. Luckily their missiles can easily be evaded.

    The course of the maps is pretty straight forward but using the characters jump/teleport ability, allows you to make your way to Big Paw’s cave faster. However, if you travel through the regular course, you can do the quests of the Jullov family.

    Regular mobs drop honey cookies (progress) and can also drop presents. Presents appear in the following colours: Green (often) Blue(improved) Purple (Extraordinary) and Gold (Unique).

    Green, Blue and Purple Presents can be dropped by regular mobs and also champions. Green Presents will have qualitatively lower drops than Gold Presents. Regular mobs and champions can also drop Gold Presents but you will need lots of luck for that. However, Boss Big Paw has a higher chance of dropping the Gold Presents.

    Battle against Big Paw
    As soon as you have reached the top of the map and enter the cave of Boss Big Paw you better have Snow Essences equipped. The essences will allow you to hurt Big Paw and deal greater damage against the boss.
    Big Paw is being guarded by stone head gnomes that fire missiles at you. Unlike the stone heads from the passages that you have crossed, these stone heads can be hurt. However, their defence is really high and you will need a lot of time to destroy them. It is best if you focus on defeating Big Paw as
    the stone heads will disappear as soon as Big Paw falls.


    Christmas Gear
    All presents have the chance to contain special Christmas gear. The gear is available for every character class, it is scaling and starts from level 25. The gear only comes in legendary form; you will not find them as improved or other rarities. Even if your character’s level is below level 25, you will be able to find this gear but remember that the level of the items starts from 25.

    Nightmare Location “Frosty Wasteland”
    Once you have reached almost the end of the progress bar, you will receive a teleport item. This item allows you to face Big Paw in an even harder mode. Note: You will not need Snow Essences against Big Paw here.
    As soon as you enter the map, you will notice a red sphere that you need to destroy but get prepared for a real challenge. Big Paw will be accompanied by either an evil Snowman or a mad Santa. There is a 50% chance that one or the other will appear. The Santa is a melee class and the Snowman is a ranged mage. In general, the Snowman is slightly more difficult to defeat. In total you will be attacked by Big Paw, an evil Snowman or mad Santa and on top of it also by stone head towers, similar to those of the Winter Summit map. The stone heads can be destroyed but its best to defeat Big Paw and his accomplice as the stone heads will then immediately collapse.

    The Snowman and the Santa each have the chance to drop their costume and Big Paw will always drop one item reward from the entire Christmas Event, ranging from components to upgrade your reindeer mount to unique Christmas gear.

    Hidden piglets
    Of course, as with every event there are piglets spread and hidden all across the map.

    Ingame - Shop
    In the shop you are given the opportunity to purchase Snow Essences and Sugar Beet, as well as other items of the event.


    Enjoy the event and happy holidays to everyone!
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