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Discussion in 'Rangers' started by Suzukyn, May 20, 2019.

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  1. Suzukyn

    Suzukyn Forum Greenhorn

    Hey guys, i am returning to the game from a loong break and i was thinking to do my ranger, i am 43 for now but i am rushing to 55, but i need some advice, i want to build a 1h ranger, based on attack speed, what items can you recommend for a 1h build?
    -quiver/shield(but i think a quiver can be much more better)
    and sets
  2. Shine2

    Shine2 Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    Hello Suzukyn and welcome back after a "loong break" :) It's good to see you! Hope you enjoy DSO again:) However, there

  3. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    So, you want to build a 1h ranger, eh?

    First off, these days most people choose 2h, because there's an OP set from Parallel World Herald. Damage output is insane with that thing, but if you're looking for just your style, if you don't care about being one of the top, if you don't care about easy character building and if you want a little challange, 1h is for you.

    Anyways, the first thing you want to do is reaching level 55. You don't really have to care about your equipment on the way, especially if you're "rushing".

    When you get to level 55, and if you chose to go the 1h way, you have quite a few possibilities of choosing your equipment.

    Generally, for PvE a Longbow with a Quiver is almost a must, but some people manage to play with a Shield succefully, or even with a Shortbow.

    Helmet: Heredur's (Q3, if you're using deadly blow), Dragan's (only obtainable during the event, requires 3/4 of the offensive set to make sense with 1h), Khalys' (Q5, if you inherently hate DB and there's no Dragan around, this is for you), Witch Seeker's
    Pauldrons: Witch Seeker's (New Moon, for damage, you need t7 with good %dmg, you don't transfer craft it), Khalys' (Q5, very good choice, lowers your concentration costs)
    Torso: Sigris' (Q8, very good choice, lowers your adrenaline cooldown by 5s), Cuchulain's (Q1, lowers your conc. costs, you have to aim for a good unique value, which varies in case of this item), Witch Seeker's
    Gloves: Dragan's (see helmet)... or no idea, maybe Yachak's (if you wanna be a tank and know what you're doing)
    Boots: one of the New Moon, Medusa's (Q9, the set is bugged atm so might not be worth it), Dragan's (see helmet), Yachak (see gloves)
    Amulet: Medusa's (Q9, the strongest atm), Cube Set (if you know what you're doing), Arachna's (Q2, no idea what kind of build could use it... nevertheless, some people actually are using it)
    Cloak: Nefertari's, Khalys' (regular world), White from the New Moon - depends which stats you need
    Belt: Bearach's (Q4), Witch Seeker's... well, we lack good belts - unless Yachak's (see gloves)
    Rings: Dragan's (only one counts for the bonuses, can be used as standalone for the spawning knight if you fancy a coin toss when you're at risk, that will either save you or stand in your way and make you die), Mortis' (Q6, useful mainly for the high-end 1h players - too complicated to explain), Cube Set (useful if you're using the bow from the set), Tear Holder/Bloodtooth (extremely expensive and not the strongest - see Mortis'), Artaya's (Q4... if you wanna be a tank and know what you're doing)
    Weapon Deco: Sigris' (Q8, if you're using the torso and fancy the set bonus), Black from the New Moon (for damage), Cube Set (if you know what you're doing)

    Longbow: Cube Set (if you're using Thicket of Thorns), Power of the Alliance (if you have no other choice), Destructor's (if you somehow need more crits)
    ...or a Shortbow: Gwenfara's (only during the event), Dragonslayer's (worldly drop), one of the New Moon
    Quiver: Gwenfara's (only during the event), Dragonslayer's
    ...or Shield: Cube Set (if you're using the weapon, wanna be a tank and know what you're doing), Heredur's (if you're using the helmet)

    There are probably more possibilities and some people are gonna post their builds and argue they're the best.
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