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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Aries19, Oct 12, 2017.

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  1. Aries19

    Aries19 Forum Greenhorn

    I would just like to know exactly what stats should be on what items when making a strong 2h dk build. Also any tips at all would be appreciated. I decided to ask because there is a tank build post and it was very helpful.
  2. gun

    gun Forum Great Master

    Recommended / Preferable for final build

    %HP / % Critical damage

    %Increase damage

    %Increase HP on item / %Critical damage

    %Critical hit rate on this item

    %Increase damage on this item
    1 line of %Increase damage would do just fine

    %Increase critical hit rate

    %Increase armor mixed with %Increase resist

    %Increase damage

    %Increase HP on item / %Increase attack speed

    %Increase HP on item / %Increase move speed

    Do not hesitate to have recommended enchantments as it will support your defense anytime you need it and if you planning to build 1H tank, these items are ready to use.
    With recommended enchantments your stats target would be:
    HP: 50K+
    Max Damage: 10K+
    Armor: 50%+
    Resist: 40%+
    Critical rate: 60%+
    Critical damage: -
    You would not worry about resources anymore. Capable to kill fatal bosses, with some patience you able to kill infernal 1 Dragan with reasonable number of revives.

    Preferable enchantments are enchantments that are preferable to transfer craft to your chosen uniques.
    With preferable enchantments your stats target would be:
    HP: 45K+
    Max Damage: 15K+
    Armor: 60%+
    Resist: 50%+
    Critical rate: 70%+
    Critical damage: 280%+

    Overpowered character use preferable enchantments but with higher tier of gems, higher base stats on uniques, pet & pet's bonuses.
    Overpowered stats would be:
    HP: 65K+
    Max Damage: 20K+
    Armor: 70%+
    Resist: 60%+
    Critical rate: 80%
    Critical damage: 340%+

    Of course this is just general, some players choose different path, as to exchange some stats for another.
    For example lower Critical rate to gain more Damage:
    %Increase critical hit rate -> %Increase damage

    Lower damage to gain more Critical damage:
    4x%Increase damage on this item -> 3x%Increase damage on this item + 1x%Critical damage
    3x%Increase damage on this item + 1x%Increase damage -> 3x%Increase damage on this item + 1x%Critical damage

    Yes, it is quite interesting paths that lure arguments. But anyway it works for them :).
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  3. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    Thank you gun for providing a wonderful step by step blueprint.

    Once someone gets these enchantments, the real fun begins in choosing the uniques.

    As there are many choices now, some are obvious.

    Herald hammer
    If you add gloves, the bonus is nice. (although that can throw off other sets if they include gloves).

    Sigris adornment or is there one better?

    Arachna amulet or is there one better?

    Other than the rings of death which drop instead of being sold, the rest seem to be which resist you want more. I'm guessing some people would still choose ring of life maybe, but for pure dmg dealing that seems to counter intuitive. (or until they reinvent the bloodtooth rings)

    The new Dragan set (bellicose) seems to match well covering the head, gloves and boots. (assuming you don't go for Herald set)

    Torso, belt, cape and shoulders seem to be the odd pieces out as far as sets go. (boots also if you go for Herald set)
  4. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    If you are not using Herald's set (gloves), then your Bellicose set can consist of Ring/Gloves/Helmet. That then leaves the decoration/boots/cape open for the new moon set. Just mix and match for the best stats for your build. In particular, the New Moon decorations beat the Sigris decoration. Unless you need the resistance that comes with the Sigris decoration, the New Moon decoration has either 5% damage (Black Decoration) or 5% mana/concentration/rage/steam (White Decoration). Personally, for a DPS build, I think the Black Decoration wins. Even if you are using this with Dragan and Herald, you can still use the Cape/Decoration for 10% Crit.
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  5. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    Hmmm, I didn't consider the new moon combo. Considering how many amphora keys are needed to finish that event in a reasonable amount of time, I have been ignoring that event.

