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Discussion in 'Questions about Getting Started in the Game' started by DrakensangViego, Aug 14, 2021.

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  1. DrakensangViego

    DrakensangViego Forum Greenhorn

    Hello everyone, i need your guide and help. Firstly I have just became level 50 and i dropped some 90lvl + items. Which level should i reach to wear those items?
    Also what can i do next? I know the max level is 100 but after dark legacy update, unfortunately the dungeons of game became harder especially parrarel world maps. I came back the game after a long break.
    What are the best tactics of getting stronger for solo players? (My character is steam mechanicus)
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  2. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Commissioner

    Not certain about the max wearable equipment level; I thought it was 40 levels above your true experience level. If you're level 50 and the equipment is level 91, you just need to wait until you hit 51 to be able to don that item?

    As for getting stronger solo, there's a very tough (I should have said tedious) slog ahead of you.

    Wisdom is extremely important as the points you earn for that tree allow you to increase defensive and/or offensive statistics to suit your play style and will usually immediately improve your toon. You'll find that if you simply level up by completing main and side quests, you'll get progressively weaker as the monsters will grow stronger every time you gain an experience level, but the lone experience skill point you earn isn't likely to have a significant impact on your toon strength when applied to the experience tree.

    You might want to experience level up to 55 through quests (to gain access to the last few options on the experience tree), then focus on gaining wisdom levels by killing mainly higher quality monsters and avoiding the basic mobs. Primarily, farm Keys of Prowess by killing Kephre (spelling?) the giant beetle Sentinel in the Great Desert, then farm bosses for gems and ancient wisdom drops (and the occasional rune). Consider limiting yourself to Painful difficulty at both types of farming. Higher difficulty levels might give you slightly better drops, but will significantly increase the experience points you earn, which you don't want ...

    Experience level up slowly.

    Wisdom level up efficiently.

    You will also be opening up Boss equipment crafting, though it will be of limited benefit to you as you won't be able to obtain Parallel World rings which are a key ingredient for most recipes of that crafting type. A few bosses (e.g., Asar, the boss off of the Great Desert) don't have a PW item crafting requirement, and the items you'll be able to craft from those non-PW bosses will be so-so Real World uniques (e.g., Asar item crafting gets you stuff from the Qaizah unique set). (On the other hand, this type of crafting is definitely not the main point of boss farming, so don't worry about it ... maybe you'll get a good craft out of it down the road.)

    Gems & runes also help with toon strength, of course, but you'll be picking those up simultaneously with the wisdom points as you kill Real World bosses.

    Runes may drop from worthy (no less than 5 levels below your current toon experience level) Guardian+ mobs in any dungeon. Many players farm Temple Sector because of the significant number of guaranteed Guardian+ mobs there, but those players are usually farming on Merciless difficulty with a group of other players, not something you apparently can or want to do.
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  3. Dragenstein

    Dragenstein Padavan

    I quit playing again. I got one char to level 100 by farming great desert over and over and over...... I play on Heredur and can't make friends or get in an active guild. I kept asking in chat and in groups that I was in. I speak three languages and still couldn't get in a guild. The chat is very quiet. I could not get in parallel world groups. You just can't get to level 100 playing alone. The only way you can get better equipment is to play in groups with people that are stronger and higher level than you. I got a second char to level 69. When I got to the "maze" in the twisted forest I decided to quit. I just wasn't having any fun.
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