10 months of constructive criticism

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Charkol, Dec 5, 2013.

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  1. Charkol

    Charkol Forum Apprentice

    I dont know how many words i get to use as this may be long..
    And its really not meant for players to read..its my hopes that it reaches the developers..cus i like this game. But of course player imput is very welcome. There has been so many ideas i had to make this game better..but will not remember it now; so lets go with what i do remember to bring up.
    2.better system of player list (notes)
    3. anderment (lack of it)

    Its the predominate talk i hear all the time..often coming from myself too. You all added too much graphics, NOISES (omg) to this game and gameplay is getting worse n worse. Take Dwarf city for example (Andrakasch) on my wifi (and true i have bad ISP) that place is crazy laggy. TOO many things move and burp at the same time..i can hardly ride a horse thru town without having to stop or wind up on the wrong path. Here's what you need to do.
    You need more options to cut down lag. I dont need to see turning windmills all over the place. In Ocean of bones, i don't need to see dust swirls anymore..or fake ghost swirling around. Ya its pretty..but i cant handle that stuff (anymore)
    You need to think of the poor people (me) that can not afford a great highspeed ISP. I could go on more but lets move on..Just let me cut out more animations.

    I would love to be able to left click on a player name (or some other feature) and be able to add player notes. Dont have to be a ton of space. Something where i can add 'This player is on cata pw' or cave pw' So i can remember who to ask for help with my own pw. ALSO...who i dont like playing with, cus i forget. 'Such n such likes to pick up treasure while im still fighting' lol.
    Or just basically 'not a team player'.
    This would be a nice feature. Lets move on..

    ANDERMENT: (lack of)
    What was that patch that killed our farming that you called an exploit? I forget BUT..that was NOT an exploit.. that was some damn hard work! So i made 650 ander and possibly a bit more per hour..so what? That was boring hard work! Not an exploit! Besides, I could only stand to do it for an hour or two tops.
    Look, i'll say it again and im not ashamed to say it...im currently poor..i do feel you guys deserve some cash...if i COULD pay ya. I just cant right now. But think also on this..a new PC game at the stores (a damn good one) will run us what? 60 bucks? I seen what your prices are..and its crazy high. 120 bucks for ..i forget how much offhand in ander..was it 140k ander? 300k? i could blow thru that in 10mins i bet. (and still be a weak SW!)
    Solution? YES i got one..why dont you cap an account at 1k anderment in a 24hr period. That means, put back our farming of ander (dragons cave and other places) and at 1k ander..ALL charcters can make no more anderment that day. Hell right now i'd be happy with 1k in 48hrs. But maybe there are some out there that make 1k in 24hrs easy. I just dont have the time.
    You lost people with that patch..and you know it. I'll say for sure i've lost a bit of my fun. The final straw when i might leave is when you nerf the gem bosses..which im unwilling to tell anyone who they are..for fear of them being the way of the dragon caves.
    Dont be so greedy..and then maybe you'll see some money come. (think Walmart..why are they big?)

    Ok..now i must say in closing since nothing else is coming to mind, that this is about the best 'free' game ive played in some time. GREAT graphics. (can i turn them down now???)
    AH..one last suggetion. MOOOORE MAPS. And i dont mean events. Most of those are VERY lame anyways designed to take your ander/gold away from you ..with what i find is sub-par gear. (unless your in your lvls 20-30s ect)
    Quit spending so much time on adding stuff like..extra NPCs in Resistance cmnd center to make it 'look cooler' and start designing another part of the world to start in. There only so much farming in stalgard i can do before my head will explode (and i leave the game)
    Not everybody thinks your Events are all that. Guess what..They are not.

    But dont think this is mainly a Grip. Ok..mainly it is, but its because i like this game. And let me tell you something else, i HATE forums! I dont read them..unless for a certain topic im looking for (like how the hell can i get a unique item for once in my life?)
    So..by me posting this..it is my hope you get BETTER yet ;)

    Thank You, please pull forward,

    Tegan server
    (dont all you ppl that i dont know start msgn me now cus the ignore finally works! XD)
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  2. Kasherinae

    Kasherinae Junior Expert

    The "exploit" was botting, and because BigPoint is too stupid to put in place an information sharing agreement with players and update their java client and thin client to detect bots and report them back to the company (sorta like an antivirus check) so that those abusers can be appropriately disciplined and ultimately banned forever, they chose the route of punishing all players. Smooth move, Ex-Lax. In any event, almost 100% of botting software is replete with viruses and malware, and those players ultimately get their accounts stolen to be resold by some Chinese gold-farming concern.
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  3. Charkol

    Charkol Forum Apprentice

    I believe its like this..they made a game look really cool and want to be paid for it. (BIG) But the problem is , it does not run smoothly. Im not shelling out the cash for something that does not fucntion right. Even if i had the best ISP money can buy.
    I do respect the graphic development people that put hard work into making it look really good. But i've PAID for other games online in the past. One i played for years (ya i wont say..thats a no no..we lose money, i get it) ..well they would charge like 40 bucks for a year to be 'upgraded'.
    Its like me going to a employer and saying 'pay me a lot of money and i'll work hard.'
    So many people think this way. In reality its, work hard then i'll pay you well.
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  4. Brian1919

    Brian1919 Junior Expert

    The lag gets to be pretty ridiculous. I really hate ocean of bones because of it and I've got a pretty good connection.
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