    With the base % crit paired with the right gold enchantments, that could be interesting.

    Just when I thought that I had a plan, you came along and threw a big old wrench in it :p
  6. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    That is my highest calling in life. :D:p

    I'm particularly lucky. I was invited by a friend to a T5 run last event and I scored the decoration with rather nice crit. I just need to farm the pristine cores to be able to use it. I'm planning on putting a 95% CHotI legendary into it while I farm for a 120% one. Just the crit gain I'll get from the higher base crit will give me another 2-4% on top of the 5% damage.
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  7. gun

    gun Forum Great Master

    Mostly Sigri andornment used along with the torso to get crit rate & resist bonus.
    Magotina andornment may work well too with addition of 5%Damage, combine with any New Moon cloak to get 10% crit rate bonus.
    Grimmag andorment boost Charge damage nicely making it almost as high as Smash but with stun lock ability. Smash-Charge combo seems like fun.

    Medusa vs Arachna amulet. Arachna amulet strong point only on 5% more attack speed.. while Medusa amulet give more crit rate & additonal base resist to all type. Both amulet work well with %HP or %Cd enchantment.
    While Bloodmoon amulet I think it only would work well if the enchantment is %HP. Unless aiming for 3/4 bonus set which is 20% more attack speed.

    For the rings, I still use 2xDragan ring. I'm considering to switch one with Mortis ring to have more Attack speed & Resist instead of just HP.
    But I think I want to see t5 dragan ring first to make final decision.. so it will be HP vs As+Resist.

    The Witch Chaser set.. is hardest & expensive to maintain.
    I did a small program to check how many times do the random able to produce min damage + max damage/2 in N number of hits.
    And result is, I get +50% occurrences more often than -50% occurrences..
    The way I see Witch Chaser set, it is an offensive set. For example we might want to leave the pouldron enchantments as it is 10%+Increase damage.
    It really suit for players with sacred & royal onyxes, cyanides & diamonds. They are not worry about chunks of crit rate, armor & resist anymore.
    For players who are still looking for chunks of crit rate, armor & resist here and there probably best as to use other set.

    For pouldron enchantments. I switched from 3 armor + 1 resist, to 3 resist + 1 armor.
    As you may see in show what you have that I sacrifice just a little of overall armor to gain resist boost.

    As for cloak.. I'm quite surprise the new Gwenfara cloak come with 3 kind of base stats, 4 slots gem and the 50%+ increase armor enchantments. This is by far the best defensive cloak available from the game. Plus it also come with Attack & Move speed.
    I'm lucky enough to get it to drop last night and replaced my Karabosa cloak with it. That's why my crit rate drop a little too.
    But this cloak have so much potential with Diamonds(or combination of Cyanides) plus Resist Runes in it.

    One thing I would like to add. Armor wise.. Uncrafted Untouchable pouldron is already good as it is.
    It behave like defensive torso with armor runes in it. And it's cheap! 14k materi fragment for t5. I would recommend fresh lvl55 to buy t4/t5 of this pouldron right away.
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  8. bLaind

    bLaind Forum Baron

    Nah, that's just you getting rusty.:p
    Because the NM cloak-adornment combo is one possible choice to go for.
    I still like my old lvl 50 Karabossa cloak so... not sure when I'm going to go for the frosty cloak - tenebrous adornment combo tho'.:cool:
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  9. gun

    gun Forum Great Master

    He get busy with his SW too:p
  10. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    I've parked my DK in frustration a few times over the years as the game has changed, although as a class, it is still my favorite to play. Each time I've gotten to the point where I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, the game changed and I had to start tweaking in a new direction.

    Before the 55 expansion I was able to do solo fatal runs using blue ess. The day that changed, it frustrated me into parking the DK. I refuse to be a 1H aggro spamming one button robot while others get to kill.

