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  1. -rmncst-

    -rmncst- Forum Greenhorn

    I know that the admins already risponded to other players about the problem with the 6vs6, and i belive that is not fair to wait days for playing a 6vs6, so those answeres aren't standing. I played this game first time some 6 years ago untill two year ago. Now ive returned just fot the 6vs6 and in 10 days i never got to play it. Just turn back to the old days. The PvP is still not a fair fight, even more than before, just give us back the arena. Even those in the citys are always empty. Give us back the arena, i miss those days. I want to play!!!! If players complained about it more than one time, it means that there is something that is not right. You teaming sistem is not working at any lvl, on any server, and counts no badges of honor. Even the 3vs3 is hard to get more than 2-3 in one hour, on Heredur server. Fix it Drakensang, that is just lame from you finding excuses instead of finding a fix. Thanx!
  2. nikatar

    nikatar Junior Expert

    We all just have to get used to it! If you are a good player you still are better than others! I know that it is not fair 100% but it is more fair than before and also many players like it like that too! Read some upcoming releases...some things will change.
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  3. arkajalka

    arkajalka Forum Greenhorn

    I returned too for 6vs6 3 months ago and i never got to play it.