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  1. Melethainiel

    Melethainiel Team Leader Team Drakensang Online

    Heroes of Dracania!

    It's Spring time once more, and Daran The Spoiler is waiting for you on his Egg Island. Are you ready to take the battle to him? But wait, there is more to the table! Have you noticed Daran the Spoiler's Painting brush?

    Rumors have it that it possesses magical powers, and you could have a chance to get it during this year's Spring Festival Event!

    If you think that 10 egg pets (Enigmatic Hatchling pet) are a lot, then you should definitely check out the 2 brand new ones, Bunny Hatch and Cracked Companion, that are available for you to collect in this event.

    As usual, Kingshill is dressed up properly to welcome the Spring Holiday season, with its festive atmosphere inviting players from all around Dracania . There are 6 Spring Eggs hidden, ready to be discovered. Make sure you bring your Spring Dust to crack them open!
    You thought that was enough already? Think again, because there's a new mount (Fool's Ride Out) and a new costume (Jester's Cap) for you to acquire as well.

    The maintenance will be held tomorrow, 27.03:
    Start Countdown: 7:30 AM
    Start Maintenance: 8:00 AM
    Stop Maintenance: 10:00 AM
    (approx. time)

    Fix / Changes
    • The event progress drop from amphoras has been appropriately reduced;
    • Daran the Spoiler has new additional drop: Daran the Spoiler's Painting Brush, Community Coins, Bunny Hatch (pet), Spring Dust.
    • Daran the Spoiler's Painting Brush can be used to craft the new rune - Concentrated Spring Rune. To craft it, you will also need a Rune of Devastation, Rune of Vitality, and Rune of Celerity.
    • Spring Dust can open the Spring Eggs hidden in Kingshill. Each Egg will contain varying amounts of different currencies, including Gold, Glyphs of Power, Drakens, Materi Fragments, Realm Fragments, Bone Coins, Solar Coins, Frozen Coins, Gilded Clovers, Altered Crescerite, Crystals of Truth, Fool's Ride Out (3 days), Jester's Cap (3 days).
    • Spring Dust can be dropped from Daran the Spoiler and bought in the shop (5 per day, 1000x Andermant each).
    • New bundles: Jester's Cap Bundle (contains: 1x Jester's Cap or 10/20/30/40x Community Coins); Fool's Ride Out Bundle (contains: 1x Fool's Ride Out or 20/40/60/80x Community Coins).
    Also, Event NPC Phestos added new items for sale:
    • Cracked Companion (pet) for 999 community coins; you can buy only once per event,
    • Daran the Spoiler's Painting Brush for 999 community coins; you can buy only once per event,
    • Spring Festival Lucky Bag for 20 community coins; no limit,
    • Fool's Ride Out (3 days) for 199 community coins; you can buy only once per event,
    • Jester's Cap (3 days) for 99 community coins; you can buy only once per event,
    • Spring Dust for 20 community coins; no limit.
    The new Spring Festival Lucky Bag contains:
    • 1x Daran the Spoiler's Painting Brush,
    • 1x Easter Pet Lucky Bag (that contains one of the Enigmatic Hatchling pet, excluding the new ones),
    • 1x Bunny Hatch (pet), 1x Cracked Companion (pet),
    • 100x False Festival Egg,
    • 999x Colorful Essence (legendary),
    • 10x Spring Dawn Dust,
    • 20x Broken Multitool.
    The new pets' effects:
    • Bunny Hatch: When you are on low health, you regenerate 40%/50%/60%/70% (depends on rarity) of your Health Points. Cooldown lasts for 10 minutes.
    • Cracked Companion: +10.00% Health Points; Pet will resurrect you if you die. Cooldown lasts for one hour. (this pet is unique, non-upgradable).
    Small reminder: Hidden Eggs need Spring Dust, not Spring Dawn Dust. The second one is used to enter the Egg Island.​

    Your Drakensang Online Team
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