    When I first started my DK, when you got near 2500 dmg and 50% crit, you were OP. I remember when my main goal was to be able to solo Mortis. I would love to get back to that.

    The other classes haven't been effected as much by the changes, so building one is standard and quite easy. As an example, I created a new SW and have over 9K in dmg in just a handful of months and I'm still using a lot of green gear. I was able to run infernal 1 maps as a relatively new level 55 using the method cdeepal created on how to build a character.

    However, my heart belongs with my DK and some of these game reworks just about killed my spirit. I still need more than 6800 refiners to swap out my old gems into new ones. That is ridiculous. Some of my older gear with 4 gold lines are worthless compared to today's % gold lines. So I have my work cut out for me.

    Now that some like Gun and Baragain have done the hard work and proven that a 2H DK can still be relevent I decided to bite the bullet and give mine another chance. While I have been able to significantly boost my dmg, my armor (40%), hp (30K) and resist (40%) are painfully low. I'm way behind in the amount of materi frags that I need to fix these issues, so I'm running Q1 endlessly on excruciating to fix that.

    While it will only take "time" to get there, DSO is hard at work on another rework of skills and talents. It is possible that this could turn out to be a good thing, but experience has taught me that when they initially claim to be building a great thing for players rarely it turns out that way. All I hope for now is that they don't nerf us again and further drive hoards of people from the game. Tegan cannot afford to take another blood bath.

    Anyway, I'm busy working on a plan that will allow me to play solo when I want and maybe still be invited into a group as a 2H dmg dealing DK :D
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  11. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    This is a great discussion. Can someone experienced like Gun provide a list of Uniques to aim for each equipment category? That would be helpful. Of course, this is for a 2H DPS build.
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  12. gun

    gun Forum Great Master



    Bearach/Witch chaser/Bloodmoon



    Herald/Bearach/Bloodmoon/Balor(Wishing of good update)

    Dragan/Witch chaser/Khaly

    Khaly/Witch chaser/Untouchable

    Sigri/Witch chaser



    Combinations may vary, this is just what I can think of:
    UniguesCC1CC2OffensiveAttack speedPW
    BeltBearachBearachWitch chaserBloodmoonBearach
    Ring 1DraganDraganDraganDraganROL
    HelmetDraganDraganDraganWitch chaserKhaly
    PouldronWitch chaserKhalyWitch chaserWitch chaserKhaly
    TorsoSigriSigriWitch chaserWitch chaserSigri
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  13. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    For belts, I'd add the Belt of Zeal, especially for PvE, and for boots, I'd add New Moon. Otherwise that is pretty exhaustive.
  14. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    Thanks gun.

    Even going with tier 4, that is over 400K in materi frags and 15K or so in draken. (if none drop of course). Plus the cores to transfer.

    Goals should be hard to reach :eek:
  15. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Hopefully you get some of them as drops and save yourself a ton of resources.
  16. gun

    gun Forum Great Master

    Just sharing..

    In the middle of last Dragan event, a friend told me that there was DK in youtube that killed Dragan inf 1 solo easy.
    I tried to find the video, and found it:

    I've checked his old video, such as this one:

    That moment I understand what 2H DK capable of.

    I've enjoyed watching his videos & learn much from it. One think that is very interesting about his build is that he is using 3xIdotI+1xCd enchantments on his weapon.

    I think for fresh 50-55 and any other DK who are still trying getting through the hardest time. At this moment, it is the very right time to make some plan(or new plan) on how to get major leap improvement in end of January 2018.
    - 3 more Full moon & New moon events
    * 2400 draken
    * Some useful uniques
    * Potential crafting ingredients from loot in Blood Moon & Full Moon map(Pummrana Contenders)
    - Winter event
    * Potential crafting ingredients from green & blue presents
    * 700 draken from main event
    - Rumor, Dragan come again in January 2018
    * Dragan offensive set of course
    * 1700 draken from mini events
    - Leaderboard that end on 7th January
    * Over 10k gold

    Consider not to force our self to get 4/4 legendaries.. but instead try to get 3.5/4 for every item, then pause there for moment, transfer craft it to unique that we prefer once it available.
    The reason is simple, to cut time & cost. In order to make farming easier after January 2018. And we may start over targeting 4/4 crafting to finish final build.
    Cutting time & cost by lowering crafting target:
    - Instead of trying only crafting item with gold lines.. include items with enchantments 80% from max value just to increase the success rate.
    For example: torso with 9.2%Id x 4 = 36.8% of course it's nice.. but 8%Id x 4 = 32% is also useful.
    - Instead of trying to aim 4/4 on leg->leg crafting. Do exo-exo crafting multiple times to get 3.5/4.
    For example: we have 2/3x2 increased damage enchantment exo with 9.1%+9.2%+x & 9.3%+9.4%+x, craft it until we get legendary with the random line with the same type which is also increased damage enchantment. Let's say the random line not high 4.5%Id. So it would make 3.5/4 legendary let's say 9.1%+9.2%+9.3%+4.5% = 32.1%. It isn't bad either. Especially the cost of exo crafting not as expensive as legendary crafting.

    I believe if we did planned well, major leap will happen. And Feb 2018 will be the time to enjoy all the effort.

    Yes I agree hardcore farming in particular maps is somewhat boring & not fun for some players..
    Take it Trakilaki who shared that he was farming PW Mortis maps in 1,5 year. He yielded mil of andermant. Or such as me who didn't try to kill any PW fatal boss for 1 year, just doing Q3M1 and event maps over and over, loot for gold, didn't try to look for unique. All effort just for regular crafting. Actually Spider & Dragan inf 1 on last event was the first difficult boss that I encountered after 1 year of farming. And I got very major leap right after transfer crafting to Dragan uniques.
    I prefer not to say it hardcore farming.. but more like consistent farming aiming for well planned target. It is worth every time spent.
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  17. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    Hopefully, but I cannot control luck, but I can control how I gather resources. I've got to keep an eye out for the materi rune when it becomes available in the daily deals. That will shave a little time off. I use the glasses now to boost what little I can and try to stick to Q1 as that seems to be the fastest source for gathering frags. It's just a matter of time, that is the easy part.

    That is truly optimistic. The draken is easy enough to get, that only takes time. With the raised stats needed for the leaderboards, that might be more difficult (at least for me). Potential crafting, absolutely. The uniques if they drop aren't all that useful for me at the moment as I am stuck doing excruciating at the moment.

    I've got my rough plan together on what I want. I need a little luck with crafting to get my exo into legs with at least 3 gold lines, but that is also a matter of time. The few 4 gold line pieces I have now don't compare to the new R185 gear, so they don't help me at this point.

    As long as this upcoming "update" doesn't turn out to be another game altering change, in a few months I'll be ready to look for strong group to help me get through a few maps to buy the major pieces that will allow me to significantly improve.

    It's just a matter of being patient, farming materi frags and finding a little luck at the crafting table.
  18. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    The 3.5 strategy is what I go/hope for as well.
  19. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    Since pulling my DK out of semi-retirement and attempting to get some of this new 185 gear, I've gotten everything all messed up, especially my crit dmg. I wasn't paying attention when I swapped out some items and currently paying the price for my stupidity.

    I figure that I'll need another 10K in hp (minimum) another 12% or so in armor, a ton of crit dmg, and 10% more resist before I start looking at the uniques. Gives me plenty of time to farm materi frags :D

    I've got plenty of blue ingredients, but the rng gods are not happy with me at the moment. As I refine my gems some of this will get made up that way, but it will take a year or so before I'm done with that.

  20. gun

    gun Forum Great Master

    Wow nice damage & crit rate there!
    Please don't hesitate to let me know in game if you need help on anything.

    ps: I don't know your DK name yet :D
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